This device here is actually made in collaboration with hasselblad, so im definitely super excited to check out how the camera performs on the daily. Now, if you remember uh back a month ago, i was actually at a barcelona for mwc 2022 and i actually stopped by oppos booth, and i was super impressed with the device, so i finally managed to get it on my hands now. Thank you so much to oppo for putting me on the ambassador program for the phone x5 pro so ill definitely be testing this device out for a couple more weeks to go, but today, im just here to show you my first hands on impressions. What actually came in the box and how the device looks like are the kind of specifications that you can expect from this flagship device. So let us begin right away now. You can see im actually toying with the box right here, and this is actually the box for the oppo find x5 pro uh, totally grayed out very nice looking, but what actually came inside was quite interesting. Obviously we do get the device and mine is in this ceramic white. I will talk a little bit more about that later. We also get a very nice silicone case check this out its actually very nice, and it fits the the phones color very nicely, because when you put it in it looks even nicer in this shade of white, so very cool there.

Apart from that, we also get a very nice charger. This is an 80 watt super voc charger. You also get the type c cable in the box. It is a type 8 or type c cable. A couple of manuals. You get this so called exclusive benefits. Vip card, and last but not least, of course, you do get the same, pin in the box. Well, apart from that, oppo did also send over a very interesting piece now. This is supposedly the mari silicon x npu that is powering the the camera unit behind the oppo 5×5 pro so very nice of oppo to send this over. We have that very cute. You know npu on the inside there, nice stuff, all right now lets focus on a bit on the device itself, the oppo f5x5 pro because ive been using it for the past few days actually, but lets first talk a little bit about its design. Now a lot of people when they first saw the images of the oppo f5x5 pro they didnt think it was a very good looking device. Some of them felt it looked a little bit odd, but actually, when i saw it in person when i first held it up, it definitely felt very premium. We have this ceramic back panel that i mentioned earlier on, and this is how it sounds like when you tap on it, so it sounds very solid, doesnt feel like glass or plastic again. This is how it sounds like all right.

This might be the test for the back panel moving forward, but yeah. Let me know what you guys, think: uh very nice design, totally white out, and it looks like a storm trooper kind of look with the black totally on the front and the back in white. Of course, you do have the oppo and hasselblad branding on the bottom right corner now in terms of the camera color at the back, its not actually a cutout, its one full back panel piece here that is very similar, so you do have that sticking out there And its written on the back powered by the mary silicon npu, all right so design wise. This is how it looks like on the front you do have this very nice stretched out display its curved a little bit on the sides here, as well as on the back now at the bottom. You might notice that we do have the type c port. We have stereo speakers and of course you have the sim card tray all right. So now that weve done with the design lets talk a little bit about the cameras at the back because thats the main story of the oppo f5x5 pro now at the back here we do have a triple camera setup. This is a very interesting one, because we have a 50 megapixel main sensor and also a 50 megapixel ultrawide, and bear in mind that both sensors here actually use the sony, imx 766.

So very interesting use of that particular sensor for both the main and ultrawide and last but not least, we also have a 13 megapixel telephoto lens that does two times optical zoom five times hybrid zoom and it goes even further, so ill definitely be testing out these Cameras in terms of video capabilities, it is able to do 4k at 60fps now. The whole story with working with hasselblad here actually is to produce colors uh on images that are a little bit more natural things that dont really pop too much im, not sure if you remember uh, hasselblads previous collaboration, but they were always about having that natural tone Of color and the case is actually quite similar here. I took a couple of photos, not the full in depth test yet but im going to share with you a couple of photos here and again: yes, it did look very true to life. I think some people out there might actually appreciate these kind of colors instead of seeing the fully saturated colors that we are seeing on most smartphones today. Of course, if you want more colors, you can always edit your photos in post processing, but i would say that the images coming out so far from the oppo f5x5 pro has been very consistent with what we actually see with our own eyes, so thats very cool There definitely appreciate what oppo is working together with hasselblad produced these kind of photos. Again, this is not the full review.

I will be doing that in a week from now so stay tuned for that full review. Now, apart from the cameras, this device is definitely a flagship because it comes with a ton of specifications, the best that you can get today in this very compact form factor. So, first up, obviously, yes, it does come with the snapdragon 8gen one. You have 12 gigabytes of ram built in already and, of course, you can even extend that through the ram expansion. You can extend it by about seven gigabytes, so total you can get approximately 19 gigabytes of ram thats quite mind blowing in terms of the memory. We do have 256 gigabytes in here, so pretty standard stuff, but in terms of the ram and the storage, it is the fast version you get: ufs 3.1 storage and the lp ddr5 ram for those of you who are wondering out there now in terms of the Body itself, it is actually ip68 rated. This is not something that you see every day on most smartphones. So again, if youre going to take some photographs, you know under the rain and all that you dont have to worry too much because it is protected from water. Apart from that, in terms of the battery department, we do have a 5000 mah battery built in to this device here and, of course, like i said it can be charged up using the 80 watt uh charging, brick that came in the box now.

Having said all that im, not forgetting about the display at the front of course, thats also very important at the front here – we do have a pretty cool display. Now i did mention that it is slightly curved on the sides, but the good news here is that it is only curved a very slight angle, so that means it doesnt really get a lot of accidental touches on the sides, and i definitely appreciate that about the Oppo 5×5 pro, so not only do you get like sort of a totally bezel, less look from the left and right, but you will not have to suffer from those accidental touches now in terms of the numbers for the display itself again its something very impressive. You have a 6.7 inch amoled display over here, and this is a qhd plus display. So that means that resolution wise is very high. You have a pixel density of more than 500. again. Ive mentioned this previously. If you have a pixel density of 300 plus it looks alright. If you have 400 plus it looks great and 500 plus. Are you on next level? Here everything will just look crystal clear uh in terms of the refresh rate, we do have 120 hertz. That means everything is just going to be. Buttery smooth touch sampling rate is 240hz quite standard over there, but again this device is focused on photography, not really on gaming. Apart from that, you also have your one billion colors, so very, very cool stuff there.

Overall, it is just a very good display that you have on the front of the oppo fine x5 pro all right, guys, i think, thats. All. I can share today uh for this very quick and hands on brief, look at what came in the box and all that again, im super excited to check out the oppo f5x5 pro with uh the hasselblad kind of color tuning. You guys know i, like a lot of photography, so ill definitely be covering this device more uh over the next couple of days, or maybe even weeks now before i go, i just have to say thank you once again to oppo, for you know having me in This ambassador program for the fine x5 pro super excited to share my experience, if all of you guys are watching again. Last but not least, if you do happen to like this, video dont forget to drop a like sub to the channel and i hope to see all of you guys in the next one stay safe.