That is the real me narazzo 50.. Now, if youre wondering what the narso series is all about, basically, this is realmes affordable gaming device. That is mostly under the price of one thousand ringgit here in malaysia, so whats so special about the latest real me naruto 50, and what kind of cool features does it have well lets find out in todays video? Now, before we begin it would be super awesome if you could just drop a like and sub to the channel. It really helps me out, so that would be very, very much appreciated with that said, let us begin now were going to start off with the price. Of course, the real me narso 50 is retailing in malaysia, starting from a price of rm 699. But my version here is a slightly higher spec version, and that comes in at rm799. Now, for that, you do get six gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of internal memory, which makes it quite reasonable, considering you dont have to be stuck with those 64 gigabytes in internal memory right so now that we are done with the price lets check out. What actually came in the box of the real me naruto 50.? Well, first up, obviously we still get our squeegee case. A lot of you guys actually like this, because you cant really find cases for this kind of device in the market, so its good that we have this protective case inside. We do get a couple of manuals here as well, not sure if anyone reads these.

Apart from that, we also get the 33 watt charger. You get a type c cable and of course you do get the device itself now. My device here is called the speed black variant and there is another speed blue version. Uh real me is really going for the speed thing in this particular device here. So lets find out uh what kind of specs it does have before we talk a little bit about the specs. I want to share with you about the design now in terms of the design. It does have this a very, very interesting glossy back panel, which obviously captures a lot of fingerprints. It does come with a very nice and subtle design on the inside, and that means we do have this kind of kevlar looking design. Some of you might think it looks a little bit like carbon fiber, so its very, very sporty themed. If you are a person who likes sport, cars like myself, i actually quite like this kevlar kind of look at the back now bear in mind that there is no actual feel to the texture, its completely smooth to the feeling and its only a visual kind of Thing that you can see on the back panel right here now, apart from that, i must point out that the camera cutout at the back here is barely even sticking out its super flat at the back, and you only have these few lenses sticking out to which We actually have three sensors there, which i will talk a little bit more later now, apart from that, everything is very smooth all around you have a grayish kind of frame over here and at the bottom you do have your type c port.

You have your headphone jack and, unfortunately, only single firing speakers. You dont, get a stereo speakers on this device here so now that weve done talking about the design lets, move on and check out the display at the front, because it is quite a nice one. Considering the price point, so at the front we do have a 6.6 inch 1080p lcd display that refreshes at 120hz and realme is saying that it does come with a support for multiple refresh rates. So when youre not doing too many stuff on the phone itself, it will try to reduce the refresh rate to try and save you a little bit of battery. Apart from that, it also supports hertz touch sampling rate and last but not least, it comes in at approximately 401 ppi pixel density. That means everything here is actually quite clear now. The good thing that i do want to point out here is that, after using this display for a couple of days now and notice that it is actually a very good lcd display, and what i mean by that, is that its very similar in terms of colors To an amoled panel now, im not kidding here, the colors look really good its very saturated and they do pop very much. In fact, when i turn on dark mode, you will notice that the blacks on this panel is actually very deep black. So its definitely a very good lcd display on the real minar zo50 in terms of brightness levels, i did not find the exact number of needs that is able to go to, but again ive been using this device outdoors most of the time, so i can vouch For you that this device here, the display will actually be bright enough for you.

If you are the kind of person who is mostly outdoors now. Moving on to the next thing lets talk a little bit about the sensors at the back, because uh we actually have a triple camera setup, although you might see four circles at the back now in terms of the number of megapixels, we do have a main 50 Megapixel sensor a 2 megapixel depth and a 2 megapixel macro lens. So having said that, you guys already know that the main interesting sensor here is all about the 50 megapixel sensor. Its really a shame that we do not have an ultra white on the real mean narso 50, but again the 50 megapixel main sensor does take some pretty decent shots. Im willing to forgive them about that, but i definitely hope in the next redmi naruzo device. We will have that ultra white sensor now. Having said that, lets take a look at a couple of pictures taken by the real me narso 50. uh notice. That pictures taken during the day came with very good detail in terms of the dynamic range. It looks all right as well now in terms of the coloring coming up from the real me now so 50.. I noticed that the saturation was a little bit boosted as well. So sometimes when you take photos of the trees or maybe of greenery stuff, you will notice that the green tend to be a little bit more saturated than what you actually see with your eyes.

So again, this is really down to personal preference. Some of you, like you, know, a more natural subdued kind of look, but some of you might actually like this kind of you know very saturated images now moving on to night mode. The good news here is that the real me narzo 50 is able to brighten a very dark scene and thats great most devices today in night mode. They are able to do that very well, so not much uh to comment about that. But in terms of the amount of detail and amount of noise, we do see a little bit of noise coming in on the redmi nozzle 50, but at this price range again, this is to be expected. Now. Moving on to the power lets talk a bit about processing power, because that is also very important. Considering realme is saying that this is a gaming device. Now what this device is being powered with is the mediatek helio g96 processor, and that is actually the most powerful processor that realme has put on a nasal series to date. Previously it was the g85, then it was a g95, and this time it is the g96. Now, in terms of ram, i did mention earlier on that mine is a six gigabytes version and i am actually able to extend that to 11 gigs with the additional ram expansion now in terms of internal memory. It does come with the 128 gigabytes of internal memory, but the good news here is that the memory card slot here is actually supported, so you can put in the micro sd card to expand that memory further on now.

How is the experience like using the rear, min r050 well, honestly speaking day to day use is actually fine browsing the internet, social media and all that sometimes it does take a couple of seconds to load up the content, but that is again to be expected in Terms of gaming, i did play the mobile legends game, my favorite game and, yes, i was able to go to high graphic settings on the real, quick nozzle 50.. The good news here is that it did not lag too much there wasnt that much heat coming up from device. So again, it really depends on what kind of games you are playing if you are playing games like mobile legends racing car games and all that that should be fine. But if youre looking to play games like zhang jing impact, super graphic intensive games. And, of course, this device here will support that, but you will have to reduce the graphic to you, know: lower graphics settings so thats that uh. Last but not least, i should also mention the battery now. The battery here is a 5 000 milliamp hour battery and it does support 33 watt fast charge and it does zero to 100 in less than one hour pretty standard stuff here, but good to see this again on devices at this range all right, guys that pretty Much sums up our quick look at the real me naruto 50., if youre wondering whos this device for well.

I have to admit that this space is very competitive at this price point. But if youre looking for something with a great display of hertz, very smooth lcd display, that also looks great. You know it comes with 33 watt of fast charge. You know it has a decent 50 megapixel sensor and, of course it does support the expandable ram. All the way up to 11 gigabytes, so you might actually want to check out the real me narso 50., all right guys, thats it for todays video. If you did enjoy todays video dont forget to drop a like sub to the channel and i hope to see you guys in the next one stay safe.