Of course, i got the official flossy quarter sound test by my homeboy mark rubio lets get into mouth. It sound test time to test that quality. The sound test hows it sound floss how the sound floss hows this found now hows it sound now. Does it sound big? Does Music Applause single bottom firing, speaker not the loudest in the world, but you can hear it Music have the sound on it. Definitely loud enough to get the job done. Music, ladies and gentlemen, mark rubio all right so now lets test out. The display got one of my favorite videos queued up here. We go not the greatest viewing angles, but its 150 bucks. If youre looking right at it, it looks good alright. So this is what its going to look like when youre watching your youtube videos, your netflix, your hulu hbo, max whatever you got on deck real nice, 150 bucks, Music, all right! Okay, here we go lets! Try a little bit of gaming. We got asphalt 9. now you know. If your phone can run asphalt 9, it can run any game on the android market. Here we go, get it in asphalt, legends all right. We out: okay, okay, a little our tutorial, okay tap and hold the drip. We we got that Applause. Okay! Now you see its a few, a few frame drops here and there Applause okay lets see im acting like. If i was a little kid would.

I have fun playing this okay nitro its handling so far handle it. 150 bucks im impressed lets, keep it going. Okay, take the right, nitrous little drip more nitrous. Okay lets go for the ramp; okay, Applause, blue eye, cant search the current path. Why im always acting like? I never played this. I there. It is okay, okay, a little drift, nitrous, more drip im acting like im, really doing something all right here we go but yall get the idea. Let me just go ahead and get this finish line. Oh wait a minute: oh, i missed the jump. Okay, nitrous drip through the finish. Nevertheless, all right, so i got my usual test. Video queued up, keep your eyes on this beautiful display and keep your ears on these extra loud speakers. You could barely see that punch hole camera here we go Music Applause, Music lets cover up the bottom speaker you how loud the top is: Music up to 300 nits peak brightness excellent, viewing angles. This is under 500. Bucks yall lets go Music. All right now. Lets do a little bit of gaming got one of my favorite games. Queued ups asphalt. 9.. All right here we go now this video might not do it justice, but these speakers sound incredible all right here we go asphalt. 9 legends lets, get it in all right. Im hyped lets go okay. Lets see. If i remember how to play this. Okay turn it is automatic.

I get it tap and hold the drip okay. Here we go. Okay, nitrous all right. I got my rhythm yall Applause, no lag, no drop frames; okay! Choose your own adventure lets, go to the right ill. Take it to the right power through that. Okay, you see how smooth this is running, though lets take lets see if i can get that ramp. Okay, Applause, okay! Here we go there. It is nitrous in mid air for the dramatic effect Applause okay lets see. If i can do this, you get the idea, though, just run it nice and smooth, take it to the ramp bottom. Next to me, there drifting in midair, too. Okay, you see for yourself. Okay, here we go yo do yall hear this. It sounded good on the red magic triangle front. All right here we go asphalt. 9 legends those speakers bro, are we out, you heard a little bit more sound than you normally hit youre the little turtle. Like you heard that i dont know i forgot automatic, driving okay tap and hold the drift. I know yall know if yall know how this game goes already. Oh, i got ta. Do it first, okay, here it is Music. Look at this sick right here, im starting to feel this music im back here like this here all right lets. Go you get the idea no frame drops almost wrapped just now. Oh no wrong way wrong way: okay, im such a noob.

I always act like this is my first time playing this. I played this about 30 times this week. Already here we go. This is called gaming right here. You know nitrous in mid air. You know all right so now lets talk about one of the things that i absolutely love about this phone, the speakers all right, youre going to love. These speakers got the official flossie carter sound test. Here we go test time to test that quality. The sound test, hows the sound floss, how the sound floss does it sound big? Does it sound loud, Music, Music, dual stereo speakers come up the bottom. Look how loud it still is: Music, Music Applause. This is how you want to watch your videos Music, ladies and gentlemen, mark rubio all right. So next up lets. Take a look at this beautiful amoled display. Now the side note i wish it did get a little bit brighter and i wish i had a little bit more knits, but its still pretty dope check this out. Heres your viewing angles, not bad. I wish it was a little bit brighter, but its still beautiful and again these speakers are insane so now youre chilling at work watching videos all day. This is how its gon na look and heres how its gon na sound Music, like i said, minimum minimum forehead minimum chin, basically all display Music, no camera cut out getting in the way i like it lets keep it moving all right.

Okay, here we go asphalt. 9, as usual, if your phone can run asphalt 9, it could run any game on the android market yeah how loud this is, though, its crazy. Here we go asphalt. 9 legends lets go all right. Let me calm down Applause. Here we go here. We go. Okay. Now i got to go through this usual tutorial, but it is what it is. Okay, now look for the frames, okay, Music tap and hold the drip. Okay with my nitro button. Okay, all right now were pointing look at that drip clean. Please lets go all right. Now i know this game is mad, easy im, not going to like say like im like im doing something, but why not all right, so we can swipe ill. Take the right. This looks sick though nitrous oh, i shouldnt want you to went the other way. Okay, two options available: Applause got ta, get the drift on im going for the ramp lets, go nitrous in the ramp in mid air, okay, ill wrap Applause; okay, here we go got it thats, the first time i ever got that yes, im trash.