Just look at the 10s max the 11 pro max and 12 pro max, and now this it is just uncomfortable to carry in the pocket. So that is why, instead of the pro max, i have been carrying the regular iphone 13 pro as a backup iphone in my rotation, using it on and off between reviews and lesson. Hows it been and has it lived up to all the marketing hype. That apple talked about in the beginning in the event and shout out to you green, which makes some fast and reliable chargers for sponsoring this video. So, first let me start this with the biggest concern you might have around the 6.1 inch iphone 13 pro, and that is just about the battery life, and there are two ways to look at this. The first one is to kind of understand that you wont get the same battery life here as you will get on the max. So the 13 pro is not a two day phone. Sorry to break it to you, but thats the reality. For me, i was getting through even the longer days on a single charge, though, and especially so recently after the recent ios updates battery life has been pretty stable and solid. Now the second way to look at this is in contrast to last years, iphone 12 pro and without even pushing it too hard. Last years, iphone would need to be charged in the late afternoon, so it wouldnt last a full day.

This new version is definitely a big big improvement from that, and here are my personal battery stats for the last 10 days, as you can see, with most of my time on social media im not hitting the 100 mark, not even once, meaning that the phone lasts Me a whole day with some spare charge left, but never two days, alright, and one final thing to keep in mind about the battery is just to remember that the camera remains the biggest battery drain, at least in my experience now once i left the phone in A gym locker with the camera app open accidentally and the camera app had stayed open for one hour and five minutes. The phone was quite hot when i found it, and during this time the camera alone drained about 40 percent of its battery in just one hour. Now, transitioning to the cameras and the actual image quality put shortly, the cameras work great and are super consistent, which i appreciate, but also i found that a lot of the new stuff that apple talked about at the event. Well, i actually never ever used any of that now. One example is photographic styles, which are kind of those glorified filters. Well, i just stuck with the default look which i liked and if i want to achieve a particular look, i would rather use the visco filters that give me a more artistic feel to the images. But i didnt use photographic styles and the other thing is the prores feature that got so much publicity.

But for me it is just too much of a hassle now even transferring those giant files to edit on my macbook takes so long and ask any professional. If you would go to that length, you want the perfect quality. You would instead just carry a camera anyway and have way more flexibility with lenses. Yes, prores is one of those things that sounds cool on paper, but not really all that useful and those are my two cents of course now the other thing has been about the macro mode. The macro mode has been another hugely advertised feature, and it can indeed capture some stunning close ups, no arguing about that, but again thats one thing that sounded so cool with the presentation and in real life. I didnt use it all that much. The other thing is about cinematic mode. Again: apple made a huge deal over cinematic mode in the last couple of months, not a single video that i recorded uses cinematic mode, but many used the regular video vault, so thats saying a lot now. One thing i couldnt quite get used to were the flat sides of the phone and flat sides have one big advantage. They make picking up the phone from a flat surface, super easy and thats cool, but actually holding it in your hand, makes it far less comfortable when you have the flat sides and if you especially, if you use a bigger case, makes it a bit uncomfortable so Thats a minor complaint, but just wanted to mention it one other thing i practically never used were the new focus modes in ios 15.

. Now i did try setting them up and probably you have to, but even that was a challenge of its own. They are just so incredibly detailed and they almost suggest a bit of an obsession with notifications. Well, for me, the regular do not disturb mode worked, just fine. On the other hand, i really appreciated a few features, particularly how buttery smooth everything feels with the 120hz pro motion display and coming from other phones. I could very often spot a bit of a stutter here and there on them, but not on the iphones, not on the pro series. Everything was just so well optimized and flowing so well again, its a subtle thing. But if you are into tech, you will notice it and you will appreciate it. The overall speed of this iphone is also just confidently above the competition and im sure that this phone will remain smooth and relevant for years to come. What may not be that relevant is just the lightning port i just dont, get it its. The only proprietary port left in the industry and its just super frustrating to have to look for a lightning cable when you have a bunch of usbc cables all around. For me, thats just a perfect example of apple, just being stubbornly apple, but do tell me if you know of any reason, to keep this lightning port around in 2022 and beyond. So, apart from those things, i was actually quite happy with the iphone 13 pro and just picking up the iphone 13 pro max again right now to compare the two well, the max just looks crazy oversized so yeah, the 13 pro definitely gets my recommendation and remember That the base model has 128 gigabytes of storage and cost 1 000, but i do recommend getting the 256 gigabyte version for 100.

More one reason is that you need a 256 gig model or higher to record 4k video in prores. But if, like me, you dont use that feature, it is just about having more storage for your regular photos and videos. It will surely pile up in a few months or a year and of course, if youre buying this phone, you probably plan to keep it for. At least a couple of years so having good battery life is great, but with most phones these days skipping on the charger in the box, you just need to have a fast and reliable third party charger, and this one has been a life saver. For me is the 100 watt gan fast charger by ugreen. Now ugreen has been making reliable charges for years, and this latest one comes with four ports. So you can charge a bunch of devices at the same time with just one charger, but is the technology inside? That makes a real difference. This is again charger, which means it uses the material gallium nitride, and this material can more efficiently dissipate energy compared to traditional chargers. So this allows the 100 watt – u green, gan, fast charger to be more durable, safer and eco friendly, plus its actually not too big and definitely much smaller compared to carrying four separate charges around and finally, with this charger i dont have to think which charger should. I pick and carry this one is universal, meaning that it can charge my macbook, my nintendo switch as well as phones and smart watches.

So on board you have three usb c ports and one usb a port with a 100 watt maximum power output from the usb c port and compared to a regular charger. This one is three times faster. It actually takes just half an hour to top up an iphone 13. Fifty percent so check out the description to this. Video well leave a link, so we can get the! U green hundred watt gen fast charger at a great price right now now, if youre wondering about the iphone 14 thats coming in about six months. Oh, the thing that we hear is that the notch will be replaced with a smaller cutout and, of course you will get a new processor and surely camera upgrades are due, but so far there hasnt been a rumor that would take away any of the brilliance of The current iphone 13 pro so finally, one last word for me: if you want a truly compact phone, do not underestimate the iphone 13 mini. It will just put a smile on your face. Every time you use it its got that iphone 4 4s kind of form, factor, vibe and comfort, and the battery life is something you can live with its, not quite as good as the one as battery life here, but its good enough for most people and for More on it check out our iphone 13 mini review, where we go in greater detail. Just let me know if youve got any of the new iphone 13 models, which one do you have and do you love it? Do you wish you would have gotten a different model share your experience in the comments thanks for watching dont forget to drop a like subs to the channel.

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