, the gaming smartphone proves itself to be a very good flagship phone for a larger audience. As well, gaming smartphones are generally a niche product and mostly deemed impractical for the everyday user. Asus raj phone is one of the most popular gaming smartphones, while the republic of gamers tag is enough to make the smartphone popular among the gaming community. Asus has over the years made improvements that have established the raj phone one of the most sought after smartphones. Overall, not just a gaming device. The companys latest rajphone fives aims to take that forward to the next level, but will it the asus raj phone fives, along with the rajphone fives pro, were launched in india. Last month the vanilla raj phone fives has been launched at a price of 49 999 rupees for the base, eight gigabytes ram, plus 128 gigabytes storage variant and 57 999 rupees for the 12 gigabytes ram, plus 256 gigabytes storage variant. There is an raj phone fives pro, which is priced at 79999, rupees for the sole 18 gigabytes ram, plus 512 gigabytes internal storage. Now these prices may seem too high for many, but trust me and read this review to find out. When i say this, you will get quite a lot for this price. Now we got the vanilla, asus raj phone 5s base variant, 8, gigabytes, ram, plus 128 gigabytes storage for our review, and in this article i will tell you what i liked about the phone.

What i didnt and if you should spend your money on the asus raj phone fives design, i think design, is one of the many topics that needs to be talked about the most here. The design on the asus raj phone fives is nothing short of radical. Yet subtle in its own way, the smartphone will most definitely catch peoples attention almost always. It is a little big in size. But if you like big phones, nothing will be as noticeable as this except raj phone fives pro and maybe the folding phones in the market. The smartphone has a display with no notch or hole punch. There is a slight chin, or rather forehead on the top to house the front, camera and other sensors and a proportionate chin on the bottom. To keep the aesthetics in check. The display is flat and doesnt curve on any of the sides, since gaming on a curved screen can get annoying. While there is nothing special on the front, it is the side rails and back panel where things get interesting. The back panel of the asus rog phone 5s has a glossy finish with a republic of gamers established 2006 badge along with a 5 that represents the rajphone 5 series. There is an rgb raj logo on the back panel, that lights up and can be customized. Users can pick the color light, changing pattern and more. The back panel also has these accents and panels in the design that give the smartphone a more aggressive appearance.

There are other design bits on the smartphone that do not leave any doubt towards the smartphones gaming centric looks. These include a red colored, sim eject tray. There are air triggers on the smartphones frame on the right side that can be mapped for sensitivity and type button or slider from the armory crate app. The asus rog phone fives also comes with two usb type c ports, one on the bottom, a little towards the right and another on the left side of the phone. In order to allow gaming while charging the device, the asus raj phone fives also comes with a 3.5 millimeters headphone jack, and there are a bunch of antenna lines that make it very clear that the smartphone will have no issues with connectivity. The level of detail and aggressive designing can hardly get any better display coming to the display. It is immersive, to say the least. The 144 hertz refresh rate paired with a 360 hertz touch response rate just feels slick. Now you will feel the high refresh rate in content that supports up to 144 hertz. Even if you are coming from a 120 hertz display, the asus rog phone 5s display as super bright and playing games are using the smartphone in bright. Sunny outdoors is not an issue. The touch response rate clearly helps, while gaming and users can adjust the refresh rate. According to their usage, the smartphone has an automatic mode and options to select between 60 hertz, 120 hertz and 144 hertz.

The smartphone also has a feature that forces apps to run on a higher refresh rate. Of course, the samsung display, with a 2448 by 1080 resolution and 144 hertz refresh rate, is made for gaming. However, even during normal usage, the asus raj phone fives feels super smooth and slick. It may not be the best in terms of the quality of panel used, but it is a rather vivid display, even watching movies or youtube videos on the asus raj phone fives was very nice, especially with the smartphones, loudspeakers performance and battery performance, as where the asus Raj phone fives may feel like an overkill this after reviewing the base: 8 gigabytes ram, plus 128 gigabytes storage variant, let alone the raj phone 5s pro. This smartphone is powered by a qualcomm snapdragon 888 plus chipset paired with 8 gigabytes of ram and an adreno 660 gpu users can speed up the processor and gpu and optimize the ram when they are playing games. The qualcomm snapdragon 888 on the asus raj phone 5s can be clocked at up to three gigahertz frequency, which makes the fans run faster in order for smoother performance. Since this is made for running high graphics games, there is no doubt that loading speeds and smoothness is super fast. There is an armory crate, app that helps with all the customizations on the asus rog phone, including the rgb logo that was mentioned above in the armory crate. Asus raj phone users can select modes that the raj phone fives runs in according to users requirement.

There is an ultra durable mode which saves battery here. The processor runs at a slower speed, the ui uses less ram and several features like hyperfusion extra, strong, wi, fi and more switch off. There is a fourth advanced mode that is suitable for all kinds of users, including gamers users can also edit these and set things like cpu, gpu and ram performance. Thermal limit and more the smartphone is full of customizations. During gaming, users can speed up the processor and optimize ram with the click of a button and can see live stats like phone temperature, gpu, cpu usage frame rate and more all of this customization is done through the armory crate on the asus raj phone fives battery. On the asus raj phone fives is also quite advanced. It is a six thousand milliamp hours unit split in two parts. The battery on the asus raj phone 5 supports up to 65w fast charging. There are two usb type c ports which can both be used simultaneously to charge the smartphone as well. Despite the plethora of features on the smartphone, the battery backup is decent and we were able to squeeze out about a day despite 2 3 hours of gaming every day in terms of battery also, the asus raj phone 5s offers a lot of features and customizations users Can limit battery usage for apps that are not used frequently further users can set the charging limit on their asus raj phone 5s to between 80 90 and 100.

There is also a feature that allows them to see how they are treating their battery in terms of charging in a usage chart. The most interesting battery feature, however, is the bypass mode. What this does is that, if you are plugged into the charger, you can turn on bypass mode and the smartphone will be powered by the electricity saving you battery and preventing heat up at the same time, camera the camera on the asus rog phone fives as a Triple rear camera setup that includes a primary 64 megapixel sony, imx 686 shooter, a 13 megapixel ultra wide angle, camera and a 5 megapixel macro shooter. The camera was better than what i expected from a gaming phone, but it is still not the best. The images and doors are rather dull in color and the wide angle shots lack quality as well. The macro lens is also not as accurate and doesnt focus as close as id like it to the front camera on the asus raj phone 5s is also not the best, and images are mostly overexposed from the 24 megapixel shooter verdict, the asus raj phone 5s as A gaming smartphone and a very good one at that, the amount of customizations this smartphone has on offer just takes a while to wrap your head around, but all in favor of the smartphones raw performance. It looks super cool and performs, as well as a phone can for gamers features like air triggers and motion control are a blessing, and the super loud speakers and super slick display make it quite a pleasant smartphone to do your daily tasks as well.