Many years back, mobile phones were used only to call our message now. Smartphones are compensation to the radio laptops, television and more theres no need to buy individual devices. Instead, you can buy one good smartphone to meet all your needs and wants. If we talk about kodak smartphones review, then first we need to know that kodak is a famous brand for cameras, they have started their line to smartphones and they are doing quite well. This also means that we can think of buying a kodak smartphone as their trustworthy and affordable smartphones lets start our codec smartphone review kodak ektro smartphone has the best camera by which you can click amazing photos. It comes in black color which defines kodaks classic nature. Printer ever presents kodaks smartphone Music, oh Music Applause, Music, Music, the classic is back youre, taking back control of your creativity by choosing kodak smartphones, you might feel youre holding a professional camera in your hand. By having impressive lens hardware. Kodak brings its classic nature into the smartphone. Kodak knows their speciality, and even in a smartphone they have highlighted their specialty, its a textured finished smartphone that has premium materials in it. The user might feel that kodak extra smartphone is like a camera with a character, solid specifications. It has a camera of 21 megapixel, which is the primary camera, and the front camera is of 13 megapixel. The phone look is like a dslr style and you can choose eight scene selections on the mobile phone.

There is an option of hdr imaging with the help of pdaf to expose its superior quality. The video quality is 4k, which defines its sharpness 32 gigabyte expandable memory with android 6 version. The smartphone might be a suitable device for you. As for the memory of this codec extra smartphone, its 32gb rom and 3gb ram, it is a fast smartphone that might not jam at any point. The display of the mobile phone is 5 inches, full hd, 1920 into 1080 and capacitative multi touch. It offers many great options for sensors, which include ambient light: accelerometer gyroscope, ecompass and proximity sensor, kodak extra smartphone. We will now compare kodak extra smartphones with kodak iw5. The camera quality of the codec extra smartphone front 13 megapixel rear 21 megapixel is excellent. Then kodak im5 front 5 megapixel rear 13 megapixel. Its ram defines the speed of a smartphone kodak. Xtra smartphone has three gigabytes ram, whereas kodak im5 has only one gigabyte ram. The resolution of the kodak extra smartphone 1080 into 1920 pixels is also excellent. Then kodak im5 720 into 1280 pixels.