The iphone 13 is the new benchmark for flagship stores, hey everyone. This is danglis fergo and welcome to another unboxing and product review of this iphone 13. Pro max, please keep on watching Music. The iphone 13 offers the synthetic ceramic shell display front, durable, glass back and flat edges, and it has ip68 water resistance. It has brighter display easier to read in direct sunlight and has tailor colors and contrast. Iphone 13 cameras have bright and colorful images beat some song. Its ultrawide cameras delivers more scenes and improved night mode and has a photographic styles, give you creative control. Iphone 13. Has a cinematic mode automatically changes for awesome subjects while adding bokeh and has a superior dolby vision. Your video quality Music, hello, everyone, Music, foreign, Music, lets, see Music papers, Music. Music. Thank you. Thank you.