Now i want to start by saying that the iphone se is not a bad phone by any means its just, not one that i think, will garner a lot of interest by most of the people out there or really a whole lot of attention. Because of how unremarkably similar it is to the previous iphone sc, in fact, we already have facts to back that up, as it has already been reported. That apple has informed suppliers to cut back on production a bit of the iphone se for this quarter by as much as two to three million units because of surprise surprise weaker than expected demand. I guess its not all that shocking, that people no longer want the same design as the iphone 8 that was launched nearly five years ago and not to mention it looks the exact same as the last iphone se that came out a couple of years ago, with Very very little incentives for those users who already own one of these to upgrade to one of these thats, probably not the audience that apples going for, but lets talk about what is new. With this new model. Here, Music, there is the new same stronger glass thats found on the iphone 13 and early reports do indicate that it is stronger than the last model. If youre someone who drops their phone a lot, then maybe this is enough of an upgrade for you. The inside of the phone does feature two of the biggest updates and really some of the only updates for this phone, the biggest being that a15 chip.

This is the same chip and processor thats found inside of the iphone 13 and thats always been the appeal of the se, smaller form factor cheaper price, but fast and reliable performance and a phone thats going to last you quite some time, its obviously one of the Fastest iphones that you can get alongside an iphone 13 13 pro 13 pro max and 13 mini, but how much more of a difference? Are people going to notice between this a15 and the iphone sc 2022 model and the a13 thats found in the 2020 iphone sc? Well, if you happen to have them here, you can run benchmarks and youll see a score difference, but that really doesnt do anything for me id like to know about a real world performance difference and honestly theres, not a day to day real world difference. In my opinion, i tried and tested each phone for the last week using these phones, as i would any other, and i really couldnt tell you a difference in performance. So what about the camera? There has to be a difference, because the a15 now allows for better computational photography, i mean yeah, maybe the camera hardware itself between these two phones are exactly the same, and even though the a15 is supposed to improve software processing, there might be some benefits to low Light scenarios because of the a15 and some images might appear sharper now due to deep fusion. Ultimately, the a15 should last you longer, like i said before, over the a13 or any other phone thats, not an iphone 13.

Basically, so if you want a phone that you can keep the longest id say for probably the next seven years for the most part, it would make sense to just get the phone with the latest chip, and that would be this iphone sc 2022. So that leaves us with 5g and one of the next bigger improvements of the new iphone se and yeah. I mean, i suppose, its a selling point for some people, but i think its still pretty early in the 5g days and again im looking at this as people who are looking for long term phones. So, if thats your plan, if you want to keep it for the next seven years, definitely future proof yourself go with the model that supports 5g. If youre looking for a phone to last you for a year or two before you can maybe upgrade to something bigger and better, then i think the lte network is still pretty solid and you can save yourself more money by going with a different phone. That might not have 5g at this time. Battery life is more or less the same, which it isnt great, but because this phone is pretty tiny but im not going to really hold it against it. What you start to think about, though, is the kind of lack of good battery and the old boring design this the support for a physical home button. Still, although i still like touch id so i can see that as a plus but theres still a lack of a full hd 1080p screen in 2022.

. Its really hard for me to get excited about this phone and want to recommend it to people. But i have to just kind of step back and think about it again in the sense of like, if youre looking for something familiar and something you know a bit better than what youve been using. Like my parents, theyve been using the iphone 6 and 7 for the last six to seven years, and now their phone is way too sluggish and theyre. Looking for something that is going to keep up performance wise, but is you know, still familiar and something that they can easily navigate and they dont need to relearn. You know new swipe gestures on an iphone 11 or 12, even though thats what i would go with, if i was say, subsidizing a phone and paying monthly for it, because theres only a few dollar difference between these phones. I would go for that, but thats again, not for me its for those people who want the familiarity of this design language. They want to just pick up a phone use it for when they need it and not have to worry about learning new things. Its perfect for those people and this phone will last them for the next five to seven years, at least and itll still get updates and thats why this phone, in my opinion, still has a place, even though its still not garnering a whole lot of attention. As apple would like, but id imagine, thatll change as more people are looking to upgrade their phone, but stick with kind of what they already had and, of course i would love to know in the comments down below.

If you think the iphone se is a good phone in 2022 or a flop, or if you would recommend it to some people that you think might like this go ahead.