The entry level v23e comes with this nice clean, look and design. This particular model does pick up fingerprints, but vivo have included a see through case to help it keep protected. On the front, you have a 6.44 inch amoled display thats, both vibrant with 60 hertz refresh rate. It also features an impressive 44 megapixel front facing selfie camera with autofocus that takes some nice shots. This 5g model is powered by the mediatek diamonds t810, with 8gb of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage and the rear camera features a 50 megapixel with autofocus main 8 megapixel wide angle, 2 megapixel for the macro that takes some decent shots. Look having used this, i feel, if youre looking for a more affordable version of the v23, then this model is seriously worth considering, especially given its 5g ready and its price point, but but check this. The main focus of this video is my time spent with the stunning v23 5g to begin with, the design on this model features an industrial but elegant, look, and this particular color i have is a sunshine gold and i dig those nice gold accents on the side, But the real standout is the color on the back, because it shimmers and changes with different lighting and theres. This really cool trick with the uv light that demonstrates just how the back reacts to different lighting. The back has this textured feel thanks to a fluorite ag process. It is certainly a real head turner.

Now, on the front, the v235g features a stunning 6.44 inch amoled display, but it comes with 90 hertz refresh rate, so the screen is vibrant and its punchy and its going to look great for multimedia and gaming, its powered by the mediatek diamond city 920, chip, which Is paired with 12gb of ram and 256gb of storage so day to day its both snappy and when it comes to multitasking gaming works really well with the performance combo. I did some gameplay and the additional software tweaks as ultra game mode for optimal gaming and fun touch. Os 12 is its neat. I mean its helpful because the controls over the performance and notifications, for example, are really useful and you can do that with a simple swipe and i was getting a warm phone with extended gameplay of about 20 to 30 minutes, but nothing too noticeable and thats. Thanks to the liquid cooling system, the vivo have included in this phone. The standout feature and focus on the v series has always been the selfie and camera capability. So, on the front, you have an impressive 50 megapixel with autofocus pad with an 8 megapixel wide angle, which is really helpful when you want to get more people in the shot. The selfies come out really nicely and youve got good. Subject background differentiation as you can see from these examples, i like how vivo also included multiple lighting options, including this dual tone spotlight with adjustment for the color temperature.

I mean its a really useful feature to have, particularly in dark situations and the software, although its a little too heavy on the beauty mode in default for my liking. There is a ton of post, shot, customization and edits that you can do so. The main camera on the back is made up of a triple camera: 64 megapixel autofocus, with an 8 megapixel wide angle and a 2 megapixel macro, so starting with low light, because well its dark already, the shots come out quite nicely. Ultra wide has some noise, as you can see in some of the outlines, especially around the palm trees, but at 1x images in low light are actually decent. You start to see images get noise at around 5x in low light, but in normal lighting the camera does a good job with nice, hdr, theres vibrancy and thanks to the ai element, the camera recognizes. Various subjects got up to 10x zoom, but, as you could tell after 5x, zoom really theres some noticeable noise so best to stick to below that right. Guys, heres, a quick test of the video capability filmed with the rear camera on this device, so were currently filming. In 4k 30 frames per second – and this is with the standard sort of stabilization turned on. There is another mode, and that is this with the ultra stabilization. What it does do is it crops the whole image in, but it does give you a super smooth, look and feel right, guys heres an example of the front facing selfie video, so this is currently being filmed in 4k 30 frames per second.

Now, if you want steady face, which gives you even more stabilization on the front, then youll have to use that in 1080p, but this gives you an example, because this whole video has been filmed in 4k 30 frames of what the current video looks like. What do you think right, guys heres a test of low light video performance so, as with the other, this is being filmed 4k 30 frames per second and its pretty dark here right now. Okay, so here is an example of video filmed with the front facing and the spotlight on again in very low light conditions here, but in terms of performance, let me know what you think in the comments down below when it comes to battery life on the v23. It got me around a day of heavy use while testing apps and camera, and it comes with a 4200mah battery, but viva have also included a 44 watt flash charge that helps you get that battery juice up quickly, theres, no wireless charging, which i do use a Lot of around the house v series has traditionally been a mid range. Selfie focused smartphone from vivo. This years, update is going to appeal if you take regular selfies, but vivo is certainly focusing on the design on the back, and that really makes this mid range stand out from many of the others that are out there. Let me know what you think of the v series in the comment below and if youre looking for a cool camera comparison video, then i think youll love this ill, see you there.