And yes, my surrealism series nion c9 pro, so we got here the real me 9 pro and the real me 9 pro plus and today were going to review uh the better brother, which is the real me 9 pro plus. So what do i think about the smartphone ta da review plus so first, the design language and the design of the smartphone is very familiar. So if youre, a fan of a real me, smartphones, im pretty sure named youre, familiar saying, yo young tong design, theyre. Also introducing the light shift design on the smartphone for the other, callers and again buying. We got here, uh the glossy aurora green color, and actually i like the colors that we got on the smartphone. So we got the glittery back on the smartphone along with some dark sides, and it adds to the mystery and the beauty has no smartphone its very elegant to look at and i actually again like the design of the real me 9 pro plus its. Not the most premium design that ive ever seen, but im really happy with the feel and design of the smartphone and its very ergonomic too its not that thick tamalan and the curves are perfect for my hands to hold so well problema with the real me. Nine pro plus, when it comes to its build quality and its design, but of course it attracts a lot of fingerprints, because now we got here, the glossy backlit is a smartphone and i do like the camera module design of the smartphone hindi nina.

As for the ports, the smartphone features a usb c port and thankfully merra parentai nito headphone jack. So if youre, the type of person who loves listening, music on spotify, apple, music, visa or whatever uh streaming service that you are using, you can still use your wired headphones detail, but ima take advantage. You know your higher bitrate or you better quality now, music. Unfortunately, theres no micro, sd card slot optional ion detail, but we got here a decent amount of memory. You can expand the ram of the smartphone, of course, and we got here a decent amount of storage, which is 256 gigs and i believe thats more than enough for most people now lets talk about the display of the smartphone, so we got there a 6.4 inch Amoled display on the smartphone and it comes with 90 hertz, refresh rate so u9 pro it comes with a 120 hertz refresh rate, but the panel is ips and if you ask me, i would love to have you 90 hertzana dunsa 9 pro. So yes, i prefer. The 90 hertz amoled, because not only that we can get better colors with the amoled panel of the smartphone. You can also take advantage of 90 hertz refresh rate when youre playing games, not all games, i believe walangayat and games or applications. Um nakaka take advantage theres a 120 hertz refresh rate non ips display, but with the amoled display you could take advantage of the 90hz refresh rate, so you could have a smoother and better gaming details smartphone for the colors of this one.

This one comes in a bright, uh and vivid display, so using this one outside wont be a problem with a smartphone and of course it comes in an in display fingerprint scanner, unlike the nine pro so well problematic, fingerprint scanner and mobilist, and as for the punch Hole camera actually, okay, small size and then its uh upper left partner smartphone. So i barely noticed that one pagina game with real me, nine pro plus so love the real me. Nine pro plus is a thousand five hundred milliamp hours of battery and the smartphone supports 60 watts of charging publishing charging time problem experience and nothing before young charging and real me, smartphones and im really happy with how fast the charging of the smartphones and with the Real mi9 pro plus, i dont, think the manakilangan charge shapalage unless youre playing game salaga all day. In my experience, im using the smartphone in the morning and minsan umabu patonang, because again 60 watts of charging and 2.0 battery test. We got a score of 13 hours and 34 minutes and if you ask me that is a pretty good score, but as a smartphone nato on the software side, the smartphone is still running on real me, ui 3.0, but it is now based on android 12.. So most malini stigma and i actually like the minimalistic look of the android pan customizations. However, young design meant similar shadows well, its still real miui. Well, i dont know problema, it is smooth, it is responsive, but of course it comes with some bloatware applications, but most of them demand pueden un installed, so will anima problema with that one on the realme 9 pro plus combined panan is the 90 hertz refresh rate Of the smartphone, so you know when youre using the smartphone mustmuchagamite smoocha, whether it is an application or uh the menu of the smartphone.

As for the performance, we got here a mediatek dimension, 920 processor and its very decent upgrading performance. First, we got here 5g. So you know you can get faster and better speeds when youre playing games when youre outside no manabuma balikotas among offices and then of course, we got here on eight gigs of ram that can be expanded as long as a smartphone and so far without a game Problem ram expansion and doing some processor actually, when it comes to benchmarks, im pretty happy with the results that i got: beto surrealme 9 pro plus its a big leap compared to previous generation performance, yeah and im happy to see in a ganondorf perform on real me. Nine pro plus and, of course, mass mahala, young gaming detail, of course, benchmarks are benchmarks, but gaming thats, a different scene weve tried different games on the smartphone. Of course, mobile legends wont be a problem due to smartphone at all and with pubg mobile we were able to play the game at smooth graphic settings with extreme frame rates, but then you know that has a new graphics settings if you want, but you know, google, So economist mata asking frame rates go and you can still use anti aliasing and problems no frame drops at all and im pretty happy with that. As for game change impact, we played gangshin impact at the lowest settings, but we were able to play it at 60 frames per second, yes, i dont, but the bobbins incoming content frame drops from nasa heavy scene style.

As expected, i mean aryan house smartphones, but so far, im really happy with the gaming performance of the real me 9 pro plus so its an all around their smartphone pack. That thinks that performance and the sakanyang hardware so overall im pretty happy with the performance of the 9 pro plus the big differentiator details of real me, 9 pro plus, is the camera. First, we got here the 50 megapixel main camera, an 8 megapixel ultra wide and a 2 megapixel macro lens. The main camera comes with a sony, imx 766 sensor and wow. I do like the performance that were getting in here, so you can. Tagline is capture the light and theyre pretty serious with that one because night shots even the street shots details, surreal me nine pro plus and for the selfie camera we got your 16 megapixel selfie camera and overall dude young rear camera its sharper than i expected, especially When youre shooting at decent light, but my natural light magnetic lighting problem is accurate and theyre, really sharp pakumuku hakonan photos and, as for the selfie camera, im, also surprised that there are brighter, however, means actually, but they are better than i expected actually for its price Range, but surprisingly, the camera of the smartphone is really good. So why dont you take a look at some of the shots that i took using the smartphone. So for the night mode there are pretty amazing, theyre bright and the software is pretty good and maritime tina tower guitar feature called street photography or the street mode so many times different effects, un gamiten.

So if you like commuting, if you love taking shots, ncr ma appreciate new young street shots effects, whether were taking a video actually street street shots is for more on for photos pero, whether youre taking a photo or video sobrang, ois, smartphone and again going back. This is three shots. I really like the effects that were getting in here and its brighter uh than most smartphones that ive tried and the quality they are pretty great. So overall, the real me, 9 pro plus, is a really decent mid range, smartphone uh, its the first one in the pro cvs, the maritime pro plus, and i like named uh. It means that they have more offering than some real me. 9 series and im really excited to try out more of their smartphones, so overall, the performance of the smartphone is good. The design is something mentioned. I actually like the aurora green color. This is my favorite one among the series and, of course the performance is great. The camera is great, the design is great overall problem smartphone, so the smartphone starts at 23 990, which i think isnt that bad considering new features and hardware number ohana tindito and again i dont consider smartphone at all because overall, its a usage on real me, nine Pro plus, i am really happy doing some results, long shots, some results and performance and design smartphone. So if you like this video dont forget to give us a thumbs up and, of course, dont forget to subscribe to our channel and be sure to click that subscribe button along with that bell button to get notified of our latest videos here, detoxing youtube channel.

So once again, i am jump, jump Thank you for watching and see you guys again.