Gps 5 atm water resistance and more hello. Everyone amon here from mr phone and in this video lets, find out whether the redmi watch 2 light is worth its asking price or not, but before we go ahead, consider hitting that red subscribe button for detailed tech videos and also turn on the bell, so that You dont miss any of our latest updates Music. Now for this video. My point of reference with the redmi watch 2 lighter will be the og redmi watcher, which was released last year in may, because, as far as i remember in my knowledge, i dont think so. The redmi watch 2 ever made its way to india, so yeah lets go ahead, so first up build quality, wise fit finish on the redmi watch. 2 light is brilliant. I mean it was superb on the redmi watch and it is superb on the watch too light. As well, redmi has used good quality plastic, which gives it kind of a premium feel at the rear. You see the sensors and charging pins theres, also a side button that lets you toggle between the menu and home. The strap you get here is anti bacterial and is easily removable. Two notable changes on the redmi watch 2 light versus the redmi watch are the new magnetic charger, which is a plus and a designer is also at the front. The bezels are noticeably slimmer on the watch too light, but apart from this, just as the redmi watch, the watch 2 light also gets a bright and punchy lcd display, although its a larger 1.

55 inch panel, just as i mentioned, and also it is not always on. I would have loved to have that, but theres rays to wake along with double tap to wake the screen. You also get a bunch of watch faces that you can find on the xiaomi wear app speaking of which the xiaomi wear app. Is your one stop companion to keep up on all your health and fitness stats? The app also allows you to tweak app notifications that youd like to receive on the watch, along with enabling incoming calls, but do note you still cant interact with the notifications, and you also dont get the calling functionality on the watch now. Moving on hitting the side button takes you to the menu going right and left from the home page. Show you, the quick widgets. A swipe down, brings the notification center, while a swipe up from the bottom reveals the quick toggles in terms of health and fitness tracking. The redmi watch 2 lite features over 100 workout modes versus 11 on the redmi watch and this time around also the watch 2 light is a 5 atm water resistance, so go swimming or wear it to the bath. The watch should be just fine. The redmi watch 2 light here comes with gps for accurate step, tracking distance tracking, and things like that. So i did my manual testing where i counted thousand steps in my head. The watch to light actually gave me a result of a 1009 steps in the end, which is pretty close, and this also shows the kind of accuracy that you get here.

Apart from this, the watch 2 light also features continuous heart rate monitoring, sbo2 monitoring, while sleeping stress, tracking and sleep tracking, along with monitoring heart rate and ram heres, a quick demo showing how well the redmi watch 2 light fares against a pulse oxymeter when it comes To accuracy, Music, i also found the sleep tracking to be accurate and you can check all the detailed insights for the same in the xiaomi wear app moving on in terms of battery life, redmi promises a 10 day endurance on typical use and a 5 day endurance. If you decide to use it on beast mode, that is with all the features turned on. In my experience with heavy usage and by heavy usage, i mean, with all the health monitoring features, turned on a brightness set to 60 and notifications and calls turned on and basically everything that is there on the watch. I had them practically enabled, and with all of that, i got an endurance of six days on a single charge on the watch to light, and in my opinion, that is a pretty good result and by the way a full charge takes about 90 minutes, which again, I think is decent, so long story short if youre on the lookout for a good budget, smart watch under 5000 rupees that offers reliable health and fitness tracking features along with good battery life and, of course, is also light on the hand and on the pocket.

In that case, the redmi watch 2 lite is a solid purchase for anyone who is looking for a decent entry level smartwatch. As for the original redmi watch users, well guys, there shouldnt be an immediate rush for an upgrade. Unless and until you really care about the bezels, the extra fitness modes found on the new model and also the new magnetic charger, and that was my review of the redmi watch. 2 lite. So guys. Let me know all your thoughts about this watch in the comments below and as always for all the latest in tech stay tuned to mr phone ill catch you all in the very next one.