I dont know anybody that likes the note. I never had the note yeah. This is what youre going for so first impressions. This time i went for the phantom white, which is a bit different for me, because i always go for the fountain black. You know the matte black phones and thats, usually what i go for um for some reason. I went for something different. I did for a split second want to go and look at some of the exclusive colors, but when i was ordering it said there was a seven week weight and i was like im not waiting seven weeks for that. So i thought you know what ill go a bit different and i will i was toying with the green and the white and the one for the white and i must say, photos and under cameras and lights and all that sort of stuff it doesnt. Do this justice? This is like a metallic pearlescent white and it really has a root. A stunning color i will say – and i really dig it so i didnt think it would especially with the silver edges. I didnt think i would be keen on it, but i do like it not that ive seen much of it because ive kept it in a case, but i mean yeah, i mean it is a big phone. It is sort of its a little bit narrower than a 13 pro max. Just to give you a better perspective as to how wide this thing is its definitely wider than what the s21 ultra would have been, but its not just not as wide as the iphone.

Obviously, without a case, it gives you an indication of the size. Also, those cameras on the back as well are pretty unique and straight away. You know its an s22 ultra first impressions. It is a good looking phone so the front, and the back are both guerrilla glass vectus, so youre going to get a lot of protection. If you drop this phone now thats not going to stop you from scratches, thankfully, for me i have had this on a case from day one its literally here its on the table in front of me, because ive just taken it out for this video because im Not brave im not brave at all youre not going to be safe from scratches ive seen some guys on twitter that have been posting up pictures of scratches on their phones after a short period of time. So theyre not going to be scratch resistant, but they are going to be pretty strong if you drop them. So this comes with android 12, with samsungs one ui launcher on the phone, so samsung users youre going to be familiar with it, its not going to be anything new to you and youre going to have all those exclusive samsung features the likes of xp and samsung Decks and things like that there, you know so one ui is really great on this. I must say its its gotten very, very clean compared to what samsung phones would have been in terms of you know, you get a build of a samsung phone and the bloatware, and it would just be laggy and buggy one ui.

The latest version – i must say its pretty good on this lets – talk a little about specs, so this is a 6.8 inch amoled display. This is a this screen has 120 hertz adapter refresh rate and samsung say this can go all the way down to one hertz. So if youre always on display – and things like that, there, its uh supposed to be a battery saver, uh up to 1750 nits of peak brightness, so this screen can get super bright when you have it out in the daylight, so yeah comfortable, display display is this. Also has the because were in the uk: this is the exynos 2200 four nanometer chip. If youre not aware uas markets in the asia markets get the snapdragon chips and the uk some of europe, i believe, get exynos but ill also get into that a bit later. As well, this is the 256 gig model, so this comes with 12 gig of ram. This is the all the other phones from 256 gig up come with 12 giga ram. The 128 gig only comes with the it. So bear that in mind, when youre, buying and storage options go all the way up to one terabyte as well: 15 watt wireless charging and 45 watt fast charging as well. Although you dont get the 45 watt brick with it, you have to buy that price down. Theres stuff with phones nowadays, this also comes packing a 5 000 milliamp hour battery.

So it is a pretty big battery thats in this phone it is ip68 water and dust resistant, so you can submerge it up to one and a half meters for 30 minutes. So youre well protected if you drop it into the sink or the toilet on the cameras. So on the back, we have the main camera, which has the 108 megapixel sensor, which is pretty basic. We have a 10 megapixel telephoto lens uh, along with a 10 megapixel periscope telephoto lens, as well as your 12 megapixel ultra right as well. So this phone is well stacked in the camera department. For sure i wont mention the hundred times zoom, because lets just show it and on the front, and we have the 40 megapixel selfie camera as well, which again is pretty basic. So again, as i mentioned battery 5000 milliamp hour battery, which is pretty good. Considering that this phone has to house the s pen, its camera 5000 milliamp hour battery in this and its still got the dimensions, it has its a pretty good achievement. I will say – and of course how can we talk about the snook without talking about the s pen, so the s pen, if youve been a note user, the s pen, something that youre going to love and if you havent ever used a note. But this is your first forte into this type of device. The s pen is something that i personally think that youll really like i write years ago.

I used to think the s pen was just a gimmick to be honest, but the functionality of the s pen now has come along. So much – and you know its hard to argue with it – samsung have uh made so many good improvements with the s pen and, like the response time of the s pen used to be nine milliseconds, which is fantastic, and now this s pen, is my response. Time is down to 2.8 milliseconds, which is just crazy, so when youre writing and taking notes with this thing, its literally like youre, just writing on a piece of paper. It is crazy before we get on to the pros and cons, guys uh, if you like, the video smash that like button for me massively appreciate it and if you havent already hit that subscribe button. Massively helps me on the channel and uh helps me get my videos out into the ether and, of course, if you havent already ring that little bell and youll be notified of new videos. Just like this one lets do some pros and cons my favorite part, so lets start with the pros. I do like the design of this phone. This phone again is the minute you see it. You know what it is its an s22 ultra. It is sleek. It is the color is phenomenal and ill be honest. Samsung are really really killing it with their colors of their phones. At the moment i must say this is no exception, so the design of this phone is yeah, baby uh, the display i mean whats, not to love samsung, have always been the go to guys when it comes to display technology, and this is no exception.

120 hertz adaptive refresh rate, so this phone can go all the way up to 120 hertz and fall all the way down to one hertz. You cant see anything bad about that and, if youre out in a bright sunny day, this phone can go up to 1750 nits of peak brightness, which is crazy. This is super bright. The colors are sharp, crisp and vibrant. You know if youve been rocking a samsung flagship phone. You know how good the screens are. This is no exception. 256 gig and above models come with 12 giga ram, so thats always a good thing to have, especially in a big flagship phone. You want to be able to have as much resource at your needs as possible and uh. This here is the 256 gig model, so this does have 12 giga ram. This has uh cooked well, with everything ive threw out it, and ive havent had many issues with apps going in and having to refresh them and stuff theyve just been sitting there in the memory, which is pretty good top notch 45 watt fast charging as well thats, Not to be sniffed up, you could plug that in and its charged in no time even even charging. This thing with a 20 watt, brick charges pretty quickly. So a 45 watt, brick no brainer its its pretty awesome, although you do have to buy it separately. So samsung have went down the same route that apple went down, albeit that they mocked them for it, and then they did the same thing themselves and of course, the fingerprint reader.

Now the fingerprint reader is the only form of authentication i use on this phone because it is phenomenal, ultrasonic sensor built into the display. This is literally hands down the best fingerprint sensor you can get in a smartphone that goes into the display hands down. It works flawlessly every single time, every single time. Google take note because samsung have it nailed and the cameras whats not to say samsung, flagship, quad cameras. Samsungs, do you seem to have made massive improvements on the way their image processing works and i will be honest, ive yet to find pictures on this, which i dont like if im honest on using an iphone myself, i have a pro max and ill be honest. Ive always thought the camera on. It was pretty hard to beat some of the portrait mode. Shots that have come out of this phone are pretty good, pretty hard to fall, uh samsungs image processing at the moment. Much as i would like to its pretty good thats, my pros, unfortunately uh with the ups got to come the downs, and here come my cons that i have with this phone first up as good as the display. As on this phone, i dont like curved displays. I dont, like curved displays. I dont, like the shape of this rounding off at the edges, to me its its just a weakness in the phone and ill. Tell you why, unless you are super confident in the gorilla glass, vectus thats on this phone youre not going to be rocking a case, and you know what more power to you, because i havent got to do that so more power to you.

However, i rock this on the case, if you need a case for the s22 ultra by the way ill link it in the description to my case review for the sy2 ultra, so go check it out check this bad boy. However, back to topic, i do not like how exposed the sides of the screen are. I dont care what anybody says the minute this falls the minute. This falls face down, thats getting hit on that side of that display. Um im, not okay. With that curve displays as well especially with the lips, when i i find, when im using the s pen when im taking notes and im sort of, if i want to go all the way out to the edge of the screen, because i have a case. Its cutting off part of the display, as well so again curved displays, i think i think theyve had their time and i think they just need to knock off now. I think this would be a much nicer phone see these dimensions if these dimensions had the body style of the s22 plus, which hows the s pen give me that phone yeah. I said it, as i mentioned, with the ram you need to make sure you pick the right storage option, because if you go for the 128 version of the s22 ultra youre going to get eight gig around eight gag around to be truthfully honest in this day And age and a phone is not a slight hp by any means, but if you want that 12 gig, you need to spend that extra money to get those storage options.

So again my personal opinion. Regardless of storage, you should have 12 giga ram and a flagship phone speakers. I will be honest. The speakers on this phone really disappointed me. I thought that the they sounded a bit tinny. I thought they sounded a bit cheap and it just wasnt the quality. I was expecting for a 1250 pound phone when i compared it to the other phones, even im, not gon na im, not even gon na lie about it. I did compare this to the iphone and the iphone is much better in terms of sound, but also when it comes to sound the s22 plus doesnt sound as bad as this one. 25. Music Applause. This phone should be the battery king of smartphones. This phone has a five thousand million bar battery. This phone should be smashing every phone out there and its not. I struggle to get six hours of screen on time with this phone, and this is, after a month worth of use and a month of the phone learning, my usage adapting and all that sort of thing. This should be a lot better than what it is. Six hours on this type of phone with this size of battery its just not good enough, nobody can tell me different. That is not good enough for this definitely not, and with that leads me on to my last con, which would be exynos, so i mean dont get me wrong the everyday.

The performance of this phone is not bad, but any way shape or form, but it is apparent that it is behind the snapdragon counterpart im not going to compare it to the iphone. But exynos for me has been a bit of a disappointment. I have had intermittent issues with this phone uh when im sort of doing things with a bit of load if im watching some 4k content and then im flicking between apps, i want to get a better jar, a bit of lag when im switching between these sorts Of apps and again, im not sure if thats a performance problem with the chip, i dont know if thats an android problem. I dont know if thats a one ui problem and thats sort of where thats, where being an iphone user kind of spoils me because apple are doing everything for the iphone, so apple are designing. Their hardware theyre optimizing their software for the chip that goes into their phone to get the maximum optimization and the maximum they can out of those chips and the fact that this thing has a 5000 milliamp hour battery and it cant even touch the iphone pro max And it has a 4300 milliamp hour battery, like 700 milliamps, less of a battery that thing does 10 hours screen on time. No issues i can get on a day to day use. I can get two and a half days out of my 13 for max. This is where this should be.

I dont know, is it a lack of optimization for android for one ui for the chip? Is it a mixture of all three i dont know i cant answer that all i know is. It does lack in that department from what i have seen. The snapdragon counter part is better. It performs better and again, on the other side, i have heard of other things as well, like its got very, very bad thermals. When i was doing my camera test on this phone, i i was like shooting, you know, photos and 4k video and all that sort of thing and after 10 minutes of sort of using it, i could feel the phone noticeably warm granted. It sort of comes with the territory of shooting 4k video, but again ive never felt a phone get so warm so quickly. I still think theres work to be done. In my honest opinion i mean samsung say yes exynos its our chip. We make it its a great thing: if it was that great, they would be putting it into their bigger markets, they would be putting it into the u.s, they would be putting it into asia, but theyre not, and that speaks volumes. In my opinion, i think the option should be there for snapdragon or exynos in all markets, and i think there should be a price difference. In my honest opinion, i dont know what do you guys think id love to know your opinions? Let me know down below.

Have you got the s22 ultra? Have you had any any issues with it? Are you in the uk or in the u.s by all means leave me a comment id love to id love to hear if youve had any issues or if you havent id love to hear that as well. So yeah leave me a comment. Let me know that wraps it up for this video guys. I hope you liked it. For me this is a complete, impartial video. I mean in a lot of ways i really like this phone and in some ways it reminded me why i dont use android as a daily driver. Now dont get me wrong throughout the year. I do dual carry and i do use ios alongside android. I do it every day and i have done for a long long time, but if you were to ask me, would i switch my daily driver from an iphone to one of these? Not yet i just couldnt not yet. I hope you liked the video, if you did hit that like button for me massively appreciate it and if you havent already hit that subscribe button were on the road to 1000 subs as soon as we get there and well do a tech giveaway.