Now this gimbal, you can pick up at jb hi fi, if youre in australia, for about 200 plus dollars, and you can also get these online on ebay or amazon wherever youre at now. I have had this gimbal for about maybe six months a bit over, and i can honestly say this thing has been incredible. This little gimbal has made the world of difference to my films. So what whats great about it right? It folds up like this. So that way, you can put it in this little bag here, but anyway, well get into that a bit later, and it also comes with a little stand, so you can hook it up like this now me personally, i dont really use this stand, but you can So yeah comes with a little stand now this is the most important part. This goes on to your phone ill. Show you right here, you can see it goes on the back now. One thing you want to make sure of: is you see that little camera thing there that has to match this? So its got to be on the right side, and you end up with this, which is really cool, and then you can attach it to this. To your gimbal, it goes on like that and then the way you turn it on is you see the m button thats to turn on the red button is to record or take a photo. So the m button you hold for three seconds ready there you go and now you Music double tap the m button twice to get it didnt.

Look like this now theres an app that im going to show you guys that can help collaborate this or calibrate it. Sorry and calibrate just means leveling it up. I think, maybe you guys know im not 100 sure so youve got the up right here and then what you want to do is right here, as you can see, its got follow mode, its got calibrate and everything like that. It also has horizontal mode now, with the calibrate watch, ready youve got to make sure youre very still with it, because its got to line itself back up, as you can see right now. As i said, this has been a game changer. For me, it has really helped my videos and me obviously say that and then what you do is if you want to record something watch that stops recording and then to do that thats to record. And now, if you ask me, as i said, the quality on this thing is fantastic. I dont want to keep recording so, but now, if you want to go to photo youre in photo, and then you just hit the red button right here and there you go, it took a photo now. There are also other buttons on here, mainly the joystick and the viewfinder. Sorry, not the viewfinder, the zoom so with the joystick right im going to put this on a little bit of an angle, so you guys can see when you go up.

The camera goes up when you pull it down. The camera goes down left right, yeah, your left, my right now, if you ask me that is really awesome. I love that feature. I think it is one of the most practical parts of this gimbal is the joy con right here and also what you can do is if you were to hold not hold. Sorry, excuse me if you were to push this button here it zooms in and zooms out now thats perfect. If you cant get too close to something you can always do that now. Theres another feature on here that i consider to be the main event, and this feature is the follow mode and now what you do with that is you im gon na? I might have to screen record this. Let me see sorry about that. What you do right here, you have follow mode, you have f fpv, you have tilt locked and you also have spin shot now with spin shot. Watch. Sorry guys, i just got ta fix that up. How cool is that? Which means, when youre recording something you can go all over the place, whoa Music. I like that. I absolutely love that feature thats, why? I said i highly recommend you guys get one now see. Look at that. You can even use your joystick im, spinning out of control anyway enough playing games, so so this is the dji osmo 4 gimbal. As i said guys, if youre in australia, you can get these from jb hi fi for a bit over 200 bucks and if youre online i highly recommend get one, you wont regret it.

I dont and then, when youre done, that turns it off. You unhook your phone, pull it back down and thats it, and then what you do.