So i ended up getting the dji om5 Applause Music, the dji om5, has a slick, design and a built. In extension, rod giving the well respected smartphone gimbal line a full blown selfie, stick functionality and thats all despite the fact, its smaller and lighter than any of its predecessors. Surely there must be a catch indeed, its got a smaller battery, no power bank functionality and its also a little fiddly as well, but still it does give you the ability to extend, which will be a crucial feature for many, the dji om5 costs, 1′ pounds or 159 dollars, unlike past versions of dji smartphone gimbal, the om5 ships, with a mini tripod, a pouch and wrist strap as standard, which kind of helps justify the price that bit more. I would say that this gimbal has a very sleek and minimal design. One folded up. The om5 fits in a large pocket relatively easily and poses no problem when sliding it into a backpack to unfold it. You simply rotate one portion, then flip another and youre done the magnetic grip lives on your phone and adheres to the gimbal, and they snap very securely. The base of the gimbal house is a standard quarter of an inch tripod thread on the back of the gimbal. Is a joystick a record and a rotate button? The rotate button can be pressed once to switch between front and rear cameras and double press to flip from landscape. To portrait to the left of the main button interface is a zoom slider which engages digital zoom through the dji memo app and a power button above it which switches between photo and video shooting with a single press on the front of the gimbal, is a trigger That can reset the gimbal position and finally theres a usb c port for charging the gimbal.

As for the selfie stick feature, you may simply pull the gimbal head away from the joystick portion and can extend it all the way up to 21.5 centimeters when it comes to the performance. The dji om5 is made to be used both when its in selfie stick mode and traditional gimbal mode. It therefore needs to be able to rotate differently to a gimbal that is always held at hand level in terms of performance. I would say the gimbal undeniably does a great job of keeping footage nice and steady its a three axis system, so it will pan roll and tilt to compensate for hand movement while keeping your footage as smooth as possible, so guys. What is up? Welcome to another video, but this is basically quick test footage to show you guys how stable this can be and im basically like moving it around in my hands and and yeah its actually, not so bad im, currently using my iphone 13 pro max and its a Pretty heavy phone and i think its handling it pretty well so um. Let me know what you guys think in the comments, if you really want to get the most from the om5 firing up active tracking and using it as a makeshift camera position, while its on a tripod, you cant shy away from extending the arm, which might not Always feel natural to do speaking of rotation when youre using the joystick and are rotating your mounted smartphone theres a noticeable jerky movement, especially if you have a slightly larger device.

I also found that the rotations moved pretty quickly as well, however, slowing it in the dji memo app both chilled out the erratic spins and got rid of the jerky movements. As for the gimbals battery life, the om5 is powered by a 1 000 milliamp cell, which is significantly smaller than that of the om4, which was 2 460 milliamps. So it therefore lasts around half of the time thats sad, but with around six hours of life from a single charge, it actually doesnt sound that bad, because six hours of use time is plenty for a gimbal, and i must state that if you really want to Get the most from the dji om5 youll need to fire up the dji memo app sure you can use your smartphones native camera, but to engage with the on body on 5 controls and access object. Tracking djis app is your portal. The app is super helpful and allows for quick and easy pairing with constant updates. Theres improved object, tracking making the gimbal do all the work for you when shooting and there are plenty of shooting modes to tailor for everyones needs such as hyperlapse time lapse, dynamic, zoom, slow motion, video and photo mode pano, and a multitude of story templates to choose From in my opinion, i would recommend you get your hands on this product. If you want the best, selfie stick gimbal combo available and it is safe to class the dji om5 as a compact, fine, looking package as well its also handy, if youre, a vlogger who loves some great selfie, stick action along with smooth stabilization and if you want A truly compact quality gimbal, thanks to its smaller battery fewer ports and refined design.

The dji om5 is 100 grams lighter than the and when folded up it fits in a larger pocket without too much trouble. Getting accustomed to. The om5 requires a bit of a learning curve. However, the results you can get from using the three axis gimbal to record video hyperlapses and time lapses, or to get photos at difficult angles, makes it worth the investment in time and money. This is something smartphone users or those looking to share creative content on the go can benefit from using. It takes some time to learn how to use, and while the extension rod is cool, it does exaggerate some movements, which makes the video look worse.