As is customary, the s 22 series brought incremental updates over its predecessor, that is the galaxy s21 series smartphones, which includes a smart chipset, slightly better battery and a better camera setup, to name a few but thats, not it. In addition to the upgrades samsung made major changes to the design of the galaxy s22 ultra with galaxy s22 ultra samsung resurrected its long dead galaxy note smartphone effectively giving the device a new lease of life. Now the galaxy s 22 ultra looks and feels exactly like the galaxy note: 20 ultra smartphone that was launched in august 2020, barring a couple of changes with the galaxy s 22. Ultra you get the same curved display and squared edges design that you saw in the galaxy note. 20 ultra. You also get the built in s pen support, which is something that was unique to the galaxy note series smartphones, but there are some differences as well. Samsung has completely changed the rear camera setup in its galaxy s22 ultra smartphone. Instead of getting a rear camera module, the lenses are neatly stacked at the back, just as they used to when having a rear camera module wasnt a norm. Additionally, you also get a better camera system, both front and rear, a bigger battery and more color variants, among other things. In effect, the galaxy s 22 ultra is more of a successor to the galaxy note 20 ultra than the galaxy s21 ultra. It has all the features and functionalities of a note which makes me wonder if we have been going about this all wrong.

Maybe samsung hasnt killed its note series smartphones. Instead, it killed the galaxy s series ultra smartphone or better, yet it has clumped the galaxy s. Series and the galaxy note series into a single smartphone series, so in todays video ill share my experience with the samsung galaxy s22 ultra, but before starting, if you guys are samsung fans, then dont forget to like the video and subscribe the channel to never miss an Update so lets start with the design. The samsung galaxy s22 ultra looks exactly like the galaxy note: 20 ultra smartphone. This means that you get a curved display with squared edges that are securely held together by an aluminum chassis, with a glass slab in the front and at the back overall, the galaxy s22 ultra is marginally bigger and heavier than the galaxy note. 20 ultra smartphone. In effect, the galaxy s 22 ultra is just a tad bit bigger, but generously heavier than its successor. You can feel its weight as you use the phone for calling for a long duration. You can also feel its weight as you keep the device in your back pocket as you move around the entire time. I was using this phone i clenched to it tightly so that it wouldnt fall off from my hands, though i like the design and the fact that the phone offers more choice to the customers. I really wish samsung had provided more grip. In the note sorry, the s22 ultra design aside samsung, has made no major changes to the display of its newly launched galaxy s22 ultra smartphone.

It comes with a 6.8 inch edge, quad hd plus dynamic ammo 2x display with a 120 hertz screen refresh rate, a touch sampling rate of 240 hertz and 1750 nits of peak brightness. It comes with ip68 dust and waterproof coating and corning gorilla glass, vectors on both front and at the back. These changes are important, but they dont make a world of difference in usage. Samsung smartphones are known for their gorgeous displays and its ultra premium. Smartphones are a class apart. This is also true for its galaxy s22 ultra smartphone. During my time with the phone i used it to watch all my favorite shows right from the marvelous missus nasal on prime video to the resident on disney plus hot star, and i must say that the colors on the quad hd plus display of the foam look Rich and resplendent, and no matter where you are watching these videos, the screen is always bright and well lit. This feature, coupled with the overall haptic response of the phone, makes it particularly good for gaming. Aside from the rich display, the galaxy s22 ultra comes with an ultrasonic in display fingerprint sensor, which is one area where the phone doesnt perform. As expected, the in display fingerprint sensor of the phone is slow and slouchy. At best, it has its moments of hits and misses more misses than hits, which gets a bit annoying to use, particularly when you are in an area where you cannot take off the mask.

On the other hand, if you are not wearing a mask the face id works. Just fine now lets talk about one of the most important parts of this video. The performance samsung launched its galaxy s22 ultra smartphone in two variants: one with qualcomms snapdragon, 8 gen 1 system on ship and the other with its own xenos, 2. 200.. In india. The company is shipping the variant with the qualcomm processor numbers. Aside, the galaxy s 22. Ultra is a pleasure to use its smooth, its fast, its quick to respond and a total pleasure to look at not just the design but also tv series and movies, and to add to that it handles the daily wear and tear of life calmly. During my time, with the galaxy s22 ultra, i put it through my daily brand of life, which includes at least an hour of social media time, two to three hours of streaming time and endless time on calls messaging, apps and email services. While i struggle at times it didnt, to put it simply, it kept going strong without showing any signs of struggle or heating at all. The overall experience was nice and smooth. However, i did notice some heating only minor while using the camera under the sun. Coming to the galaxy s pen, samsung stylus was one of the usp of the galaxy note series. At the time the note series was still alive. It added another dimension to the usability of the device as pen is what made the companys note series what it was, and now that node is ultra, it continues to do a flawless job writing directly on your phones, screen doodling clicking pictures from a far and more.

The s pen continues to excel at its job. The galaxy s 22 ultra has one of the strongest camera systems in the market. Right now it has the 3 cs of photography, the color, the contrast and the clarity, the rear camera of the galaxy s22 ultra clicks clear and sharp images under bright outside light and under indoor lighting conditions. The edges are sharp and the camera captures ample depth that you can easily distinguish between hair strands. What i like about the phone is that it manages to retain details as you zoom, into images at 3x zoom. You will notice no difference in the quality of the image, but at 10x zoom there is visible noise overall, the galaxy s22 ultra offers a nice mix of clarity, color contrast and brightness. While it doesnt unnecessarily sharpen the image, it does make the images a tad bit brighter, with slightly more contrast. The result of this default editing is that it instantaneously makes improves the overall impact of images. To put it simply, it makes it better or install ready. So finally, the question arise: should you buy samsung, galaxy s22 ultra or not? Yes, the galaxy s22 ultra is totally worth your time and money. The galaxy s22 ultra has everything that you would want from a phone when you are investing over a lac and a phone. It has a big display that lets you watch or read comfortably a stylus that lets you use the device as well a note camera setup that can capture images with great depth and clarity in any light conditions, a powerful processor and a decent battery backup, all of Which make it an instant winner so thats all for today hope you enjoyed the video.

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