I could play games on it. I could surf the web, i could talk to my family and i could watch movies with no hiccups whatsoever and thats. Why i say that this is the perfect phone for people who want power without spending over a thousand bucks, because this phone is still able to give you everything that you expect within a flagship and you dont have to pay that extreme premium price. And i also admired the fact that i really didnt have any major issues with the s22 like, i definitely had a few nitpicks, but i can honestly say that it was still a really good phone and thats. Why, after a month of using the galaxy s22, i wanted to give you guys my experience with it and let you know why. I think that its a great phone and also why you should consider it as your main phone now. The next thing that i loved about my galaxy s22 after one month of use was the amazing display. Now the s22 has a 6.1 inch dynamic, amoled display that also supports an ltpo display that ranges from 48 to 120 hertz and, if im being honest, this is the best display that youll get at this price range. I also love that samsung has made 120 hertz refresh rate the norm within their devices because it always looks as smooth as ever whenever im scrolling through the os, i get that premium feel, and that goes a long way for me.

I also really loved how colorful the display was like right here. You can see me scrolling through the os and its really vibrant, its really sharp, and it has a unique feel that only samsung can do. I also really loved how responsive the haptics were like right here. You can see just how fast it is when i move or press on something, and there were never any times where i got lagging animations. Also one of my favorite parts about the screen was that it didnt have a curved display like on the s22 ultra, so there were never any times where i got those accidental touches and, unlike the s22 plus and s22 ultras 1750 knit brightness, the s22 only gets Around 1500 nits, which isnt that much of a difference, the other two phones were brighter, but i still was able to see whenever i was outside and the sun was shiny. So it didnt really bother me at all, and now the last thing that i love about the display on the s22 was that it had one of the best viewing experiences that you can get on any other phone. At this price. The colors were nice. The sharpness was nice and the size gave me a great viewing and to show you guys what i mean here are some examples of me watching: videos and playing games; Music Applause, Music Applause; okay, its not really that hes not doing that great so far, but you Guys can also take into consideration that i am on 5g.

I do have my brightness up and im also taking a lot of pictures and doing a lot of recording so im using now. The next thing that i thought was okay about my galaxy s22. After one month of use was the battery now the galaxy s22 has a 3700 milliamp hour battery that, i must say, held its own weight, because i was still able to last for a good portion of the day, which is pretty okay for a battery thats under 4 000. – i will be doing things like scripting videos checking my emails scrolling through the news watching youtube videos and even occasionally playing games which was pretty heavy use for me and after all, that i would get about three to five hours of on screen time. And i would end my day with about 10 percent left, which still was okay at times. Another bummer that i will say about the s22s battery is that it does not support 45 watt fast charging like on the s22 plus and ultra, but the charging speeds were good, not good enough to kill overnight charging, but they were still pretty good now. The next thing that i loved about my galaxy s22 after using it for a month was the pretty great software experience and when i say software experience, i mean just how smooth this phone was able to run it like, for example, whenever i clicked on an app Refresh pages within an app and browse through the os, i never had any hiccups whatsoever, and even though this is a normal thing when it comes to samsung flagship phones, i still really appreciate it, because you guys will be surprised at how many phones do not run Software well, and even when i would do things like multi screen multitasking there wasnt one time where i got any bugs or app crashes, and i was able to use it with no problem.

I also really liked the fact that i could choose how i wanted to navigate through the phone like i could either do the classic android way or the newer swiping way, which was pretty cool now. The next thing that i really loved about my galaxy s22 after using it for a month was the surprisingly great speakers. Now the dual speakers on the galaxy s22 were some of the best that i had used in a long time. There were many times where i would play my music out loud while i was working out and it would become a habit because of how good they were, the bass was powerful. The sound was crystal clear and the loudness was really high. I also really liked that whenever i turned up the volume, the quality didnt get worse like on a lot of other phones and to show you guys what i mean heres an example of me playing a video with the volume all the way up after using the Samsung galaxy s22 ultra for about a week now the one thing that kept coming to my mind, while i was using it on a day to day basis, was this one simple statement that i feel wraps up: the s22 ultra as a whole, and that statement is, I think that the galaxy s22 ultra is the safest android that you can get in 2022.. Now. The final thing that i loved about my galaxy s22 after using it for one month was the amazing cameras, and i think that the s22s camera had great quality.

To the point where i could say that i had no major complaints about it like right here when we look at my daytime outside photos, i would say that these were really good pictures that turned out really well. The skies were very vibrant, yet color, accurate and the trees and other aspects of nature were very sharp. My face also looked pretty color accurate, especially compared to last years version, and the overall vibrancy of the pictures were great to no surprise. Now, when we look at the inside daytime photos, i would say that these are also really great like right here. You can see that there was no graininess, no matter how dark it got and my selfies were top notch when compared to other smartphones. Next up, when we look at the outside nighttime photos, i would say that this is where the s22 performed at its best like right. Here, you can see that the night mode photos didnt give off any greeniness. The colors were accurate and my skin tone didnt make me look much lighter, which made me want to take more selfies and the last environment that i wanted to cover when it came to pictures on the s22 was the inside nighttime photos and when we look at Them you can see that there was some graininess, the quality wasnt as great, and sometimes it could struggle when there was no lighting, but once i turned the lights on, the quality got much better.

The sharpness was still great and the colors were very accurate, which definitely redeemed the camera. Overall, when it came to video quality, the s22 was definitely great for its price and to give you guys an example, heres some 4k videos that i took on it and there it is you guys, my final review on the galaxy s22.