So first off movo includes the dongle to accept audio into your iphone with there also being a proper adapter for android users. Also included is a users manual, helping us get more familiar on how to put the vlogging kit together. Opening up the box for the very first time were presented with this really nice nylon case and upon opening that case up, we are presented with all the included accessories that come housed in their own specific fitted location. So, first off we have our extension pole or our selfie stick. Next up is our tripod. That also has a ball head and two different adjustment levels for the legs. Next, we have the included weighted handle. We also get our spl dash, wa wide angle lens. You also get two 3.5 millimeter, 3.5 millimeter audio cables, a usb a to usb c charging cable for the light, as well as a bluetooth, remote shutter. Next, we have the included microphone that delivers crystal clear audio, which is the vxr 10 pro shotgun microphone its going to capture sharp directional sound with zero background noise, thanks to the super cardioid polar pattern. Also included is the led xs which features three adjustable. Brightness settings. Perfect for capturing any shot, we also get the actual smartphone holder itself, which well talk more about here in a second, we also get two cold shoe shock mounts along with an included clamp for the wide angle lens, as well as a really nice windscreen, also known As a dead cat and the last two items of interest is an included lanyard, it has a leather strap on it, as well as our microfiber cleaning cloth now back to the included nylon bag.

I have to say that its extremely well built and, in my opinion, is an overall really nice presentation and a nice touch for movo again, as you can see, each item has its own specific location to be stored. In now, one of my favorite parts of this particular kit, and obviously one of the parts that is most important, is the foundation which is going to be your miniature tripod. Now the miniature tripod does feature a rotating ball head with adjustable legs, and i have to say that it definitely has some weight to it and it does not feel cheap. The mini tripod also features a specific section in the center of it, which is that red piece that youre able to turn a half a turn to lock into place and thats going to allow you the ability to adjust the legs into two different angles. Id like to quickly note that i have used several mini tripods in the past, and a lot of them have been just too light and not able to support the amount of weight thats going to be holding up. However, once again, this one does have a nice amount of weight to it and appears to be strong enough to be able to hold up the rig properly. So with that being said, i have to say that i think this mini tripod is going to be a great piece of kit. So next up we have the extension pole, so this is going to be like a mini selfie stick.

So, as you can see, we have the ability to attach this with both a male and female adapter on the top and bottom, and as long as we loosen it up, we can extend the selfie pole to make it twice as long. The extension pole itself also appears to be pretty sturdy, and it does appear to be able to hold up a smartphone moving right along our next piece. We have is going to be the actual handle and the pistol grip that it comes with, which also has a male and female adapter heres. A closer look at those two shock mounts with included cold shoe adapters, which also conveniently feature a quarter inch 20 thread adapter. Now, just a heads up guys, i do know that we went through these when i did take them out of the box. However, i wanted to go a little bit further in depth. Next, we have the spl wa 18 millimeter wide angle lens that screws onto this clip that then attaches to your phone. The lens is extremely nice and definitely adds something unique to this package, and it is the fact that you can add this to the front facing camera, which will make your front facing camera, which is a standard lens into a wide angle lens. Next, we have the led dash xs panel light and, as you can see, the bottom features a cold shoe mount as well as a quarter 20 threading. On the back.

We have a usb type c charging port to charge the light we have our up and down buttons to increase or decrease the strength of the light. We also have our mode button and our on and off button, and in my time of use, i have to say that this light works extremely well in dark situations. We also have our 3.5 millimeter to 3.5 millimeter auxiliary cord for the audio, as well as a usb type c to usb type, a charging cord for the light. We also get an included lanyard with some leather on one end, as well as an adjustable strap on the bottom, a microfiber cleaning cloth as well as a remote shutter, which i found to work extremely well. Next, we have the included shotgun mic, which comes with two windscreens ones, going to be one that has some movo branding the other one is going to be that dead cat that we talked about earlier. So, as you can see, it does appear to be extremely well built and with in my time of use, i have to say that sounds extremely clean and clear. We do have a line out as well as a headphone, jack and heres a closer look at that dead cat, which, i have to say, is really high quality as well. Next up we have the smartphone holder, which, in my opinion, is an extremely nice one. So, first off we have two different bubble levels, so we can get a perfect level shot, which is a very nice feature.

We also have the ability to adjust this particular smartphone holder in several different ways. We also have several different quarter 20 threading going on as well. So you can add this to a bunch of different style rigs youre able to adjust the smartphone holder up to 4 inches wide youre, also going to need a dongle that features a 3.5 millimeter female headphone port on one side and a lightning cable on the other. This is whats going to supply continuous audio from your microphone to your smartphone, alright guys so now that weve taken a closer look at all the specific accessories that come in the movo ivlog 1 smartphone video vlogging bundle lets go ahead and put it together and see How difficult it is to actually assemble the first thing. Well, do is screw on the tripod extension pole onto the tripod itself, next well screw on the weighted grip for the smartphone holder and make sure everything weve attached so far is good and tight next well screw on the smartphone holder onto the weighted grip. And now this is what it should look like so far and ive noticed that this exact level and this exact measurement is perfect for sitting on the table and youre still able to see yourself. So perhaps if youre eating somewhere or maybe youre doing something where you need both hands, free its the perfect height for being able to sit on a table and vlog yourself easily.

So now that weve attached the tripod, the extension pole, the smartphone holder grip and the smartphone holder lets go ahead and attach the smartphone into the holder itself and well do so by unscrewing, the top to the appropriate size for our smartphone. And one thing to note is that i do have my smartphone, which is the iphone 13 pro max in a otterbox case, the defender series case at that which is extremely thick and bulky. As you can see, it holds it very nice, extremely tight and its an overall awesome fit inside of the smartphone holder, even with the case. Next well go ahead and grab the shock mount and well go ahead and install our shotgun mic into the shock. Mount and weve done so by installing the small portion of the shock mount into the smallest portion of the shotgun mic. Now go ahead and add the wind guard on which does feature a little bit of movo. Branding next well go ahead and attach the shotgun mic into the smartphone holder, using the top portion of the cold shoe mount which, by the way, attaches extremely easy, and it feels like its not going to fall off. It definitely feels secure next well install the led dash xs panel light onto the other cold shoe mount. Now you can tell that this vlogging rig and vlogging setup was designed for someone to use this phone, particularly well in portrait mode rather than landscape mode.

Now, as you can see, i have moved the bottom light and the microphone onto the top and bottom rather than the sides, which it would be if i move the smartphone into portrait position. So, in my opinion, im gon na have to use it this way, because i record all of my videos in landscape position, which everybody should do now. This is great for tick, tock videos, as well as youtube shorts, which are obviously created with your camera. In the portrait position next well go ahead and attach the 18 millimeter wide angle lens onto the included clamp, which has threading on the back section that youre able to easily thread the wide angle lens onto now. You go ahead and screw it into position, and once you do so, youre able to clamp it on to the front facing camera on your smartphone next well go ahead and attach our included dongle by attaching the lightning end to the lightning port on your iphone next. Well, attach the included 3.5 millimeter auxiliary, cable to one end of the dongle, while connecting the other to the back of the microphone and thats it now its completely put together. As you can see, this is how its going to look from the back and heres how its going to look from the front. In my opinion, it looks extremely stealth and all the accessories fit on there perfectly as they should now. I went ahead and tested out the specific smartphone rig for about a week, and i have to say that out of the three different smartphone rigs that i have right now, which i will be sharing the rest of them with you as well in video formation.

Here very soon, i have to say that this is one of my favorite rigs. It is one of the lightest and one of the most versatile out of all the rigs that i have. The microphone sounds clean and crisp and delivers great audio. The 18 millimeter wide angle lens adds that perspective that you need on your front facing camera. If youre using your front facing camera for vlogging, the included led light worked great in the dark situations that i was in. It is fully adjustable, so you can adjust how bright the light is and was just an overall pleasure to use now im planning on making a 10 to 20 minute long vlog here on the channel using this specific vlogging setup. So, if thats, something that youre interested in seeing make sure you hit that subscribe button, so you dont miss that content. However, i did want to show you a quick sample of what you can expect to get out of this particular vlogging kit, all right guys. So one more test testing one two three its pretty windy out here too, but i do have the the wind muffled the dead cat on, so its just sound, pretty good still so well see. Let me know which one sounds better. It is a windy day. Anyways guys, i highly recommend the movo. I vlog one smartphone video vlogging bundle to everyone out there. If youre interested in further information, pricing and availability, all relevant links will be located down in the video description, as i mentioned earlier, my name is aaron and ill.