Today, weve got the camolo vlogging kit so, as usual were going to start with the unboxing of the actual um unit, so that was the shock mount for the trs microphone. This is a pop filter which helps during winter days. This is the cable for the microphone to connect to your potentially smartphone, and this is another 3.5 millimeter to 3.5 millimeter jack. Then weve got this nice pouch as well, which we can obviously put the um mic filter in or even the actual microphone or some of the bits of the v logging kit. Then weve got the octopus stand so its like a tripod but bendable. So you can bend it in any direction and you can also use um. You can bend any of these legs and, at any point, youd like of the actual leg, and then weve got this small mount for the rest of the setup and a vlogging camera as well, which ill talk you through in a second, together with the type c Cable to charge it so the um actual lamp um does have a battery built into it. So you can charge it if you want to and then obviously use it without any additional batteries. The battery is built in and then weve got the another um filter and a remote as well. So if you want to, if you mount the actual setup on lets, say a tree branch or somewhere, where you cant touch your phone, you can use the remote to fire up the camera.

So this is the battery that powers, the actual remote itself and then weve got the full blown trs microphone with the nice camollo logo on the side and then weve got the actual um smartphone holder as well. So you press the red button and you can put um your smartphone and it does take most of the smartphones up to seven inch in size in screen size. However, my galaxy fold unfortunately didnt fit, but you can use it folded if you want to, and then there is a manual as well for the actual video logging light. But, like i said i will talk you through it. So lets try and build this behemoth. So were gon na start with the mount now. The brilliant thing about the whole setup is that you dont actually need um to use all of the items. At the same time you can mix and match which i will show you in a second. So, for example, ive just added the smartphone stand and the holder and the actual uh vlogging light just gon na adjust it slightly. Okay, and as you can see, you can use, for example, the light itself with just the octopus stand um, so you dont have to use every single bit of kit, its its its its its very adjustable, its very customized, highly customizable thats. The word im looking for or if you want to use the trs microphone on its own, but with a stand for example or youre, going to mount it somewhere lets, say a rear view.

Mirror in your car that you want to use the microphone in. You can do that as well, so highly customizable makes life a lot easier. Okay lets try with the other filter. Yep does a pretty decent job really okay. So this is the actual smartphone stand. As you can see, youve got the measurements inside so which phones you can actually fit in, and this is the octopus stand. Ive got some pictures at the very end of the video that will show you um some of the ways ive used the stand itself, but lets skip the mount lets go straight into the smartphone holder and the light, and then what were gon na do were gon Na screw it in first of all and then on the very top were gon na install the microphone. Okay, so lets just unscrew that wrong way around here we go and just screw it in and voila. So this is the actual setup where youve got every single bit of kit. Okay, so that is the actual light. Ive powered it on. Well talk you through it now, so the actual light itself. Let me just remove that we dont need the other parts at the minute, so youve got four buttons. Five buttons, so youve got the on off button. Youve got the button to actually power it on and off. Then youve got a button to change the warmth of the light and then you can adjust the brightness itself and then on.

The very left. Youve got a type c charging point which is brilliant in my opinion, because they could have just went with micro usb. But luckily we are all moving into type c area now so um youve got the type c bit and then obviously you can you can mount it. The way you like, so you can do microphone on the side you dont have to do it on top. This is the actual light, as you can see, and this is the actual full setup of the camolo v logging kit. So, as ive mentioned, you can set it up in a car as well or you can even use it with the kids in the back.