The realme 95g plastic finish feels a bit cheap. Do note that there are phones with a black panel that looks much more premium. The stargaze white variant of the realme 95g has a matte finish and it can easily get scratched if used without a case. There is a quad camera like setup at the back with a 48 mp primary camera, a pair of macro and portrait lenses. The smartphone has a usb type c port, a 3.5 millimeters headphone jack and the main speaker at the bottom part. The power button is on the right side, which also doubles as a fingerprint sensor and volume buttons are on the left. Along with the sim card tray, the realme 95g has a triple sim card slot that accepts two nano sim cards with 5g support and a dedicated micro sd card slot. Hence one can even get the 64 gigabyte storage model and expand the storage later on up to one terabyte using a micro sd card slot from the front. The realme 95g looks as modern as most smartphones at this price range. However, the back panel looks plasticky and it can easily get scratched, given most users look at the front of the phone rather than the back. The redmi 95g will get its job done. Overall, the realme 95g is a pretty modern. Looking smartphone and the company should have worked a little more to make the phone feel a bit more premier, realme 95g review paid display.

I have mixed feelings about the realme. 95G 6.5 inch medium sized display with a resolution of 2400 x 1080p with a 90 hertz refresh rate. The display has a 90.5 percent screen to body ratio with a 180 heart start sampling rate, which should help amateur gamers. The high refresh rate display on the realme 95g makes social media scrolling look smooth and will also help gamers to an extent, even in terms of brightness and color accuracy. The display does a good job, however, the display isnt that bright, but this is visible, especially when using the smartphone under direct sunlight at the asking price. I feel the company should have included a 90 hertz amoled display instead of an ips lcd screen. It looks like the inclusion of an lcd panel instead of an oled panel, is a cost cutting decision. If you are keen on content consumption, then it is best to get a phone with an oled display which will deliver deeper blacks and a higher contrast ratio. Realme 95g review e cameras. Although the camera module on the realme 95g might confuse you for a quad camera setup, the smartphone has a triple camera setup with no dedicated ultra wide angle lens. The phone has a 48 mp primary sensor and a macro lens and a depth sensor at the front. The device has a 16 mp selfie camera with support for 1080p video recording the 48 mp primary sensor does an average job of capturing a lot of details, especially in daylight situations.

Then the portrait mode also does a good job of offering a natural looking bokeh. The video recording capability on the realme 95g is limited to 1080p 30 frames per second, which is again another drawback of the realme 95g camera setup. The 2mp macro camera is pretty average, with a 4 centimeters forecast distance, given how much the realme 95g cost. The company should have included at least a 5 8 mp ultra wide angle camera. The primary camera setup on the realme 95g is definitely below average. Lastly, the 16mp selfie camera does a good job of capturing selfies and offers a lot of customization options like beauty mode. Just like the primary camera. The video recording on the realme 95g is limited to 1080p resolution at around 17000 rupees. There are definitely a lot better smartphones, especially when it comes to camera capabilities. Realme 95g review performance. If there is one reason to get the realme 95g, it is the performance on synthetic benchmarks like antutu the realme 95g outperformed, the redmi note 11 pro plus 5g on geekbench 5. The performance of the realme 95g was almost similar to the redmi note 11, pro plus 5g, which costs at least 4 thousand rupees more than the realme 95g, not just synthetic benchmarks. The realme 95g can even handle games like cod, immobile at high graphics settings and continuously deliver 60 frames per second for over an hour. The mediatek demand city 810 is not just a great mid range chip.

It is also a chip that can sustain peak performance for an extended period. Realme 95g review the software just like most of the mid range 5g smartphones launched this year, the realme 95g also ships with android 11 os with custom realme ui 2.0 skin on top. In terms of custom ui, i prefer miui 2.0 over miui 13 any day the realme ui looks much refined and there is some sort of uniformity across the app icons settings menu, and it also has that gimmicky virtual ram technology. The realme 95g has widevine l1 certification, which allows hd content streaming on platforms like hotstar, prime video and netflix. Do note that the smartphone does not support hdr streaming on either of these platforms. The realme ui 2.0 does have a few third party apps, which cannot be uninstalled, which has been haunting most smartphones of this price range overall in terms of software, the realme 95g offers an above average performance again make sure to disable recommendations, while setting up the device To see fewer ads on the realme 95g, given the time of launch, the company should have launched the realme 95g with android 12os instead of android 11 os realme 95g review a battery life and connectivity. The realme 95g comes with a 5000mah battery with support for 18w fast charging via the usb type c port. The device on most days offered me over seven hours of screen on time, and most users should be able to get an all day battery life.

Out of the realme 95g, the realme 95g supports 65g bands and the phone also offers other wireless connectivity features like dual band: wi fi and bluetooth 5.1. Again, there is no support for wi fi, 6 or nfc, which would have taken the realme 95g a notch. Above the competition, i used realme 95g with the jio network and did not face any issue with network reception when it comes to call quality. I had no issues with the realme 95g overall in terms of connectivity. The realme 95g is on par with the competition and supports a 5g network on both sim card slots. Do note that the first sim slot supports 6 5g bands, while the second sim slot only supports 5 5g bands, realme 9 5g review the verdict. The realme 95g seems to be focused on the 5g networking capability and performance over the other aspects. The battery life is also above average, however, with 18w fast charging support. The realme 95g is definitely not the fastest charging smartphone in the market. If you want a phone with an emphasis on display or camera, then the realme 95g might not be an appealing offer. However, if you are a gamer and want a phone which can handle most games at medium to high graphic settings, then the realme 95g is one such device. Although the realme 95g is not the most affordable, 5g capable smartphone in the market, it does offer the right blend of performance and networking capability.