Looking gaming smartphone without any gaudy frills excellent in hand ergonomics for a large screen device performance as flagship grade large 6.78 inch ltpo a mold display one of the best ultrasonic fingerprint scanners out there 120 w fast charging along with 50w wireless charging support best oem protective Case of any manufacturer main camera performance is quite good. Audio output is good from the stereo speakers, cons still no official ip rating, no longer a bargain in terms of price software isnt as good as color os or oxygen os slight color fringing. At the long curved edges, haptics arent as great as the previous version ikku vivo, sent android headlines a review unit of the ikoo9 pro. However, they didnt have a say in our opinion, nor did they see an advanced copy of the review before you. The review device was used for more than two weeks before composing this review. The review unit is running android 12, with the january 2022. Security update on fun touch os 12.. The iku9 pro is a new gaming smartphone with bmw m branding from vivo last year, android headlines reviewed the ikku legend 7 bmw edition. The iku9 pro is the newer version of that smartphone for 2022 lets say you want a gaming smartphone in 2022, but dont want the rgb lighting or crazy logos and unwieldy ergonomics. Well, you are in luck, because the ikku9 pro has the performance chops but looks very much like a modern non gaming.

Smartphone unboxing experience is very familiar. The outer box looks pretty much identical to last years device. There is now one vertical strip with information on the front and nikoo9 pro branding on the two sides. Otherwise, everything looks just like before inside the box is an insert with a bmw, postcard, then theres, the phone with the bmw m, red black and blue stripe. There is a case that matches the back cover of the phone perfectly with an insert holding the sim tool. Underneath you get a 120 w fast charging, brick a very hefty usbc cable and a headphone jack dongle. As usual. There is a film screen protector on the phone direct from the factory, while the unboxing experience may be similar. Two things jump out right away. There is a much better case and the fast charging brick iku9 pro is one of the best designed smartphones of 2022.. This device is currently my favorite as far as unique looks go in 2022., so far about a dozen smartphones have shown up for review in 2022, thanks to ces and mwc, the iku9 pro is probably the best looking one of the bunch. In my personal opinion, the carbon fiber texture on the back cover is excellent. The back cover has a carbon fiber texture and provides excellent grip and hides fingerprints heck even the factory case has the same bmw, stripe and texture. This ensures that you will have an excellent grip with or without the case, while using the iku9 pro.

Besides the bmw stripe, there is a large rectangular island housing, the camera array, because the camera module array is so large. There is minimal wobble when resting on a flat surface, which is a good thing. The ikku 9 pros design language is clean, uncluttered and elegant. Looking the ikku 9 pro has clean lines, a matte finish on the aluminum frame and solid, build quality with no obvious creaks or rattles. There is a single speaker grille on the bottom, with a usbc charging port and a circular cutout for the microphone along with the dual sim tray slot. On the right hand, side is the blue button, thats textured, to differentiate it from the volume rocker moving to the top. We see the ir blaster and the second microphone the left hand side. Rail is clean, with the exception of a couple of antenna lines on the front. You get the 6.78 inch curved ltpo a mold display. The bezels are small all around, along with a tiny cut out for the selfie camera and above the selfie. Camera is a thin speaker grille for the top earpiece speaker. There is no formal ip rating, even though the sim card tray is protected by a rubber gasket. My thinking is that this device should survive minor splashing, but nothing more than that. The phones, haptics are okay, but they feel a bit weak in comparison with other flagships. This is a bit baffling since the haptics on the legend.

Seven were exemplary, one big surprise as the extremely fast and reliable ultrasonic fingerprint scanner underneath the display the ikku9 pro uses. Qualcomms new sonic fingerprint technology, and i must say it works really well. I hope that other smartphone manufacturers follow itku and implement this on their devices. Soon. The large ltpo, a mold display, is great for gaming or streaming. I think flat displays are better for playing games, which is what the legend 7 had. So it is a bit surprising to see a curved ltpo, a mold screen on the ikoo9 pro dont. Get me wrong. The 6.78 inch 3200 x, 1440 wqhd display is bright and vivid. However, there is a bit of color fringing at the long edges when looking at the device sideways, and the unfortunate thing is that, once you see it, it is a bit difficult to unsee it. In some sense, it feels like two steps forward: larger screen, smaller bezels and one step back curved edges with color distortion. Another quirky choice is the use of panda glass to protect the display in lieu of corning gorilla glass. Despite this, i didnt see any impact in terms of touch sensitivity during my review period or any slowdown for the fingerprint scanner. The geekbench 5 scores for the ikoo9 pro are in line with other flagship devices running the qualcomm snapdragon 8 general 1 processor. My review unit also has 12 gigabytes lpddr5 ram and 256 gigabytes of ufs 3.1 storage during daily use.

I didnt see one hiccup or slowdown during the review period. Also, there was no perceptible temperature rise during normal use, browsing streaming, taking pictures to check out gaming performance. I loaded gentian impact on the ikoo9 pro, and only when i played this game, i could feel the phone heating up slightly. However, during a 40 minute gaming session, it didnt become bothersome at all. The other two devices with the same processor and at least 12 gigabytes ram the red magic 7 and xiaomi 12 pro heated up slightly. So i would say that ikku has done a good job of thermal management with this smartphone. While we are discussing gaming performance, i should let you know that the ikku9 pro handles genshin impact easily at the highest graphic settings. So if you actually get this device primarily for gaming, you are not going to be disappointed for the review. I turned on monster mode from the quick settings for optimum gaming performance. The software on the ikoo9 pro is android 12.. My review device is running, fun touch os 12 based on android 12 and the january 2022. Security update fun touch os shares a lot of features with color os, which we just reviewed on the oppo find x5 pro, despite this being another android skin theres. Quite a bit of similarity to what you get directly from google, for example, a left swipe from the home screen brings up. Google discover feed, which is similar to what i see on my pixel 6.

phone messages and other google apps are standard. There is a minimal amount of bloatware, some of which you can uninstall and some that you cant. You cannot uninstall the app store and the hot apps and hot games folders. But you can just remove them from the home screen and let them reside in the app drawer. Thankfully, there werent any ads popping up routinely during my review time with the iku 9 pro the settings menu looks a bit different from google and even from oppos color os. The one quirk that is irritating is the number of times you have to agree to use a service or app on this device. I think this is because this device is made specifically for the indian market and, yes, this device has the v app store along with google play to download apps. I suggest you stick to the google play store if you choose to get the iku 9 pro long term. Software support is questionable. I am kind of a bit ambivalent towards the overall software experience. It is fast and fluid for the most part without any ads or excessive bloatware, but even though the phone is running android 12, there is no support for material. U dynamic theme in the ui or even the google apps. My biggest worry, however, is long term. Software support for this smartphone. I still have the ikku legend 7 from last year, and it has yet to receive a single update, including security patch, since launch.

So i suggest you keep this in mind before deciding to buy the ikku9 pro blazing fast, charging speeds, wired or wireless one great upgrade with a newer ikku9 pro is the 4700 milliamp hours battery, in contrast with the 4000 milliamp hours on the previous version, the larger Battery coupled with the newer, more efficient snapdragon, 8 general one and ltpo a mold display results in consistently good battery life. Moderate use results in charging every other day, even with heavy use. It is easy to go from sunrise to night without toggling on battery saver features. For my review period, i left the variable refresh rate on along with the display at the fhd plus resolution, and when you need to charge the device it comes with a 120w fast charging, brick in the box. I wasnt able to use the india specific brick here in the usa, but i do have a 65w gonaki charger which did top up the phone quite rapidly on paper. Ikku claims that you can charge the nine pro from zero to fifty percent in eight minutes and fully charge it in twenty minutes, which should alleviate battery anxiety in addition to fast wired charging. The ikku9 pro also supports 50w fast wireless charging. Alas, i dont have a wireless charger with more than 15 w charging output. Consequently, i couldnt test the fast charging times. Nevertheless, it is great to see wireless charging on the ikoo9 pro a feature that was clearly missing on the legend 7.

camera performance as a mixed bag on the ikoo9 pro, the ikku9 pro has a triple camera module on the rear. The main camera is a 5 0 mp samsung gn5 sensor. Daytime pictures are quite good for the most part. I do think that the color profile could be a bit punchier. There is good detail and sharpness, but dynamic range is lacking. Occasionally, portrait mode works. Well, once you turn off all the beauty effects which, for some reason, are all on by default. There are two other issues: one is inconsistent lighting when taking pictures of people and the second as a complete change in focus and exposure when photographing subjects at less than one foot distance audio quality on the ikku9 pro is good enough. There are dual stereo speakers on the ikku9 pro, while these sound good, they do not get loud like speakers from samsung or red magic. The quality of the output is good and isnt very tinny. Yet i just wish that the volume was a bit louder at the maximum setting. Connectivity was good, considering this as not a usa specific device, even though the ikku9 pro has the newest snapdragon 8 general one. There was number 5g option available in the network settings. On the other hand, as soon as i popped in my t, mobile sim card, there was a 4g volt signal on the device. It even chose the correct apn settings by default, so i had no issues with calls texts or mobile data during my review period.

Of course, data download speeds were terrible but comparable to my daily driver pixel 6.. For this i blame my carriers, poor signal and not the ikku9 pro. Besides the cellular connection, the iku 9 pro supports wi fi 6 bluetooth, 5.2 and nfc theres nearby share smart, mirroring, otg and iqshare also available along with an ir blaster from a connectivity standpoint. I dont think theres anything missing on the 9 pro final verdict on the iku 9 pro. If you want a high end, android smartphone, that is unique from what you can get from google, samsung and xiaomi, then yes get the iku 9 pro. If you are looking for an elegant, looking gaming smartphone, then also the ikku9 pro is an easy choice. You get elegant hardware, fluid software, good thermal management, decent camera performance and ultra fast wired and wireless charging. Battery life is quite good in the audio quality, whilst not great is quite decent. There are, however, a few downsides, namely no ip rating and few to no system updates.