Yes, because i have the xiaomi 12 pro and ive really been looking forward to having a look at this. This is an amazing looking handset and its got. Some amazing features its pretty good all round, but just for transparency. Xiaomi did send the handset to me for my opinion, uh, so that i can play with the phone and, of course make this video. But this is not a paid or sponsored video. So everything that i say in this video is my own opinion and you know thats what i normally do with these videos anyway. All of that out of the way, lets take a closer look at this awesome handset. This is the xiaomi 12 pro okay. So as this is such a cool handset, i think the only way to do this is to start properly with a quick unboxing. So in the box, then, you can see that you get here a smaller box that contains the sim ejector tool, some paperwork and a clear case theres the phone itself very nice again. Well, come back to that in just a moment. A nice chunky, usbc, charging, cable and good job that this is a sturdy cable, because included in the box, of course, is a 120 watt charger. Yes, look at that 120 watts. Now this phone is going to charge from zero to 100 in about 18 minutes thats. Absolute madness so more about the charging in a bit then, but this is the included clear, tpu case that xiaomi always include in the box, which is brilliant im so glad they still do that.

And then here is the 12 pro, and this is such a nice premium design. Look at that. The back of the phone is like a frosted, matte kind of design. You can see that, but it looks really good. It feels really good as well. In your hand, must admit – and you know this ones grey – you can see that it does look nice and then, of course we have the redesigned. Camera module with the main camera at the top, and it does look like a bit of a monster. Lets be honest, but all three cameras have a 50 megapixel sensor, so thats the wide angle uh the telephoto and the ultra wide as well. We will look at some sample photos and footage as well slightly later in the video setting up the phone for the first time, then thats fast, and you can just see and feel how powerful this is from the moment. You turn it on it. Just glides through everything is so smooth, oh and, of course, its running android 12, with miui 13 on top – and you know, miui is another thing that has come so far in the last few years, its so different, now to what it used to be its much More refined the icons look great, and then you have other things like the control center style area, all of them things. They look so much better now and they work really well, and you also get of course, wallpapers quite a few different wallpapers to choose from that.

Look nice on this handset and that does include, of course, the super wallpapers that xiaomi introduced a while back. They never seem to get old and im a big fan of those as well, while youre using the phone, though for your daily activities. You know i normally say: thats whatsapp youtube, maybe some twitch, just the general things you do, multitasking, switching between apps, turning the phone on and off using the phone, making a call all the normal kind of things, everything that ive done with the 12 pro its just. Like an absolute powerhouse, its absolutely crazy, its so fast, its so smooth its just an incredible amount of power in your hand. Now i have been playing some games. Fortnite is one of those, of course its one of my favorites uh. You know its been absolutely brilliant. The phone just delivers on power and performance, its a really good experience. Ive played some call of duty that runs smoothly im, not very good at that game um. But you know just to try and uh give a demonstration here. Ive played some of that. Also genjin impact as well ive done quite a lot of things. Even mario, you know some basic stuff, but all of the gaming ive done with this phone has been really very nice. It all runs smoothly. It all runs really well its a pleasure to play games on the 12 pro thats for sure. The other thing that makes the experience good as well is, of course, the display.

Now it does have a touch sampling rate of up to 480 hertz, so it detects very precisely uh the touches on the screen, so, if youre using the screen, if youre using those on screen controls, then again, this is a great handset to be doing that with Personally, i prefer to use controller. I find that much easier im, not a fan of on screen controls, but you know, if thats your thing, then the on screen controls will work very nicely with this screen in terms of the visuals, though, what youre actually looking at is a 6.73 inch w quad Hd plus ltpo amoled display up to 1 billion colors 1 500 nits of maximum brightness, and it supports dolby vision, hdr 10 plus, and you also get well up to a 120 hertz refresh rate. So this is a really cool display to be looking at and its got lots of cool features. Now that refresh rate can be changed, you can manually change that to 60 90 or 120 hertz its nice, that you have the option to do that manually and thats cool. I never want to take away those manual controls. However, you can set it to automatic and thats going to basically help you with the battery life and that will just automatically adjust the refresh rate of the screen, depending on what youre doing so, if youre, looking at like an image or something thats, not moving the Refresh rate is going to drop right down and help you save on the battery life.

But if youre playing games and things like that, then of course the refresh rate or navigating menus and things, then the refresh rate will be higher. So it looks better. But at the end of the day, if its happening automatically its giving you the best experience and and using the least amount of battery, so its cool, its a its a cool feature to have but 120 hertz again nobodys going to complain at that thats thats, pretty Good – all of that talk about the display, though, and the refresh rates and everything else. Of course, all of that will use battery and that kind of leads me in to the battery and charging, and here we are in 2022, with a smartphone that can charge from zero to a hundred percent in 18 minutes. Thats absolutely amazing, and the first time i plugged this in to charge this. I really was blown away. Ive never seen something charged as fast as this ive never seen a smartphone charge as fast as this in person right in front of me, so to see it its just its just amazing, its very, very clever indeed so now lets move on to the camera. Youve got three sensors on the back. As we said, all of them are 50 megapixel um the images youre looking at some of the sample images here, the images with this camera are very good, regardless of which lens you use things. Look pretty good im gon na say that the phone is is definitely capable of some great photography, theres lots of different options as well.

Uh in the camera app so theres. A lot that you can do. I will say that if the subject is quite small and its moving im gon na as an example talk about a flower moving in the wind, then i have noticed that the phone does struggle to keep that focus. You know. Sometimes it loses that focus a little bit, not terrible, but just a little bit. But if youre taking pictures in like ideal conditions with good lighting, a nice still subject, and all that kind of thing, maybe even if youre using a tripod as well, youre really going to get some absolutely amazing shots with this camera. But when youre handheld and things are moving around and maybe the lighting is not brilliant, then you know the results are definitely going to vary, but you can see some of the images are nice and sharp theres lots of detail. Nice colors i like hdr and ai, turned on, and some of you guys have seen my previous videos. You already know that. So when i take photos, i like ai and hdr, turned on those images. For me they look best. I like the nice punchy, colors um. I like the fact that everything is fairly evenly exposed in the image as well with hdr turned on. It really brings everything out in the image so for me, thats good its not for everybodys taste, but regardless of whether you have that on or off.

I do think that the results you get with the camera on the xiaomi 12 pro are very good. One thing i will very quickly say is: i tried to take some photos of flowers and youve seen some of those already and they came out fairly well this one, though this red one im not sure why red seems to be maybe potentially a little bit of An issue for the 12 pro for the camera because quite often youll see a lot of over saturation theres too much going on in this image and youre kind of losing the quality. Maybe xiaomi can adjust that with a future software update or something i dont know, but overall im nitpicking. You know i really am overall its a very good camera and, of course, the front facing camera as well. That looks pretty good, its nice and sharp oh and then you have video. Now the camera can shoot 8k video up to 24 frames per second, the thing is um. I cant play 8k video back on anything apart from on the phone, so for me, ive actually been really testing out 4k video 30 60 fps ive got some sample footage here, and you can see that the footage doesnt look bad at all. Look. It does actually look very good, so a very good camera yeah. Of course it could be slightly better. The red image issue when youre taking a photo of something red is a bit of a shame.

Maybe that could be improved, but overall it is very good. Now we are almost done, but there are a few things we should really still talk about. One of them is the battery, so the battery in this is 4 600 milliamp hour. It lasts an entire day and you have battery left at the end of the day. But the thing is it charges so fast that i dont think the battery life is as much of an issue as it used to be, because you know when the battery runs down, you plug it in and a few minutes later, its full again. So its absolutely crazy, but the simple fact is on a full charge: it will last you an entire day and youll have battery left at the end of the day as well. So for me that ticks all of the boxes. You do also have four speakers on this handset. They sound good, theyre tuned by harman kardon as well. These speakers, you get a nice full sound from them, theyre, nice and loud, and i recorded a quick clip so heres a quick example of how the speakers sound on the 12 pro have a listen to this Music Laughter, Music yeah. So there you go a really nice sound coming out of those speakers. You would expect that from a flagship handset like this, so you know it doesnt disappoint. The other thing i wanted to quickly mention was the in display fingerprint sensor that works absolutely fine.

Every single time and thats something else that xiaomi have definitely refined uh over the last few years. Weve seen that the fingerprint sensor works really well, whether thats uh in display or whether thats, sometimes its on the side on the power button. But regardless of where it is, it works very, very well, every single time, so yeah really happy with that as well. So thats it thats the xiaomi 12 pro the flagship handset right now from xiaomi its a lovely phone and, if youre thinking about getting one personally id go for it. I think its really very nice indeed and yeah theres always going to be room for improvement with everything. Perhaps the camera could be slightly better. I dont know maybe thatll be improved with the software update im, not sure, but overall as a whole package. This is absolutely gorgeous and it and it works so well. Its got some good features, uh id like to say a big thanks guys for watching the video. If you enjoyed the video, please give it a thumbs up and of course, if you have any questions about the 12 pro or comments or anything pop that in the comment section down below, i will do my best to get back to everybody.