The one that impressed me, the most was the lenovo tab. P11 pro also called the xiaoshinpad pro 2021 with a competitive price, but still featuring a 90hz oled display. We are actually happy to see that the brand didnt stop there and recently released the legion y700 gaming tablet before i start with this review. Let me just say this: its the best device with complete tablet features for mobile gaming. Now lets see why the gaming oriented legion lineup is popular in the gaming market. The y700 is the series first tablet that focuses on the gaming experience. At first glance. The y700 is far more compact than most android tablets and its probably the first android tablet coming with an 8.8 inch display, which is very close to the latest ipad mini. However, even with the more compact body, the y700 doesnt really downgrade the display configurations, its a 2k level lcd panel featuring 120hz refresh rate and supports dolby vision and hdr contents with a maximum brightness of 500 nits. Thanks to the 8.8 inch body size, the y700 display accuracy is much closer to a mobile phone in actual use. It offers a decent visual experience, especially in reading or web viewing for the color mode. Either you can apply the vibrant mode to cover the wide p3 gamut or just choose the standard mode for srgb gamut with better color accuracy. Although the display supports dolby vision and hdr content as an lcd panel, unfortunately, it only features 1001 color contrast.

So if you are thinking about having a tablet for watching a lot of videos, i still recommend you go for the xiaoshin pad pro 2021. The oled display is better at presenting deeper and more natural contrast, Music, Music, Music, but dont make the decision yet because we havent even talked about what the y700 tablet is really good at. As you can see, the 8.8 inch size makes the tablet. Look like a big smartphone, so you can hold it firmly in a single hand, which offers a big difference in user experience from those bigger tablets and compared to those 10 or 11 inch models, its so portable that you wont always think about carrying a large backpack. For it and more importantly, the y700 weighs only 375 grams which allows you to grip it for a long time without feeling tired. Well, the y700 doesnt use a single one piece metal design for its body. Instead, the y700 back cover is replaced with a matte finish. Glass panel, it still looks good, but also brings a concern. How is the tablets, cooling, efficiency and performance strategy? We will show you the answer in the gaming test part apart from the decent display. The y700 tablet also comes with dual jbl speakers and brings a pretty impressive stereo sound, especially when playing dolby, atmos audio Music, Music Music. It catches all the little details puts you in the center of the action in fps games like pubg mobile, requiring strong stereo sounds its even good enough to play the game without using earphones to improve the gaming experience on the y700 legion borrows the gaming related software From their gaming phones and obviously the software has got optimized well for the tablet.

For example, now we can have the legion realm app to access all the different gaming settings and during gaming you can pull down the game assistant from the top of the display and check the phones, running state and customize shortcuts, and you can switch the performance mode From balance mode to power, saving or performance mode, depending on your needs, but over the hardware, the y700 doesnt carry most of the legion phones features neither the shoulder buttons nor the built in cooling fans. But the y700 still gets the upgraded cooling solution and dual x axis linear vibration motors the strong haptic fuel bag does feel good when typing, but unfortunately theres limited application for the powerhouse motor. So far, although the legion developed a feature called semireal vibration for an immersive gaming experience, we only saw three games in the supported list and theres still good news left for the y700. It comes with a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and micro sd card expansion. It surprisingly supports up to one terabyte: expanded storage, the full featured usb c port not only supports up to 45 watt fast charge, but also supports seamless projection as a video out port. The legion y700 tablet is powered by the widely acclaimed snapdragon 870 chipset. In addition to the 8 plus 128 gigabyte model, in my hand, theres another higher configuration variant of 12 plus 256 gigabytes storage about its performance, we are mainly concerned about its durability and stability of high performance outputs, as you can see in the three benchmarks, the peak Performance we assessed is pretty close to what we have on other snapdragon 870 models.

Then we brought it to the wildlife extreme test in 3dmark. The y700 achieved 99.4 stability during the 20 round test and the surface temperature remained under 43 degrees celsius, which makes us look forward to its gaming stability even more in pubg mobile. Its extremely smooth, the performance result is also the best level that you can have in the game. After playing for a couple of hours, i can say that the y700 tablet is the best device for gaming. It achieved a balance between the bigger display and the acceptable holding for me, i would be happy to have the shaoxin pad pro 2021 to watch movies or videos, but also to hold it for long time, gaming, its just difficult to tolerate the discomfort caused by the Weight and size in another game, genting impact. The y700 tablet also achieved one of the best results among the android models. Its able to stably run at 58 to 60 fps with minor fluctuation, and the frame rate remained at 59.1 fps during the 30 min test. No performance throttle occurred on the y700 tablet and the surface temperature was still kept under 43.8 degrees celsius and note that genjin impact is one of the heaviest games on the android platform, which means that the y700 is very likely to handle most games. Well. At this point, and can continuously run at higher performance without serious heating issues, even so were still not satisfied. We havent been exposed to its performance ceiling, so we started another test which is to run the game nemean legends under 2k resolution.

In this test, the snapdragon 870 has done the best it could and eventually the frame rate remained at around 36 fps. What surprised us is that its performance wasnt affected by the temperature control throughout the test, theres no obvious performance throttling either. Although the surface temperature went up to 47 degrees celsius at one point in terms of battery and charging, the y700 is equipped with a 6550 milliampere hour battery that supports up to 45 watt fast charging and its compatible with pd 3.0, as well as qc 4.0. And i have to show you the included 50 watt charger. It offers dual charging ports. The type c could offer up to 50 watt charging efficiency, while the second one up to 20 watt, which makes it compatible with different devices. We know that manufacturers are rarely this generous. Coming back to the charging test. The tablet was charged to 40 in 15 minutes and 80 and 30 minutes, taking around 57 minutes to be fully charged, its still pretty fast for a tablet. In addition, the y700 also supports battery protection mode, where it would support power directly to the tablet and no longer to the battery, which has the advantage of protecting the battery and reducing the overall heat of the tablet as well. Overall, the legion y700 is an excellent gaming tablet, which offers a bigger display than a smartphone while having a much better sustained performance output with great cooling effect. More importantly, it offers a perfect size for mobile gaming.

In addition, the tablet also brings most software features that weve seen on the other lenovo tablets, such as split screen mode floating window and even the pc mode about these tablet features. You can check out our review video about the shaoxin pad series and thats all i want to say about the y700 tablet and the conclusion is still the same: its the best device for mobile gaming at this point, if you want to play a lot of games On your phone but were never really satisfied, the y700 could be the best alternative with such competitive pricing. It wont let you down.