Sony has been choosing its own path for years and often makes bold choices, although this has not led to higher sales to date, xp er, ia phones. Do look different from other android phones. It is not only about the deviating screen ratio which results in a relatively narrow elongated device. Sony is also one of the few android manufacturers that does not opt for a punch, hole, selfie camera. Instead, the xperi a14 features a narrow bezel on both the top and bottom. The bezel is large enough to accommodate the selfie camera and speaker the whole look symmetrical. The design is further refined. The sides become flatter than before. This trend is also seen in the iphone 12 slash iphone 13 series, as well as the oppo reno 7.. The xperi a14 is expected to feature a 6.5 inch display with a 21 to 9 aspect ratio like its predecessor. It is a flat screen with a high 4k resolution and hdr support. The 120 hertz refresh rate will also be available again. This multimedia smartphone is ideal for watching movies and playing games. Corning gorilla glass victus protects the screen against scratches and bumps. The sim compartment is accessible from the bottom. The usb type c connection is also placed here as well as a second speaker. The forward facing stereo speakers provide an extra rich, sound experience, especially in combination with the many sound technologies, including 360 reality audio and dolby atmos. The xperi a14 will also be equipped with a 3.

5 millimeters headphone jack sony is one of the few manufacturers that still integrates this connection. Also in the high end models of the brand, the dimensions will be 164.7 x, 70.8 x, 8.3 millimeters. At the height of the camera. The device is 9.5 millimeters thick, as we have been used to from the japanese manufacturer for years. Sony will also pay the necessary attention to dust and water resistance. The smartphone is ip68 certified. The xperi a13 features a 12 mp wide angle, camera a 12 mp ultra wide camera and a 12 mp zoom lens with a variable. Aperture f, slash, 2.3 f, slash 2.8. 70 to 105 millimeters, the telephoto lens enables 2.9 x and 4.4 x optical zoom. There have been rumors that both the main camera and the telephoto lens will be upgraded. However, details on this remain scarce. It would, in any case, be a welcome update because, due to the low resolution, the images show relatively little detail, especially when you view them on a large screen, powerful android, 12 smartphone sony will provide the flagship with a new and extra powerful processor. It concerns the fast qualcomm snapdragon, 8gen1 chipset, presumably 12 gigabytes of ram will again be built in the storage. Options may also remain the same with the choice of 256 gigabytes and 512 gigabytes storage memory. A micro sd memory card will also be supported. Of course, the sony xp eri a14 will also support the five grams mobile network.

The phone will run on android 12., the material you design offers more personalization options and there are also more options available in the field of privacy. Sony is, unfortunately, not exactly ahead when it comes to software support. The current top model can count on only two android os updates. Hopefully the update policy will be revised and the new flagship will receive at least three android upgrades two years is actually outdated. Samsung now offers four years of android os updates and five years of security updates apple does even better iphone models can count on six years of eos updates. There is still some uncertainty about the battery capacity and the fast charging options. The current top model is equipped with a 4 500 mah battery. With support for 30 w wired charging. There have been rumors from china that the xp eri a14 will be equipped with a 5000 mah battery which can be charged with a maximum charging power of 45. W wireless charging would also be supported. Sony still includes a charger in the sales package. In addition, a case is included so that you can optimally protect the phone thanks for watching this video. Please subscribe.