The OM5 is the most recent release in DJIs line of smartphone gimbals.. The OM5 is available in two classic colors athens grey and this one here sunset white. In the box is the OM5 gimbal magnetic phone, clamp, storage, pouch grip, tripod that easily screws into the base of the gimbal. The power, cable and handy wrist, strap OM5 uses DJIs industry leading 3 axis stabilization technology to keep your smartphone footage smooth and cinematic utilizing three powerful motors in DJIs smartest algorithm. Yet, along with highly durable metal joints to help creators make even more dynamic content. My first impression after taking it out of the box, is just how lightweight it is. The gimbal itself weighs less than 300 grams, so i feel like it would be really manageable to hold for long periods of time.. Dji claim that the handle is ergonomically designed and iI would say its quite comfortable even with my small hands, its nice and compact, and feels pretty sturdy. When i unfold it and extend the rod, i dont feel like its in danger of snapping. It seems pretty durable. Its also kind of pink, i feel like sunset white – might be a little misleading because it has this sort of pink shift to it, but its pretty. Using the USB C charging cable. You can achieve a full charge in one and a half hours, giving you up to six hours of battery life, so lets get this charged up and head on out to the dog park.

To give it a test run. The OM5 has a myriad of features to make it DJIs best smartphone gimbal yet.. The magnetic clip makes it super easy to attach to your smartphone and the new 215mm extension rod allows for way more versatility, giving you more reach and the ability to get more inventive. With the shots you capture., One major benefit of the OM5 is its small and compact design being lightweight and foldable makes it easy to keep with your camera gear pop it in a backpack or even throw it in a handbag.. The OM5 is compatible with over 80 smartphone models across both android and ios platforms, while able to be used with your phones native camera. App. The DJI Mimo app offers a variety of intelligent shooting modes such as panorama and clone me pano for stills, as well as multiple video modes. Story mode, allows users to choose from a template library of combinations of preset shooting patterns and camera motions once filmed the mimo App will edit, together the footage into a neat little video ready to be shared to your social channels. I do think the shot guides would be useful for someone who is starting out in content creation, giving them the opportunity to get a little more creative in ways they havent yet thought of. But for the experienced vlogger or filmmaker, it might feel a little bit gimmicky and probably isnt what youre looking for from this product. Dynamic, zoom mode, helps create the illusion of a dolly zoom, with very little effort from the camera.

Operator. Simply select your subject, start recording and move toward or away from the subject, and let the app do the rest., If youre less into traditional filmmaking techniques or fancy yourself, a music videographer spinshock creates fun rotating footage.. The OM5 also has the ability to film both time lapse and hyperlapse footage to take your travel vlogs to the next level, all with just your smartphone and a gimbal.. Another huge benefit of the OM5 is the release of active track 4.0, which uses A.I to lock on and track your subject. This updated version has more advanced recognition, capabilities and higher responsiveness, as well as a new automatic face tracking feature which is perfect for vlogging.. If youre looking to create dynamic, cinematic footage or vlog style videos with just a smartphone, then the DJI OM5 might just be the perfect accessory for you.. The gimbal control is intuitive and the DJI Mimo app is a great tool to help you get more inventive. With your content., The OM5 is a solid choice for beginners and experienced users alike and is a cool little piece of tech to get your hands on To experience the OM5 for yourself or to discuss other content creation products and solutions pop into one of our experience.