So this is a 4g light, a status s5. A light and its also a cloud – and you might hit my kids in the background so im just sorry about that and heres. Some of the features that this has um the camera is a five. So the back camera is a five. The front camera is the two now let me tell you guys, um im, not really a big fan of the front camera. The front camera is awful, it is awful the back cam, the back camera is pretty. You know its decent, it can get you by, but the front camera is just not it. So if youre, the type of person that likes to take pictures with your front camera, um Music, just not the phone for you, um display – is a five five and five. Its a pretty decent phone um and let me um see if i can come so yall – can see it a little bit. Also memory is a 2 gb plus 16 gb, so the storage is pretty decent. I dont really do much on my phone. The only thing i really do is um im a content creator um, i do videos uh for youtube and stuff so um. You know i just use it to make my thumbnails and stuff like that, and you know for my kids, school and stuff, like that. You know keep up with. You know important things i dont really, you know use my phone like that um system, android, 11 g.

Let me go um edition and then here is the front of the box, and i you see heres heres here here is actually the phone theres actual foam right here by itself and then you know the foam be right here and then you take that out and It comes with the little you know: kicking the phone protected and stuff like that, and it does. You do have to um. If i remember, i think you put the battery in there or the battery already become already in there and but the cool thing they already have the um sim card in there heres the um manual book. You know i dont know if yall guys can see that in here here is um. You know important information: how to manage your phone Music. You know just different um things. You know to help you managing your phone and you make sure you use your phone every every 30 days at least one time either you know text or call, because if you dont, they will cut you off heres, some more important information, just some instructions and stuff. Like that im trying to go in more detail because ive seen a lot of videos like this and they didnt really go in detail, because when i wanted this phone, i was like kind of hesitant of what i wanted and i couldnt really find. You know details about this phone, so i hope this video helped a lot of people that might be considering getting this phone.

You know you might want to. You know im going to go more in depth and a lot of videos out there theyre not going to be more detailed. Okay, it also comes. You know, sorry about my shakiness. Like i told you, the sim card is already in the phone, as you know, and then heres some more important stuff, and just imagine ima put this for video. This is what it says: Music. It said urgent. You must complete one call text or use data immediately after receiving this advice to maintain service, you must make an outbound call or text or use data once per month. Okay, so i dont know did yall see it, but i read it to you guys. You know so, if you dont use your phone any type of government assistant phone, you do not use your phone, they will disconnect you im, just letting you know. So. You have to make a text a call or use your data, because, if you do not, they will discontinue okay, Music, so yeah. So this is just what it is, and this is what the back look like. Sorry about how you know smudges, i hope its getting focused a little bit. It probably wont focus. It says: digital camera, Music, okay, Music, okay, my babies, um heres, some of the apps that come with the phone Music. Okay, a lot of these apps right here does not come with the phone right here.

These are some apps that i download to the phone that i use on a daily basis: Music um. They also come with um duo. You know video, i dont like it me and the kids was playing around with it and trying to facetime each other and it just the quality was horrible horrible. The back camera is pretty good. Its pretty okay, you can get by, but the front camera is bad. Okay, it also comes with you know: your drive, your files, it also comes with gallery your gmail google and also come with a fm radio as well. I think that brave, i really didnt go really into the phone and it comes with some of the features, but some of the features like i showed you on the next page. It didnt come with. I add those, but this is what it you know looks like and, like i told you, im gon na show you um the camera, so i can figure out wheres it. Sometimes you know you might have to Music, see the you see the um. This is the um, the back camera. This is the back camera. You know pretty, you know decent pretty decent, not bad, not bad at all, but when you flip it excuse me. I look up here when you flip it to your uh lets, see lets see Music. Now you see, i cant see myself that good. I look crazy, its all blurry, you know, and it could be also.

It could be also um, depending on what lighting that youre in so just take that in consideration. If you like videos like this, make sure you hit that subscribe button like share comment and also if you have children, my children have a channel all called our little world.