I know this is not their first release pero. Of course, this is our first infinix, so infinix zero. Five g now um 5g phone nanila bass. We know naman that the zero series is their flagship lineup. So, yes, i do have some high expectations on infinix zero. 5G. The past few days is because its only under 10 000 pesos as its introductory price na available is a shoppie Music, its our typical zero box packaging. No, its also the zero 5g now branding details at inside and, as you can see, we got the 8 gig of ram with gig of internal storage in a unit when it comes to accessories and unboxing telegon infinix, nang, mckenna, unboxing experience actually in the image. No generous when it comes to giving out accessories by the way. What what we, what we got here is yum horizon blue color. We indicated plastic anyway, we got your young um, a smaller box panetta. So we got here the sim ejector tool, paperwork and the infinix dollar and the young attend shampoo plastic. It has a design actually meronshank five gina sulat salicode, which is in color white, indiana, mancha young nexus very subtle. We also got the infinix power, brick and young, adding usb type c charging cable. Can you find the similarities? 5G now has a unique design compared to manga, infinix, smartphones and nakita nathan in the past, as you can see, camera and actually no infinix is calling it uniframe because of its uni curve design anyway.

Also it is from their flagship side. Young attention back panel is actually made of plastic, its also very obvious that when we press the rear panel, polycarbonate yeah, but then again as expected from the zero lineup since we dont have young black version youtube reviews. In the past few days, hindi, machado fingerprint its not as obvious as what we saw from the black version anyway, because of its curve, the back panel and, of course, the camera hump 0 5g. Now, aside from this blue and black colorway available, then sha in sky light orange, i think that orange guys, ibayong texture yeah compared to saginaw, satin, blue and black colorway, im, not sure if it will be available due to satans philippines now, in terms of the weight, Its on the heavier side – im, adding infinixs zero 5g now weighs at 199 grams, counting chem, but nalang 200 grams now attend. It is made of plastic infinix calls it a composite material now again glass, which makes it more premium to the touch i mean it still is made of plastic pero tatonoman, paktiti, granati, no malayo, it looks very premium anyway. Lets have a very quick founder guys. Meron thailand volume rockers power button below which is also a fingerprint sensor. We got a secondary mic on top, so left ninjating atom, sim tray below. We got our usual headphone jack microphone, usb type c port at ankanyang, speaker grill, the buttons are clicking amandas and the fingerprint sensor is accurate.

So far, although coma papaya, we got a mono speaker set up on this phone. Now usable display, natalya, parasatic, infinix, zero 5g. It has our usual 6.78 inches display pero, meronshang, full hd or 1080 by 2460 pixels resolution and has a very high 120 hertz refresh rate. We got three options, demand para refresh rate settings, which is 120 hertz, 60 hertz and the auto switch refresh rate. I dont have the enough experience paramasa because not appreciating displaying americas infinix but then infinix, zero, 5g. Now young canyon, refresh rate, it may not be perfect, but no fluidity and less lag when it comes to. You know switching between multiple applications, jung, island, guys when it comes to brightness. You might find it a bit lacking the hell lcd panel, but whenever i watch youtube videos when it comes to colors when its not fully full screen display. But at least we got a huge display panel cameras 5g. It supports 13 different bands. Well, since Music infinix, zero 5g now has a 48 megapixels main camera miranda, 2 megapixels, bokeh camera, a 13 megapixels portrait camera and a dual color temperature, flash in fairness, no mandito starting infinix phone merunchang dedicated two times telephoto lens 9d, massage smartphones, nasa technical at this Price point: although uni along they decided to remove the ultraviolet camera so mejo, alamoyen, 5050 adito, shampre, major popular choice, then ultra wide cameras but then again useful telephoto lens. Your main camera at the infinix zero 5g now is based on the samsung iso cell plus s5 kg m1 sensor or in short, the gm1 sensor and the bam dedicated telephoto camera, which is the 13 megapixels samsung iso cell s5, k3 l6 sensor and whatnot selfie.

Camera 16. So, yes, it is still your familiar user interface. Surprisingly, though, short videos on beauty, filter and snapchat style live effects so taken by the infinix zero 5g. By default guys, although meron thailand, 48 megapixels camera, it captures 12 megapixels, it captures a good photos, guys and i would say, crispy or full of details out the door images portrait mode, guys perfecting subject to background separation. Telephoto lens shots, at least adding 16 megapixel. Selfies looks very solid over all low light images – Music Music of ram – that is also expandable to another 5 gig through virtual ram, demanding games and, most of the time consistent, 60 fps and graphics performance, hindi, pa machado, malala switch between you know multiple applications. Of course, yunya lang in terms of the visuals because of the lack of amoled display, which really helps namaste optimize young experience nathan. It also has the xos 10 on top of the android 11., so the toilet is sure guys um upgrading my infinix phones to uh android 12 pre installed applications, but other than that guys, im infinix net and it works smoothly. No hiccups interface, which is the ai voice, assistant, marineranjang, smart assistant, a phone cloner 2.0 and a document correction Music. In terms of charging, i know guys the reason why metro makabi got an attic device is because of its large battery capacity. Miranda: 5000 milliamp hour paired with an optimized tuv rain land 33 watt safe, fast charge technology, yes, test nana go out in phone because its my first impressions, palang pero, dito hodenkir, use a charging capability, nam phone 33 watt, of course, but in terms of the battery Capacity, i will vouch for it long lasting so camera test and, of course, the downloading of games Music, a very interesting phone considering specifications.

We usually get this on smartphones, that is priced at 12 to 15, 000 pesos into the user interface phone and, of course, if lacking when it comes to the colors and brightness of its display. It gave me what i really did expect at surprise. Point yeah, a 10 000 peso range its a good step for infinix for having their very first 5g connectivity. Mediatek demand city 900.. So yes, thats pretty much it guys for our video today ill be updating you guys out in comment section and the description box.