After having incredible iphone updates for nine consecutive years, the benchmark has been set real high thats. Why a similar hardware, design on the iphone 7 plus had many eyebrows raised, but apple doesnt do things for the sake of doing it, and this is what defines apple, the best design display home button and audio jack. The apple iphone 7 plus continues to have the same body curves as on the iphone 6 plus and iphone 6s plus. Yet the biggest differentiator is the ip67 certification that makes the new iphones water and dust resistant and gives you peace of mind. In simple terms, you need not worry in case of an accidental water spill on the new iphones, but dont just deliberately jump in the swimming pool to swim with it apple has addressed. The biggest concern is one always fear damaging the innards with moisture or water thats. Not all, as there is more to design the antenna lines from the rear, arent visible anymore and the headphone jack has been replaced with speaker, grilles, but apple ships, earpods headphones with a lightning connector, along with the lightning to 3.5 millimeters dongle to be used with traditional Headphones in the box, their iphone 7 has got stereo speakers. One is integrated into the earpiece and other at the bottom. Even the iconic physical home button is gone and has been replaced with a pressure sensor with haptic vibrations that blends neatly with the design. Instead of pressing the home button, a light press works with a vibration.

The settings for the home button can be changed from the setting and if the home sensor has been tapped or pressed thrice, it enters voice command. Mode apple has also introduced two new colors to the iphone 7 lineup matte black and jet black. While both the colours look good jet black is prone to scratches. Thankfully, my review unit in matte black looks pretty and stands out from the clutter of smartphones. The dual camera system, module at the rear and the black matte finish in my hand, had many spot the new iphone and drool over the looks of it. Moving to the display, it continues to be the same 5.5 inch 3d touch with 1920 by 1080 pixel resolution. However, apple has added wider color gamut and made it 25 brighter it isnt as bright as the 2k displays on some of the android smartphones. It still is sharp and bright with slightly warmer tone performance running on ios 10. The nicest ios update it has the new a10 fusion chip with four cores two high performance cores and two low power cores. The latter uses less battery power during everyday activity. The iphone 7 plus is definitely faster and offers great performance with better battery life over the predecessor, iphone 6s plus. But more benefits of this faster processor can be enjoyed when more apps that have been designed targeting the a10 fusion chipset. The iphone 7 plus handled daily tasks such as browsing on safari facebook, twitter, fetching emails with ease siri works well and responds to the queries.

It has been open to third party developers and going forward will be able to do more than it usually does. For instance, siri was able to book an uber ride. Gaming has been the forte of iphone and even on the iphone 7 plus there wasnt a single loss of frame or any lag even after long duration of usage, be it calls imaging or gaming. The iphone 7 plus didnt heat up the sound from the lighting earpods is pretty decent. The sound output of the stereo speakers has dramatically improved and has enhanced movie watching experience as well. Also, the new iphones are available in 32 gigabytes, 128 gigabytes and 256 gigabytes storage options instead of the 16 64 and 128 gigabytes for the same price for which the iphone 6s plus was launched. Last year, battery apple claims to have increased the battery backup of the iphone 7 plus by an hour over the iphone 6s plus on heavy usage with calls facebook, twitter emails, camera use, browsing and apple watch connectivity a full charge lasts me a day with still 15 Charge in store, if used carefully, it can be stretched even more bag it or junk it. The best iphone till date. The iphone 7 plus is not just a bigger sibling to the iphone 7.. With the addition of dual camera system, the imaging capability is worth applauding: price: 72, 000 rupees for 32 gigabytes onwards, plus camera performance battery minus number, 3.