This is rajiv makhni and the show is, of course, your absolute favorite. The sell guru show all cool things about the mobile and well start off with nothing. Yes, nothing. I wont make that joke. You know ive made too many jokes about nothing. The company so ill just say this: a phone from nothing, nothing announces its first phone. Its coming this summer looks really really exciting. This is an exciting company to track. Do keep looking at this brand, then the oppo k10, the new budget phone from oppo nice design, focus budget phone, snapdragon, 680, chipset, 33 watt fast, charging, 50 megapixel triple camera and price is 14 990. This could be a big one. Can it be the new budget? King under 15, 000 rupees, then the real me nine speed edition two new phones in the real v9 series. We reviewed the real me nine speed edition performance, centric device, snapdragon 778 g5g processor, nice good, looks 128, gb, storage, 48, megapixel triple camera and prices under 20. 000 rupees for this one and weve got the oppo enco air2ws review looks like airpods without the silicon tips, lightweight good, sound, no noise cancellation super affordable. Two thousand four hundred and ninety nine well tell you: is this a buy or not? Music and, of course, well start off with all the news coming in from the world of mobiles and our top stories that nothing the brand has announced something and that something is big.

What we all were expecting the nothing phone one lots of rumors laptop tablet. You know even a tv, but they did what everybody was actually asking them to do. The phone won. You know interesting, it will come out in summer of 2022 and i like the way this company builds up the hype. I like the way this company is kind of doing appleish kind of things, and i like that, heres all the news that you really wanted Music. Finally, the nothing phone is official after much speculation phone one is announced and it will come this summer, while nothings carl paid didnt talk specs or price. He showed a short teaser and revealed key details. The nothing one phone will run android and be powered by a qualcomm, snapdragon processor. Nothing aims to give users the best alternative to apple were building the most compelling alternative to apple. If you want products that connect and work seamlessly together, the only choice is apple. The macbook the iphone the ipad airpods, they all work together. The way you want yet as soon as you leave that ecosystem for a windows pc or an android phone, it breaks down, theres no alternative to apple. This means that consumers dont have a choice and innovation slows down and thats, not right, thats. Why theres nothing nothings product ecosystem will be different and open. Our ecosystem will consist of both nothing products and products from other world leading brands created to effortlessly integrate with each other.

It will also come with nothing os on top of android that will use the dot matrix. Font will have minimalistic design and no bloatware. Nothing os. Also seems to provide seamless support for third party products like airports and tesla vehicles. Nothing os will be available via its launcher in april, and it will be available to download on select smartphone models. While we all expected to see the phone in its complete form at the event it looks like we will have to wait for a few more months to get a complete look of the nothing phone lets move on now to our big review. The new budget phone from oppo now a budget phone from oppa thats priced at about 14990, very nice. Looking the design focus, it is opposed its always going to have a good design dual tone back 6.59 inch display, but do remember its not an amoled display its an lcd with an fhd plus resolution and a 90 hertz refresh rate which at this price point i Think is great big camera module and the chipset snapdragon 680 chipset look its not a gaming or performance phone, but still not bad at all 5000 mah battery and a 33 watt fast charger, which oppo of course calls their super book charging technology 50 megapixel triple camera. Overall, we got good shots with the 2 megapixel macro. I dont think it has really much to offer now. Could this be the new budget king under 15, 000 rupees Music, the highly competitive value segment is dominated by xiaomi and rearme, but there is room for more oppos latest.

The oppo k10 is focused on design with top notch camera chops. To back it up. Will that be enough to challenge the alternatives? Thats? What we find out in the selguru review of the oppo k10 Music, the oppo k10 design – might make you do a double take. The company has taken liberal cues from design trends pioneered by the likes of poco, but the end result is a phone that is a head turner. The back panel has a dual tone finish that combines a grippy matte section with a glossy layer for a design that looks pretty fresh and visually. Appealing embedded within the glossy layer is a raised, camera module that has three camera sensors and an led flash. As expected. The ergonomics of the phone are top notch with easily accessible buttons and excellent tactile feedback. The side mounted fingerprint scanner is easily reachable and quickly unlocks the phone. The general look and feel shouts premium and stands out within the segment. The front of the phone is equally well equipped with a 6.5 inch full hd panel. Unfortunately, oppo has opted for an lcd panel that might be off putting to some buyers regardless you get a 90 hertz refresh rate and the display looks pretty good. Colors look punchy and overall brightness levels are enough to ensure that the phone remains visible outdoors. However, you wont be getting the deep blacks that are possible with an amoled panel, the oppo k10 balances long battery life with performance via a snapdragon 680 processor.

The focus here is on everyday usability and thats, exactly what you get. The interface remains smooth and fluid, even with extended multitasking. The phone manages gaming reasonably well too, but you will want to turn down the settings for heavier titles. We tried games like call of duty, mobile and tension impact on the phone. The phone maintained, a stable frame rate in call of duty and didnt heat up too much either. However, in generation impact you will have to switch to medium or even low settings for a good gaming experience. Extended gaming also takes a big chunk out of the 5000 mah battery, but if your use case is normal, everyday use with social media texting and calling the k10 will comfortably last a full day and more. The phone supports 33 watt charging as well, which takes about an hour to completely top of the phone Music. Finally, lets talk about the cameras. Imaging is one of the key selling differentiators in smartphones and the oppo k10 comes well equipped. You will find a 50 megapixel primary camera paired up with 2 megapixel depth and macro sensors. The primary camera is one to look out for as it captures punchy colors and displays excellent control over dynamic range in good lighting. Oppo is clearly bringing the smarts from its higher end phones here, and the k10 does reasonably well in low light as well. We also like the portrait mode where the phone does a good job at segmentation, and the software bookcake looks convincing the 2 megapixel macro camera is a bit of a disappointment with its low resolution.

We found that it struggled to lock focus. On the other hand, the 16 megapixel front camera stands out. The phone takes excellent selfies with good detail and color balance. Additionally, the portrait mode detection works particularly well, and we came across as impressed overall priced starting 14 990 rupees. The oppo k10 is a good bet for anyone who values, design and imaging while it might not win an all out performance. The phone is a perfectly good daily driver and is well worth the look lets move on now to our next top story. The real me 9 speed edition, you know im, always curious about real me phones and their performance. They seem to sometimes really kill it. Real me launched two new phones and the real me 9 series and were going to review for you. The real me 9 speed edition nice performance, centric device, snapdragon, 778 g5g, processor, 128gb storage, 48, megapixel triple camera, a good looking phone with prices starting off at 19 999, but with the amount of competition at around 20 000 rupees. Is this one worth it Music? When we say that smartphones have been democratized and theres, something for everyone, it quite literally means that theres, a smartphone out there for every specific need. The realme 9 speed edition is one such phone. The phone slots in between the regular real me 9 and the higher end real me, 9 pro plus and is aimed at gamers who have a need for speed, but is this midway ground the way to go? We try and find out in our realme 9 speed edition review the design of the real me 9 speed edition fits into the broader realm 9 series portfolio.

The body is finished, with a matte back and not only avoids fingerprints but gives the phone sufficient grip. During long gaming sessions, the starry glow variant looks quite distinctive, too, and will certainly catch eyeballs. The polycarbonate finish doesnt quite scream premium, but it works. What is rather astonishing, however, is the weight of the phone coming in at 200 grams. The real me, 9 speed edition makes its presence felt beyond that. The ergonomics are on point and the phone looks plenty appealing over at the front is a 6.6 inch display with a full hd plus resolution? First, the good avid gamers will love the 144hz refresh rate on offer thats the highest you can get in the category and amongst the best on any current smartphone. Additionally, the 600 nits of brightness makes outdoor gaming a breeze. On the flip side. You do have to make do with an lcd panel versus oled and we missed the inky d black levels afforded by oled displays when using the phone. You also miss out on stereo speakers bringing down the phones. Multimedia potential lets talk about performance. The phone is called speed edition and so youd expect to find internals that can back up that claim. The phone is powered by a snapdragon 778 g chipset that can easily push a majority of games to the max. The phone balances, performance and thermals very well and extended gaming did not result in much heating day to day. Usability is, of course, perfectly good, though.

It is unfortunate that the phone ships with android 11 out of the box, the real me 9se doesnt, surprise on the battery front. A 5000mah cell is stable stakes and thats. What you get here, the phone comfortably lasts a full day and can even go two days with less intensive use. Charging isnt best in class, but 30 watt is still decent. It takes an hour to charge up the phone. Finally, the cameras, the real me 9 se, has three of them: a 48 megapixel primary lens, followed by a monochrome sensor and a macro shooter. The lack of an ultra wide or telephoto lens is rather unfortunate. The primary camera does a very good job and real me has tuned the performance for vibrant images with good dynamic range theres, just a hint of over sharpening, but it doesnt look bad. All things considered low light shots, dont disappoint, either with the sensor pulling in enough light and details for the category the macro camera performs. As expected, you should be able to pull off some decent shots. As long as light is good. We were rather impressed by the 16 megapixel front facing camera. Theres ample detail here: price starting at 19, 999 rupees, the real me 9 se clearly shifts the skew towards performance. The high refresh rate panel, coupled with a decent processor, makes for a gaming powerhouse. However, the lack of serial speakers and missing camera lenses make it less of an all rounder Music one more week, one more tws earbuds review, but this is a good one at a good price.

Oppo enco air 2.. You know oppo always nails it. They have really really good stuff, with the audio that they put on a budget. These look like airpods, somewhat, at least to me, look like airpods without the silicon tip. Of course, you get a lot of ambient sound because theres no noise cancellation but good audio quality and its super affordable at 2499.. So well tell you everything about it eventually. Well, also tell you: should you buy them Music? True wireless earphones are a dime and a dozen from noise cancellation to sound quality and even battery life. Nearly all of the features that make a good headset great have been commoditized. So how exactly does a company differentiate thats the question we had in mind when we got our hands on the oppo inco a2 oppo has built a reputation of excellent sound quality, packed with great value, but it will take a lot more to leave a mark. Does the oppo inco air 2 succeed thats what we try to find out in the celguru review right off the pad? It is clear that oppo is focusing on design with the enco air too. The case has a translucent material at the top that opened up not too imaginatively as a jelly case. Lid the end result is a design that shows off the earphones sitting inside the case. The rest of the case is a pretty standard pebble like design. It looks good feels good in the hand and fits well in your pocket everything you want from a compact earphone case.

Moving on to the earphones themselves. Not much has changed. The oppo enco air2 resembles the apple airpods through and through theres, no silicon tip here and you wont get much or any sound isolation here we found the fit to be pretty good, but the lack of a seal does mean that the earphones dont always allow stay In the year with active movement on the flip side, the black of a seal means you get a lot more special awareness, making the earphones a great fit for people looking to take calls or for using the earphones while traveling or exercising weighing in at 3.5 grams. The earphones are plenty comfortable for all they use. Oppo is also making use of touch surfaces on the side of the earphones for gesture based navigation. Now, gesture based navigation is pretty standard across true wireless earphones, but what isnt is the ability to shoot photos by double tapping your earphone? Finally, the earphones are splash proof, as well with an ipx4 rating. What really matters, of course, is sound quality and thats, where we found that the encore air 2 truly differentiates itself. The earphones come equipped with 13.4 mm composite titanium, diaphragm drivers and ensure you get punchy base volume levels too, are more than adequate to drown out. The lack of isolation and the accompanying app lets you boost space or vocals to better suit your taste battery life, however, could be better with the oppo in qa2 managing slightly under 4 hours in our testing oppo claims that you should be able to get 24 hours Of use when using the included case as well, but those claims might be a bit optimistic based on our testing priced at 2, 499 rupees, the oppo inco air 2 isnt ground breaking, but it takes some well appreciated steps forward to stand out from the crowd.

This is mostly due to the design, but also the addition of audio presets, as well as innovative additions like the ability to shoot photos using a gesture lets. Take a quick break right now when we come back lots more happening on the cell guru show Music. Welcome back to the cell guru, show weepy and youve heard about it right, a lot of confusion around this entire thing. How does it help protect you? How do you set it up? Is it illegal to use and how does it actually benefit you well, robina. Has the story? Music, internet security is paramount and the increasing prevalence of hacking, cracking and online banking products has ensured that everyone needs to find an optimal solution to keep themselves safe, thats where vpns come in short for virtual private network. Vpns are some of the simplest and most effective tools to protect your internet activity from those with malicious intent. But how does it protect you, instead of connecting your computer directly to the internet, a vpn sends all your traffic through a secure encrypted tunnel. This secure pipeline ensures that nobody can see your internet activities, including hackers or even your internet service provider. Vpns are particularly handy to use when working on public wi fi say, for example, you are at an airport or a cafe, theres, no guarantee that network is well protected using a vpn. You can connect to a secure online server and tunnel. All your traffic through it to stay, secure against any threat or bad actors getting set up with a vpn service is easy and there are many options on the market, some more secure than others.

One of the best free options is proton vpn step, one download app from the app store or google play store to your iphone or your android device step 2 sign up for a free account. The free account should be enough to get you started and gives you access to a handful of server locations. Step 3 tap connect on ios and android. The app will ask you to make a vpn connection request. Once you tap. Ok, the vpn connection will be established and thats it three easy steps to get started with a vpn service. Looking for a bit more features like built in ad, blocking higher speeds and more server locations paid vpn services like nordvpn proton, vpns, premium service and expressvpn are the way to go so there you go next time, youre out and about switch on a vpn and keep Yourself protected from unwanted stupas Music.