You have a metal body design here, which means this one is going to last for a very long time and right now it is the most affordable smartphone that comes with an eight gigs of ram and a big 128 gigs of internal storage and at a price That you dont even need to break the bank or make a hole in your pocket and for the first time, a brand pushed together beauty and performance and also durability into one smartphone that cost only 85, 500 naira or 140 us dollars. So for my xiaomi users out, there lets see how you beat this smartphone and it should probably be the best budget smartphone of 2022.. It gets a 48 megapixel camera lens, a white display that consumes all media content and the mediatek hilu g80 gaming processor. This is beyond dreams, and you also have an infrared thermometer which might come in very handy. You know to measure body temperature or the temperature of an object so for the unboxing experience, this is the same retail box. You get when you buy this smartphone thanks to banggood for sending this device and also made it easy to buy this smartphone and right now. Banggood is currently having their spring sales festival, which means you have a 70 percent of whatever product you get from banggood, and this smartphone is not an exception, so check it out after watching this video and be sure to enjoy the huge discount vanguard is an online Store that offers everything from different categories.

The link is in this video description. So inside the box you get an envelope that houses the same ejector pin and inside the envelope. You have the manual for the device, a transparent tpu case, and then you have a 10 watt, fast charger and the usbc cable for charging and connectivity and thats all you get from the box, no earphone and no pre applied screen protector. You get everything you need to get started using this device, so this is what the a11 pro max looks like fresh out of the box. You have a solid metal frame on this device and a glass body. It is not a 2.5 d cup of glass, which means it is completely flat with an excellent appearance. It looks premium with an hdmi glass on the back and it attracts fingerprints easily, but it feels so comfortable in the hand seeing the smartphone for the first time, especially this color. You get attracted to the huge camera bomb that is behind this smartphone, its a triple camera combination, and you have the infrared thermometer sensor, which usually is found on rugged smartphones, but its a plus here on the a11 pro max. Okay back to the design of this one, this is the mist blue color and i prefer its more attractive than the frost gray for external features. You have a usb type c at the bottom, a speaker grille the microphone and a 3.5 jack for headphone. The top of the phone is clear.

Then you have the volume up and down rocker at the right with the fingerprint sensor. That is also the power button. The fingerprint unlock is not too fast, but it is okay, and i dont see it as a major downside here on this phone. It is fine. You can also set up the phase unlock too, but compared side by side to the noti level, pro its its. Not the fastest Music, then on the left is the same and the memory card slot. You also have a customizable button on the side. What youre seeing is a 6.8 inches ips display its almost 7 inches, but the note 11 pro is taller. They both have a poncho camera and they really look alike. This phone sports, a full hd plus display with an aspect ratio of 20.5, is to line check out this picture quality. It feels like amoled with still looking colors. You have 1080p 2460×1080 and a wide range angles for consuming content on youtube. This screen is also ideal for gaming, thanks to the helio g80 gaming processor and the mali g52 mc2 graphics chip that is backed up with an 8 gigs of ram. Yes, you have a gaming processor here, but it doesnt really offer a 100 gaming experience, but instead of lagging behind, it tries to enforce a smooth gameplay resulting to a slight rise in temperature, but not in the way that attracts attention. Its just felt at the back. You have 128 gigs of internal storage and a stock android versioning level.

The response is really flexible without any lux for the battery its a 5050 milliamp battery capacity with a 10 watt fast charger. It takes an hour to fully charge this phone to 100 and when fully charged the battery can last more than a day only moderate use. Another impressive feature of this smartphone is the camera. It is, of course, one of the key selling points of this smartphone. You have a 48 megapixel main camera lens that captures very, very good details, especially daylight, in real life experience. This one captures a lot of details and has a beautiful color saturation too, and then you have a 16 megapixel ultrawide lens. That does a good job too and lastly, 2 megapixel micro camera. I love the portrait shots, especially for social media posting. So on the front is a 24 megapixel camera lens, and this is what it looks like im currently shooting at 1080p 30 frames per second without the camera. Awesomeness high dynamic range is not missing and i love the picture quality so guys. What do you think of the sound coming out from this device and also the picture quality? Let me know in the comments below on the front: you have a 24 megapixel camera lens that makes a lot of sense in real life. The skin tone is on point and portrait shots are okay, this phone is okay and the performance exceeds the price. The stock android version 11 here makes up for a simple and smooth experience and it doesnt contain pre installed apps or games that will pump in large number of ads its simple and accurate.

So guys. What are your thoughts about this smartphone? This is the umidigi a11 pro max. You know, with all of these things going around this smartphone, i think its going to make a very good competition in the mid range segment. Okay, let me know what youre thinking about right now, please like and share this video to help. Somebody out then make a purchase decision. Thank you so much guys for watching this video, please on your way out. If youre new to my channel and youre watching this video right now, please hit on the red subscribe button and the bell for notifications on my next video ill be seeing you guys soon.