Im kind of that way, myself sorry about the lack of wide angle view im having to use my older camcorder, and here we go. This is a tripod mount for my smartphone were gon na sleep up and get in here. Oh, we have a very, very well typed up box. There we go thats gon na be kind of got mixed reviews, but it was affordable. Its only ten dollars, Music little part here, mounts onto the tripod. This part can be mounted from this and completely detached from that kind of swivels around Music, this card. It can go on that too thats interesting. I didnt predict that, and this expands, i think, thats. What this does lets stretch this out lets see how it fits upwards like that it should fit. I measured my phone up a little bit further. I dont know if this will screw all the way off or it just keeps going. My lovely screen we eat. I can pivot it. I probably should put it further down this end, so i can go all the way right side up. If i want to a little bit right here, oh yeah, on my tripod, i can go up this back screw sets it in place. Oh yeah, its gon na, be quite you. What have i done here? I guess i have to be careful of the buttons when i put that on so i guess ill put it down this end. So i dont go over my power up button or anything like that with it package number two yeah im pretty happy with this so far, itll be fun to try it.

This is the one im really chuffed about a couple of you. People recommended this product were going to see how it is most were going to see how it looks because i i picked one that is suited for me and it is a pop socket, its one of the interchangeable pop sockets and heres. The big reveal: how many is that just peel off this back part and pop it on the back of my phone and see if i can pops open and it makes a handle, so i can grip my phone while im using it. But oh, this is going to be fun, im, really looking forward to trying this out pauls and ill, install these things and put them to work. One thing im discovering i didnt really think about this is the tripod mount. I have to be mindful of these three buttons on the side of my phone, which will affect how i place my pop socket, but this is a pop socket grip, so the little top part can actually be twisted off and change that with other designs. If i want to, but more importantly, if you use a wireless recharger, it can be popped off and it wont interfere with your charger thats one of the selling points of it so end up with a pretty thin profile on its own. I just want to make sure it will fit with the tripod here. I believe it will probably just slide right back and go on this end and probably place it right about here and be okay.

I think thatll work just fine. Its still plenty to hold onto my phone with tighten that down to be sure see its its gripping. It pretty well, you wouldnt want to have to use it aggressively, but i think this is going to work out. Just fine just have to take off my take off the grip of my pop socket. When i want to use the tripod okay, then i think were ready to put this thing on now. Lets say to be sure: theres no oil. On your case, when you install the pop socket and now theres an alignment, i need to make sure its good. These two bits here need to line up when you put it on, it should turn and click. Let me say like that, peel off the backing right about im gon na find out how good this 3m adhesive is took very well. Oh yeah, look at that now. They know its my phone and push this in and turn that comes away, and i can put my tripe clamp on here all right for those of you who are wondering the design apparently is printed under a sort of its not a sticker thats applied directly to The top of it it seems to be under a plastic covering of some sort to protect it. So you know your design wont, get rubbed away as you use it, and you know lay it around. Take it in and out of your pocket, which its its a slim enough profile, it seems to go in and out of pockets and bags and stuff pretty easily without entangling too much.

You could probably actually uh. They make other versions of this thing too, where that, where the top parts actually functions as other things like theres, one thats, a makeup compact, if thats the kind of thing you do, but they make a different sort of popper thing, its a wallet that you can Keep credit cards and stuff in and its all kinds of stuff. This is really a good company and worth checking out all right. I have it installed on my tripod now sorry again about the terribly not wide angle lens, but there it is the front view it can be rotated and i tighten that screw on the back to fix it into whatever angle. I want it but theres the rear of the device, the clamp its fastened into the quick release, clamp on my tripod im sure this would work with a desk tripod or anything like that. Lets see bear with me. While i tighten this really trusting this little piece of technology not to fail on me with my phone in it but thats how that works, you see ive got my pop socket part took off, so it can work better with that part right now, but thats real Easy to take that on and off and ill, probably eventually get a couple of other covers for it. But this is my little pop grip and kickstand mode, so i kind of want to put as close to the center as your phone as you can.

But that way i can watch a video if i want to in widescreen. But what have i done here there? You can watch a video in widescreen on my phone if i want to. They also make hangers for this grip, where you can like, if you want to place a couple like if you want to place one like lets, say on your refrigerator in your kitchen, where you can hang your phone up on your uh, you know making recipes or Something from it or you can they make a one that goes in your car that fastens into your air conditioner vent, which i dont know if it would work in our cars, has kind of weird ac vents, but im really pleased with this thing, and i just Mine is simply adorable. You can guess which volcano that is. I actually have an option. You can make custom ones. I havent tried that yet, but i could see me doing one or two of those for gifts for people but thats a great great thing for people that like to use their phone to watch. A lot of videos, too hope yall enjoyed this unboxing and it helps you uh make better purchase decisions in the future.