This is the new 2022 iphone se looks familiar doesnt it, but it still remains the cheapest way to get into ios and now its got the exact same chip as the iphone 13 and even the iphone 13 pro and pro max, but can apple really get away With this same tired old design in 2022, before we get started, a very quick shout out to my friends at reebox, who provided some of the review units and some of the android competitors that youre going to see later in this video reeboks is one of the Best places online to sell, swap or shop premium reeboks refurbished tech youll find much better prices for devices on that website. Youll save money, youll save time and youll even save the planet, while youre shopping with them and thats, because reeboks are fighting the 50 million tons of e waste. We dump each year, they even plant five trees for every single device. They re home and the devices are up to 40 cheaper than new, so to find out more about reeboks click. The link in my description and to save yourself 15 pounds on orders over 200 pounds just use the code mark ls15 at checkout right lets. Look at the specs and pricing for this new iphone se. So in the uk, its 419 pounds, which is more expensive than the 2020 version, which was ‘9., its got the a15 bionic chip, a 4.7 inch retina hd display that is 720p with p3 color and true tone.

Theres, a physical touch id button, its got ip67 water and dust resistance, a 12 megapixel rear camera with an f 1.8 aperture 5g support, and it comes in 64, gig, 128 gig and a 256 gig version of storage, and you can get the new se in product Red like this one starlight or midnight, if we start with the design on the 2022 version of the iphone se, there is no doubting that this phone looks pretty dated its got massive bezels by todays standards at the top and bottom of the screen and theres a Physical home button, the physical touch id button is still there and because this doesnt have that kind of full screen display were used to with the iphone 13 series, you dont get the swipe up gestures that we used to. In fact, if you swipe up from the bottom of the screen, you get control center, which does throw you at first theres, just one camera on the back. It charges via lightning. I know all iphones charge via lightning, but it doesnt really help its cause and theres. Not much more to say about it than that really in terms of design, it is typically apple, well made so theres, no flex in it at all. It feels very solid, very well put together its got rear glass, which is quite nice, but thats kind of it. Its a its an old fashioned looking iphone, i genuinely cant think what else to say about the design.

I quite like the product red. I like the fact that theres no writing on the back, apart from the product red logo at the bottom and obviously the apple logo, its very clean design. In that respect, i cant get any more excited about it, really when it comes to the performance, as i mentioned at the start of the video. This comes now with the a15 bionic chip, and this is good news because it means its basically as powerful as an iphone 13 pro max, which costs about 1100 quid versus the 400 pounds or 419 pounds of this, so its packing an awful lot of power. In fact, the only noticeable difference on the spec sheet for this is that it has one less gpu core than the iphone 13 pro and 13 pro max. They have five. This has four. In most cases, youre – probably not going to notice that – and this is where the iphone se is always scored quite highly. They put the latest chip in it and they just keep this kind of old fashioned dated body going, but that lets them get it down to a price that makes it the cheapest entry point into ios, so youre kind of getting. You know champagne power for lemonade money and in terms of performance, it feels like a very fast iphone, but then all iphones feel quick. If you compare iphones to a lot of android phones, which are sometimes underpowered because of certain chip configurations and things, iphones always feel buttery smooth in comparison.

So it is just a very quick iphone, as you would expect it will play the latest games, no problem at all. It will feel very fluid in ios. It wont have any problems with the camera system. You know you can take photos very quickly, theres no lag or anything like that, its also 5g compatible. Now that was another big selling point. As far as apple is concerned, it isnt as far as im concerned. I think 5g still has a long way to go before its ubiquitous, but you know its nice that its available now in here for people that can actually get 5g. As for the screen, its okay, its 720p, its retina, its not oled, so you dont get the kind of deep blacks that you get from the other iphones, the iphone 13s etcetera of the world, but its its just all right. It does the job really. It also doesnt have pro motion, which is apples high refresh rate screen technology. Thats no surprise really, when you consider that the regular iphone 13 and 13 mini dont have it either, but that does cause a bit of an issue against the competition which ill come to later. As for the camera, its all right, actually its a fairly solid performer. As you would expect from an iphone theres only one lens, but it does have some of the smart features like smart hdr, deep fusion it doesnt have the night mode, which is a bit of a shame ill.

Let them off that, but its just a good iphone camera. I do love the camera in my iphone 13 mini. I have recently really got into the samsung cameras. The s22 ultra, for example, is a very good camera, but its also a much more expensive phone than this one. So its not really fair to compare against that, but compared against the iphone 13 mini, which is a couple of hundred quid more roughly its it stacks. It pretty well to be honest, its a great video shooter, its definitely worth mentioning that. I still think the iphones are the kings of 4k video when it comes to smartphones. So you get a lot of the benefits of the more expensive iphones in this small package. So the camera it gets you by battery life, now the iphone se from 2020 wasnt, very highly regarded when it came to battery life. In fact, i know people that owned that phone and they thought it was terrible. Now this phone i charged last night and took it off the charger this morning at about 5 30. I think in the morning it is now where are we? The time is 20 past seven in the evening, and ive still got 30 battery left, which i think is pretty good, in fact, its very reminiscent of the iphone 13 mini, which gives you all day battery life. In my experience, so again i never do detailed battery testing on this channel.

You need to go elsewhere to look for that, but in terms of real world use, ive been using this over the last three or four days and its been absolutely fine. It gets me through the day, no problem whatsoever. It is a shame that theres no mag safe on the iphone sc, though so the iphone, 13 mini and obviously all the other iphone 13s and the iphone 12 before it have magnets built into the back of the phone to which you can attach chargers and lots Of accessories, this doesnt have it and its um yeah, i miss it. Actually, i think the ability to charge via magsafe is fantastic. I dont think were asking much for apple to put the magsafe technology into the iphone se. So who is this iphone se4? This is a tough one. I think, because back in 2020, this design – even back, then i thought was pushing it a little bit because when you compared it to some of the competition which well look at in a moment, most of the android competitors at that price, point or below were offering Full screen designs, no buttons on the front, facial recognition and all sorts of things that the iphone se 2020 wasnt doing now. We fast forward two years and its pretty much the same deal but apple is very shrewd like this as a business. They know that people will buy this phone and they know that they can get as much profitability out of this chassis as possible, but really the only people i can recommend this, for is for anyone who wants the absolute base price for a new iphone to get Into the ios ecosystem, if thats, what you want, you have no choice but to get the iphone se.

Equally, if you dont like the idea of face id and you want touch id, you have no choice but to go with the iphone se. For that audience it will work. Absolutely perfectly theyll see its very good value for money, and it also has a lot of horsepower under the hood to boot, but for everyone else, i think there are some better alternatives. Well, start, ironically, with the iphone se from 2020, and the reason for that is: firstly, if you buy it from reeboks, you can get it for 2’ pounds, which is a bit of a bargain, but also because its not that different to this years version. Yet this has the a13 bionic versus the a15 bionic in the new one, but its still a quick phone iphones are so well built and the chips are so fast that they last for many many years, its still the same size as the new version, its got. The same storage options: it runs the latest version of ios, its ip67 water and dust resistant, its basically the same phone with a different chip in it, so the iphone se second generation from 2020 is still worth a look. Next up we have the samsung a53 5g, which i dont have yet its a brand new phone. Its just been announced, and it looks really interesting. Clearly, samsung are pitching the a53 squarely at the iphone se. It costs ‘9 pounds so its cheaper. Its got a 6.

5 inch amoled display, which is 120 hertz, so it does have that high refresh rate, its got a hole, punch camera, its got facial recognition, its even got a micro sd card slot, its got a quad camera system with a 64 megapixel sensor and Its even got a 5 000 milliamp hour battery, which is the exact same battery in the s22 ultra, which gets you two days of battery life. So, like i say, i dont have an a53 at the moment. Im gon na try and get one in for a review, but if you want to see someones opinion on it check out the tech chap who i will link to in the video description now, if you want to spend less than 400 pounds, i would recommend again Looking at samsung and their a21s now you can pick this up for about 170 to 180 pounds and its a pretty nice phone. It does feel a bit more plasticky than the iphone se because it is, but it does have a well a pretty big screen. 6.5 inches 720p. Well, forgive them that, but its got very small bezels edge to edge design its got that hole, punch camera at the top, its got a rear, fingerprint sensor. Facial recognition got five cameras. You can get it in 32, gigabytes to 128 gigabytes, but also it has a micro sd card slot as well. Its got a 5 000 milliamp hour battery, which again should get you close to two days worth of battery life, theres no ip rating, so it isnt technically dust and water resistant, which is a bit of a shame.

But apart from that, this is quite a performer. Its a pretty quick phone as well its not as fast as an iphone se, but it will get you by and for the money, its nearly half the price of the iphone se. For that lovely big screen, the pretty good camera system. I think the a21s is a pretty good buy. Next up, we have the oneplus nord to 5g. Now you can pick this up for about 370 pounds, its 5g ready, its got 8 gigabytes or 16 gigabytes of ram its got a 6.4 inch, amoled display, which is p3 color as well, and it also has a 90 hertz refresh rate. Its got three lenses standard. Ultra wide and a monochrome lens, it can also do night photography. The battery can go on for about 22 hours, and the other thing with the oneplus nord is that its really well built it feels almost iphone like not quite but for the money, youre getting really good, build quality and, in fact, out of all of the iphone Se competitors in front of me, this is the nicest looking i think, and probably the best built next up. We have one of my favorite phones from the last couple of years, which is the google pixel 4a. They can pick these up these days for about 350. 360 pounds, and that is a lot of phone for the money. So, firstly, you get a pure android experience, which is what you would expect from googles own phone and also, in my opinion, youre getting one of the best smartphone cameras on the market ill leave a link above to my original review of the pixel 4a, because i Go into a bit more detail in that review about the camera performance.

I just love it. The screen is a bit smaller than some of the competition here, but its oled, its 5.8 inches. For me, its just a its a lovely size, it is plasticky its got. No ip rating so theres a few downsides there, but given the price, this is such a good little phone. Lastly, we have the moto g50. Now you can get this for about 200 pounds its 5g. Its got a 6.5 inch display its got the snapdragon 480, which is nothing special, but it works pretty well. Its also got a 5 000 milliamp hour battery, so its another strong performer in that regard, its got that rear fingerprint sensor here, but also facial recognition. Again, no ip rating and its a bit plasticky feels quite solid, actually, but its its definitely a few notches down in terms of build quality compared to the iphone se, but again the price, its about half the price and its its a great phone. Even just the screen of that battery life alone, it gets by quite nicely if youve got a bit more time and also you dont mind spending a bit more on your iphone than the iphone se. You know, for example, if these android phones just arent cutting it for you, then you can do a lot worse than go for the iphone 13 mini. So if your budget can stretch to this phone, keep watching for a link to my full review, but until next time, thank you as always for watching and ill catch.