The latest addition is the uniphone armor 125g packed with features like an antibacterial silver iron coating, hifi level, stereo speakers, wireless charging and five camera sensors. Does it offer enough to stand ahead of the rugged crowd? Lets find out Music ulefone have used the letter x throughout the design of the armor 12 from the sides of the phone to the rear by the cameras on the banner and the two speaker grilles its refreshing from the boring and bulky rugged phones out there compared To the competition, the arma 12 is pretty comfortable to hold in the hand, thanks to the curved sides on the rear and the composite plastic material coated in antibacterial silver iron. You dont notice the 296 grams or 0.65 pounds weight as its a rugged smartphone. The armor 12 is ip68 and ip69k rated, in other words, 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes its also protected from drops of up to 1.2 meters and tested to military standard 810g. The corners of the phone have added protection for drops, plus the bezels around the display and the camera sensors are slightly raised to protect them too. The arma 12 comes in grey black or black orange. The 6.52 inch ips display has a resolution of 720 by 1600. With a fingerprint resistant coating, the screen has a 20 by 9 aspect ratio and a pixel density of 269 ppi. The screen is bright and clear, even with the lower resolution, no issues viewing this panel in bright, sunlight and different viewing angles.

Color accuracy is good when watching a catch up movie or youtube shorts. On the left, we have the dual sim and microsd card slot. Both nano sim cards can access 5g or 4g connectivity simultaneously. Alternatively, you can increase the storage with the microsd card and use one nano sim card with it theres a custom key, allowing you, for example, to open the camera app with a single click, take a screenshot with a double click and open zello, with a long press On the right we have the volume rocket switch and the power button, which also acts as the fingerprint sensor. The sensor works rapidly and accurately. During our testing towards the bottom corner. There are holes for a lanyard, the bottom of the phone houses, the usb c charging port and microphone at the rear of the arma 12 5g. Is the camera, sensors and stereo speakers more on this later, the arma 12 has nfc contactless payment for google pay and supports 15 watt wireless charging convenient. If you have a wireless charging pad wi fi 5 is present and works well with no issues. Even from a couple of rooms, away from the access point or router, bluetooth 5.1 is supported. Allowing for connections to earbuds and external speakers call quality is excellent. Throughout our testing with clear voices on both sides, the arma 12 is powered by a mediatek dimension. Octa core processor, along with 8 gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage on this review model, the arma 12 has an antutu score of 365 000.

in daily usage. The arma 12 sits in the mid range performance bracket, no problem browsing the internet using social media apps, a spot of gaming or video streaming, most apps feel snappy to use with hardly any slowdown, heat wise during heavy usage or gaming. The phone stays only warm to the touch, partly thanks to the large rugged dimensions of the phone and the dimensi 700 cpu. The gpu inside the arma 12 is the arm. Mali, g457 mc2 running at up to 950 megahertz gaming is generally good. Lets. Take a look at some gameplay Music. The armature 5g runs a clean android 11., its fast and snappy, with plenty of customization options available. Uniphone have pre installed a few apps like the fm radio app and a folder called outdoor toolbox filled with useful apps like a compass, noise, tester and protractor. The pre installed apps dont distract from the positive experience when using the armor 12.. The only question mark is the lack of updates and no upgrade path to newer versions of android in the future. The uniphone has a 5180 milliamp battery, giving around one to two days of general use like surfing: youtube, social media and music streaming. Heavy gaming and 5g usage reduces this down to under a day, there is 18 watt fast charging to top up. The battery takes around three hours to fully charge the large battery, uniquely in a rugged phone. The armor 12 has a 15 watt wireless charging option useful.

If you have a wireless pad in a car or by your desk at the rear of the phone, you get a quad camera setup. The primary camera is a 48 megapixel sensor, theres a 8 megapixel wide angle, lens 2 megapixel macro lens and a 2 megapixel depth sensor. Two flashes complement the quad cameras. The front camera has a 16 megapixel selfie lens. The camera. App has several modes to choose from night mode. Video photo pro mode and macro camera performance is typical of this price range under good lighting conditions, picture quality is good with plenty of detail and color saturation under darker conditions. Quality is greatly reduced with grainy results. The macro cameras hit and miss sometimes losing focus. The wide angle has a tendency to lose image quality. With this 8 megapixel lens the front camera can take good selfies for your facebook or instagram needs. Here are some sample photos. The primary camera can record 1440p at 13 frames per second, whereas the front camera can record video at 1080p at 30 frames per second theres, no ois on the primary camera, so video clips can be shaky if youre, walking or running with the camera. Here are some sample video clips Music, the good, the bad and the really bad good design for rugged phone. The armor 12 is great to hold in the hand compared to the bulky competition in this category. The antibacterial properties keep the germs away, offering a simple protection while youre holding the phone decent performance for mid ranger performance on a daily basis is more than decent everything, snappy and quick thanks in part to the hardware spec and the stock android 11 installed sonic speakers.

The hi fi stereo speakers are loud and clear: great for music streaming watching a movie or outdoor group listening to the local radio station. It could do with a little more bass and with the speakers being at the back theres a slight loss in audio quality when viewing on the screen wireless charging great to see on a rugged phone 15 watt wireless charging, making it convenient at times when you cant Plug in the usb charging cable low resolution, the arma 12 ips screen is generally good with wide viewing angles and bright colors. However, the 720p resolution could be sharper with the 1080p display panel, instead volume rocker strangely for a rugged phone. The volume rocker button makes a rattling noise whenever you pick up the phone, which is a tad irritating, as it sounds like something internally is moving around hoping its a one off on my review phone, no updates. If you want regular android security updates or an upgrade to android 12, the armor 12 sadly wont have any the uniphone arma 12 5g has some unique and useful features for a rugged smartphone. It feels great in the hand, for a large rugged phone, backed by a silver iron coating to protect you against germs performance is fast with a clean, android, 11 os 8 gigabytes of ram and quick storage. The hi fi speakers are loud and clear. Battery life is useful one day, plus with 18 watts fast charging and a bonus of wireless charging.

The display resolution cameras could be better, but it doesnt distract from the fact that the ulefone armor 12 5g is a fantastic waterproof and drop resistant phone for outdoor workers and business users. What do you guys think leave your comments and discuss below hope? You guys enjoyed the review of the uniphone arma 12 5g phone. Please click on the like button.