The model type is vk one, but lets open it and see what we get and, of course, im going to test this for you and im letting you know how good i think this is im, also going to record something on the video and play for you. So you will know how good the quality of the microphone is, and so this is what we get here. We get some instructions manual, i dont know. If you can see that uh, maybe its focusing nicely now also the other side, you can get even more information, and so, instead of a foreign one, we have a 10 in one here. Its very comprehensive starts with this tripod and its a really solid design. You can see it its very sturdy plastic, not cheap plastic, and we cannot just normally open. We have this push button here which we can push inside and then we can make it even wider. So we have even a more safe stand, especially for heavy cameras, thats really huge advantage, and we can also hold it like this as a selfie stick, of course, the best is to use this ball head by the way, whats interesting here. Of course we have this standard tripod adapter, so you cannot only use this thing. You can use basically everything i mean this is intended to be used with this phone holder clip, but you can basically use it for everything like even for a gopro.

But of course, in this case we are going to use the ball head, which is attached or comes with this set, and we can see. We also have a mount here on the side, so this thing seems to be super flexible after mounting it. Of course we get another standard tripod mount and then we can attach the phone holder and phone holder can be expanded by pushing this button here, and you can see you can make it pretty wide, so it should fit actually for almost all the phones which ive Ever seen i mean this is super large. You dont have to be worried that your phone wont fit here, and then you just push it down to squeeze it and hold it tight, and here we can lock and unlock it, and you can see how flexible this is. So we can basically move it around turn it to all the sides. We can also turn it around 360 degrees. I can tell you this is super hard to find in this class here of such products. Then we get this usbc charging cable, which you can use to charge this nice video light, and while we are charging the video light, i can show you the rest of the things here. We get the microphone already with the windscreen mounted, but we can also use another one here lets say this one, especially for outdoor, so im going back to this one for now, and we get also this shock mount holder which can help a lot to avoid any Strange noise on the microphone and then its important to use the right 3.

5 millimeter cable, we get two of them and one is more suitable for cameras and the other one is more suitable for smartphones, and this is because we have this four pin connection here. The four pins are needed because usually smartphones have input and output and cameras have only input. So three pins are enough for cameras. The video light now is fully charged, as you can see, didnt take too long to charge this video light. The good thing is its not only very powerful powerful battery inside. It is also powerful charging with two amps, which is 10 watts impressive charge for such a small video light, and so we can turn it on with a long press. We see all the information what we have and we can change everything here. Regarding these strengths, we can increase or decrease the strength. It has this nice wheel, its not an analog wheel, its a digital wheel, but it works pretty fast thats. What we want to see and on this side we can change the different light settings and its also magnetic so you can put it everywhere where you have some metal. As you can see, we have many different modes. We have the 360 degrees different colors, which you can change like this, and we have also many predefined settings which can use, and then we have this kelvin change and it has very impressive range from 2500 up to 9000 kelvin, which is a huge range and not Only the kelvin range is impressive.

Also, the brightness is very impressive. We can start at one percent. I cant remember that ive seen any video lights, so low, thats, really really good and then from there we can increase it, of course, till 100, which is super bright and to mount the phone. We just put the phone here and push this bracket down and we can see it has a very safe hold and then we mount the video light on top of the camera and on top of the video light, we mount the microphone. And now we are ready to shoot our first professional video with this whole set, and you can see its still very stable, even when its very high so im back here after a lot of testing and not only testing it here in the original set, but also Testing this microphone with the latest gopro, and that was big surprise that the andy scene microphone is much better than the built in microphone of the original gopro media mode, because media mode yeah, it always sounds like recording in a telephone booth – and this was way better Here much more natural and also has very good sensitivity, but of course, lets go back now to the original set, how its supposed to work – and this was really working really good after i connected the microphone here to the phone, it automatically started, picking up the voice From the microphone and the microphone is really good, i can tell you ive done the sample, recording and im going to play that now for you, so you can listen to that.

This is now the microphone test from the front, and this is the microphone test from one side. This is the microphone test from the back. This is the microphone test from the other side, and here we are back to the front, so you heard the good quality and also the difference between when we are recording from the front or from the side or from the back. So we can cancel out. Quite some noise and also im going to play you the difference now from this microphone and the scene to the gopro microphone test with the external and the scene, microphone on the new gopro ive unplugged the microphone. So it should use now the media mode microphone from the gopro. So i hope you heard the difference quite some improvement here, really good quality easy to use. I think it has really natural tone. It picks up the voice, really good, also good sensitivity. What i also noticed here when i compared these two tripods here here, we have soft rubber feet. Underneath has really good safe stand here. Is this one here its moving around absolutely unsafe, so everything is working really good top to bottom. The whole thing the whole set really good quality, so im super happy with it and i can highly recommend it and so ill put down the link to the amazon listing down into the description. So you can check it out and already drive from there. If you like it – and i hope, ive been able to help you a little bit with this video, if you have any questions or comments, just write to the comment section below im always happy to talk about these things.