Yes, here we have another review of a zika rugged device, zikr t100, a very interesting device, guys selling around 270 280. If you want to purchase it, the buying links will be in the description. So what is special about it? Uh this device has an actual uh distance laser meter guys. This is probably the number one reason for construction workers, anybody who needs to work, obviously inside of the building or outside uh. By the way, i also have to remind you that its up to 40 meters distance measuring, which is epic seriously epic anyway, it does have a 6000 image battery inside of it halo g85, a good decent performance chipset for mediatek company. We have, of course, a triple camera setup on the back decent speaker, decent screen, a 6 inch screen full hd ips, and yes, this is also foolproof. Dustproof shockproof, waterproof and military grade certified rugged device right now from seeker company anyway, guys that should be. It lets quickly jump by the way. What is it very interesting that it has wireless charging? 15 was wireless charging, while the wireless charging is 18 watts fast. Charging support lets begin now. Firstly, with unboxing enjoy. Okay. Welcome back so lets go what we have inside of the package, smartphone of course screen protector paint, plied, already type c, cable, fast charger, earphone beneath it or nut and quick start guide. We have almost everything i wish that they also included otg cable, like theyve done with the p10 anyway hands on on this beautiful device, guys regarding the dimensions we have 322 grams, almost weights thickness is 15.

2 millimeter, so it is heavy. It is thick. This is a rugged device, guys remember that, all together, i love the design design wise. I love the features of this device. It has also laser meter kind of measurement, which is beautiful, a kind of beautiful feature which every single rugged device should have quickly were going to jump. Obviously start with the screen review itself. We have a beautiful and ips ips full hd panel, so yes, six inches. Full hd plus full screen display 18 with 9 aspect ratio. This does have also calling green light glass protection and capacitive multi touch remember that this device also has a led notification bar which you can enable or disable the same as with the p10, and i love this feature guys. It does have a type c port and it does have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, separate jack for your headphones uh, of course, a microphone, a latification bar camera setup. On the back on the top, we have a laser meter sensors. We have also sos buttons, especially on the side, on the left side and on the right side. We have a fingerprint sensor, all the cool stuff, all the cool stuff, guys anyway, lets now move to the performance wise screen wise here itself. I cant complain that much for this price tag. This is just average normal, which you see in many different uh rugged devices, so performance wise, the same chip as with the, of course, the zikr p10.

We have halo g85, a good uh, really a good decent processor. For this device, its an octa core chipped clocked at 2, gigahertz built on 12 nanometer chip technology with the money g52 uh 52 to core gpu. It does have also mediatek hyper engine feature and all together, this one comes with the 6gb of ram lpddr4x, dual channel and 128 gpu of rom of storage in dev. It does have an sd card expansion believe it or not, they did advertise it as maximum of one terabyte. That is insane that is seriously seriously insane uh. Of course, we have antutu were going to talk more about the features itself. The fingerprint sensor were going to mention in the late uh later on, so follow this video till the end. So remember that this one is a full full ip68 ip69k military, std, 810 grade uh. Of course, military grade certified uh device, so shockproof waterproof, dustproof and remember up to 1.8 millimeter certification of job test this as they said it in the laboratory. So we have dual nano: sim slot, usb type c: port, bluetooth, 5.0, dual band, wi fi, wi, fi, direct and wi fi display otg, enabled 4g network and in the same time, 4g volte works with both sim cards. Nano sim cards and yes supports. Google pay guys. This device supports google pay, it has gps glonass, galileo and pedo, and yes, remember. As with the p10, it does have nfc support android 11 fresh out of the box, and the promise also seems that for this device that theyre going to release android 12 in march april, we will see – i hope, theyre gon na – do that.

I hope theyre gon na do that. Okay, just so regarding the sensors, as with the zikr p10, the t100 has exactly the same sensors, obviously additional stuff uh with the laser meter, uh of course feature, and this one has also barometer gyroscope, alex accelerator compass, plum, knob barometer, sound meter, flashlight, all together, which I showed you with the zikr p10 this one also has it so im not going to bother you too much about that, of course, were going to talk more a little bit about the for the laser, the laser feature, which is seriously, i was shocked, how good It is and how accurate it is, so it has range of 40 meter or basically 131 uh. Of course, feeds accuracy, is zero to ten millimeter plus or five five millimeter and laser class is two guys. I dont know what that means laser class, because this is the first time im having this kind of device. Nevertheless, i love this feature. I love it. Applause, Music Applause, i Music Applause. This is the mic check. Quality test with this uh beautiful rugged device lets check it out. This is a 40 centimeters test. Yes, my mouth is 14 centimeters away, and now we are checking the mic quality. While my mouth is just fusion meters away check it out check it out: zikr t100. Okay, moving to the camera side, we have ultra wide ai, triple camera on the back 16 megapixel main camera of aputure, ff 1.

8 8 megapixel, ultra white camera, lancer lens, of course, with the field of view of 120 degrees and 0.08 megapixel depth camera, i mean thats Very nice of you guys to uh, i hope, youre not making a mistake, but i think it makes sense not like other uh chinese brands, which they say that they have a three four five megapixel depth: camera sensor on the back and doesnt, even work, etc, etc. They have to work on this side, of course, so they have to work on this one. It does have a super, steady video, but, to be honest, i dont know why this one is called super steady video. While what the p10 is called eis. Electronic image stabilization is this kind of a software uh kind of stabilization im, not sure a rear camera. It does have up to 1080p 30fps and the front selfie. Camera is 80 megapixel of aperture of f 2.0 and also supports up to 1080p 30fps. Of course, you can judge by yourself with the pictures and videos yeah yes, so this one has also a gyroscope can just. This is the front selfie camera test with the zikr t100 try this out. This is with the disability, enabled so battery. As with the zikr p10, this one exactly has the same size, 6000 mah battery with the wireless charging, support of 18 watts and wireless charging support of 15 watts very interesting, and i love that which is very uh kind of crazy, that both of these devices have A similar battery discharging rate, but regarding of the screen on time for this one with the helio g85 and a 6 inch full hd screen, you get around 12 13 hours of screen on time, watching youtube videos, constantly wi, fi, enabled gps enabled and screen brightness at Maximum great result guys a really really great result, but i think, with the updates theyre going to even give it you more, they should give you more band, obviously more battery juice.

144. 165. This game has an uncapped fps guys, one of the rarest uh racing games that has this on default. Asphalt 9 still runs maximum 60fps altogether. The fingerprint sensor is almost at the same spot as the p10 on the side on the right side also works just fine flawlessly. I dont have any problems whatsoever unlocks each time and also all together the face id works. Just fine here unlocks it does have an option if you want to unlock it immediately or with the swipe up. You have that option if you want to use it for now im completely satisfied by these features. Thank you seeker, okay, manchester. For the end, my impressions regarding this zikr beautiful device – t100 – the price tag is under 270 dollars. It is a bit uh priced higher there. But again you know remember the corona times every single phone right now it is more expensive, but i have to admit that i think this is the first smartphone that i ever reviewed that it has a laser distance measure up to 40 meters, guys up to 40 Meters, so it has 1.8 millimeter dropped. Proof uh feature super steady, video, 6000 mah battery 15 watts wireless 15 watts wireless charging. The device also has a wireless charging technology uh. It has ip68, ip69 militarist uh. Of course great uh proof features. I mean every single rugged device of this price tag should have this one and believe it or not.

They are also preparing android 12, which should be released in april. May something like this, so i hope they can keep their promise on in it anyway. I do advise you, this device, a very interesting device, good performance, good camera, good battery, good design and good features in one single package. The buying links in the description.