Well then, the redmi 10 is probably the one you should check out. It comes with a full hd display, snapdragon 680 chipset 6000 mah battery, and it starts at just 109.999. The best part is, if you have an hdfc or icic card, you get an instant thousand rupee discount, bringing the price down to just 99999 whats even more exciting. Is that were gon na? Do a giveaway for this one, so watch this video till the end to know how you can win. It now well start with a quick unboxing, followed by first impressions. So lets begin. So here is the retail packaging of the redmi 10.. You can see the image of the phone right in the front towards the back. You can see some of its specifications looking closely snapdragon 680 processor 6000 mah battery 50 megapixel primary camera, with the portrait lens large 6.71 inch dot notch display some more details made in india. This is midnight black color, 4gb ram and 64gb storage and thats. It lets quickly open it up. Okay, we are in and right on, the top is the phone itself. You have the sim ejector pin some paperwork. Then we have a usb c to usb a charging cable. And finally, we have a 10 watt adapter, a 10 watt adapter with a 6 000 image battery. Anyway, all right, we put everything inside lets, have a close look and theres actually like a screen protector. Already thats nice, okay well get rid of the sticker, also so that we can have a little better look at the device.

Okay wow that looks actually quite nice. The black color is actually surprising me. So the back has this nice matte finish, so it doesnt attract any smudges and fingerprints, which is something i believe everyone prefers its made of polycarbonate and its pretty solid. Actually, now, on the top, you can see the camera module. You can see the redmi branding and theres actually a fingerprint scanner here now. Some of you might think its little too high, but its actually not wow. I actually thought that having a fingerprint scan, little lower would have made sense, but now that i realize, when you hold the phone like this, this is actually perfect and the best part is. It works perfectly with both hands. Really nice. Okay, coming back to the camera now this looks like a four camera setup, but there are actually just two cameras. One here is a 50 megapixel camera. While here is a 2 megapixel depth, sensor, theres no macro lens theres, no ultra white, now im actually glad that redmi decided not to include the 2 megapixel macro, because we all know 2 megapixel macro shots, arent even usable. At times the resolution is so low. Yes, having an ultraviolet would have been great, but then the price would have escalated so im not complaining. Also, if you look closely, you can see this nice textured design, im, not sure if you can see it its got. This line, texture design, which looks really really nice so overall, i can still say that its a very, very slim and handleable device, even with 6000 mah battery, its really good.

Also, if you look closely here, you have the power button and the volume rockers. If you look at the bottom, you have the speaker, the usbc port. The microphone towards the top is a 3.5 headphone jack and on the right is actually a sim tray lets open it up and see so it can house two nano sim cards and one dedicated micro, sd card great. All right so were set up and ready to go, and this is the home screen and the first thing im going to do is toggle to dark mode, Music and the reason im doing that is usually when youre recording in camera, its a little more clearer im. Sure you can see it, and now you can have a look at the display, so this is 6.7 inch, ips full hd display with a resolution of 2400 by 1080 pixels. It comes with an 60 hertz refresh rate and its quite smooth now lets go into the settings and well have a look at the specifications so its running mia ui 13 on android 11.. There you go now coming back. This has 64gb of storage, so you have 18.18 gb of system use space, which means we have usable space of just ‘.2 gb. Now i recommend you look for a bigger variant. If space is an important thing for you coming inside specifications – and you can see, this is a 4gb ram, 1gb of expandable storage, snapdragon, 680 android 11 and some more details also worth mentioning.

You do get some bloatware, you get the silly app you get. The linkedin app you get the mod app, but the good thing is that you can delete what you dont need, and that is definitely a saving grace. You get all the google suite. All the google apps come pre installed. You get the play store. You can download all your favorite apps here and overall performance seems really snappy. Also for those looking for wallpapers and themes, you can come into the wallpapers click, agree and theres, a huge collection of wallpapers that you can download from here its almost unlimited wallpapers that you can get here. Similarly, you can download themes from here. You can also download ringtones, you can download fonts, you can come into profiles. You can change your wallpapers from here. Really nice wow im, finding the interface really really snappy. One thing ive realized is that after the miui 13 update, the system is become more lighter and more snappier im sure a lot of you will agree with me on that all right lets play a video and see, and there you go everyones favorite video, and let Me tell you the colors look really really nice its bright, its actually punchy and for an lcd display. Its also really really colorful lets check out the speakers. We ran some benchmarks, starting with the antutu, and we got 2 lakh. 27. 000.. I expected it to be a little better but thats what you get.

Then we get ufs 2.2 and we did a card speed test. We get a 410 mb of write, speed and 185 mb of read speed. I think thats very impressive. Now, even though this phone isnt exactly designed for gaming, we still played one of the most graphic demanding games, bgmi and it played quite smoothly. The max fps would be around 25 to 30, which i think is good enough. Considering the chipset, this phone should suffice. For most casual gaming coming to the battery well, im actually very confused with redmis decision hear me out, so we get a 6 000 image battery, which is really impressive. The phone should easily last two days with medium use, but we get a 10 watt charging brick in the box now im sure this was probably done to keep the price low, but at least an 18 watt charger should have been provided since the redmi 10 supports Up to 18 watts, now you have to buy a 22 watt or an 18 watt charger separately to actually get the full benefit of charging speed coming to the camera. Well, lets start with the video heres a full hd, video short handheld, and it does a pretty good job, mostly stable and very clear heres. The video recorded with the 5 megapixel front camera. Also quite good here – are some pictures taken from the 50 megapixel primary camera. Theyre really clear with nicely captured details here are some more samples here are some shots taken with the 5 megapixel front camera now, even though not a very high resolution, theyre very clear and look really nice, even the bokeh effect is spot on.

However, outdoors under the sun, there might be some images that might blow up, but that is kind of expected because of the lack of hdr. Now overall, the camera on the redmi 10 does a pretty good job, especially for the price, its a decently powerful phone. With all the necessary hardware and is still pocket friendly, its available in two variants: 4gb and 64gb for 10999 and 6gb ram with 128gb storage for 129.999 ill leave the links for both the variants and all the colors. In the description, if you like to buy one, you should definitely check it out all right time for that giveaway. Four simple steps: first, subscribe to my youtube channel texting. Follow me on my twitter handle mr texting like the redmi 10 twitter post and fourth retweet, with the quote of what you liked about the redmi 10 and tag three friends on twitter. One winner will win the redmi 10 when the likes and retweets cross 500 thats. It 500 and this phone is yours, so get going subscribe, follow like and retweet dont forget to tag three friends or else your vote wont be counted. Also share this video with your friends and family so that we can get to that target as early as possible.