Thank you. Welcome to a view. Sonic unboxing. My name is ray, and this is the viewsonic m2 projector. This is a really cool, very compact projector that is portable and actually has extremely high brightness and a full hd resolution, so lets get into it im going to pull it out of this sleeve here and one of the things that we focus on a lot with Our m products is theyre supposed to be a mobile product series, but also very premium at home, consumer based uh product series. But what makes this one so interesting is that this actually has sort of a dual purpose life. So for a lot of our customers, that uh are kind of road warriors or they go out and they give presentations on the road, especially like the pharmaceutical industry, having a projector where you know its going to work every time and you know how to connect to It is really really useful for those for those people giving presentations. So this is a little bit of a dual purpose, great at home and great on the go projector and lets get it open here, all right and then, as soon as you open it up. Youre going to see it gives you some instructions on how to connect the wi fi dongle in here. This does come with the capability of wi fi. Connecting in case, you want to do like screen mirroring from your phone as an example opening up this little bag.

Here you can see, it comes in a nice little felt pouch, and this is the m2 itself lets just take a quick look at it. This actually won a red dot. Design award when it came out were very proud of this design. Typically, you think of a projector as being a fairly delicate thing that you really wouldnt want to throw in your bag. But this is actually a very compact design. No real moving parts in this so uh its designed to be nice and rugged and also have the the kind of screen performance and the brightness that you would expect from a full size. Projector, not a portable one. Weve also worked with harman kardon to install dual speakers on this, which actually are really really good quality. So it gives you a full visual and audio experience. Setting the projector off to the side for a minute lets see what else we have in this box. We have this box off to the side. This should contain the remote and that wi fi dongle. So here we go, you can see everything laid out nice there. This is the wi fi dongle heres the batteries for your remote and heres, the remote itself. There are some controls that you can do just from the projector, but most everything you control is from this included remote and it has a nice range in it. So you get your projector set up. You dont have to touch it again.

You can do everything with the remote all right pulling out this bottom box here you can see we have our quick start guide for the m2 projector opening the box here. This is a really nice touch. We actually give you a full carrying case with the projector, so again were pretty focused on this being actually a portable solution. Can you set it up at home absolutely, but we think youll find the best use when youre on the road inside. Here we have a power cord. This goes to the power adapter. This is the power adapter. You will want this to be hooked up. It is not a battery powered projector because of the really high brightness led projector thats inside of it, but we do keep this as compact as possible, so its like carrying a laptop around with you in terms of portability and last but not least, we do have A full type c to type c connection, because this does allow for type c connectivity uh to your laptop or your smartphone, moving to the projector itself. If we look to the back of it here, we have a full complement of different ports. Weve got a micro sd card, so if you have photos or videos saved on sd, you can plug that in right there and run it straight from the projector. We have a usb. This is actually quick charge usb, so it can do full 3 amp charging to any devices that are connected to it, but you can also connect, say an external hard drive or a usb stick and run your media from that.

We have audio out so youve got audio in through hdmi. If you want to run that some bigger external speakers, you can do that. We have again that type c connector, which does provide type c charging and also allows you to do data and audio and then of course, hdmi.