This is just me sitting down having a little chat about the s22 ultra. I find a lot of smartphone reviews very, very tedious over the same sort of things specs. I just want to talk about the experience over the last two weeks of using the s22 ultra and give a special shout out to their official case silicon case with the strap at the back thats brilliant, lock. Just stick your finger in there youre not going to drop it and ive found ive been using this. So much like that probably made me enjoy the overall experience of the s22 ultra even more with this case and a shout out to mobile fun for sending this out to me as well check out their other cases in the links in the description. But yeah lets talk about the s22 ultra. I bought this from carphone warehouse, the burgundy color and obviously initial reactions, absolutely incredible. The design. You know the build quality. It is exceptional, it does look really nice. It feels nice. The display looks absolutely sensational as well. They do it every year, samsung without fail; they they do smash it in that department really really do in terms of the s pen, its brilliant. They brought it to the s 22 range. I say its, not a note. Some people do say its a note, but its not a note its the s22 ultra and it is amazing, responsive its slightly writing on paper, but i dont use it so that is wasted on me.

I dont see the need of using it myself. Personally, so thats one thing for me, whereas, like id probably just have the s22 or the s22 plus yeah, i also saw the reports and some people complain how the back got scratched quite easily. Luckily, for me, i chucked that case on pretty much a couple of days after seeing that, because i didnt want to scratch it up. That would have been uh bad, so the camera system, excellent people comparing it to pixel people, compare it to the iphone and, at the end of the day, theres theres, not much between them at all in terms of quality, its just down to personal preference, if you Like might be slightly saturated, colors or more contrasty colors, its just personal preference, the end of the day, all of these smartphones do a tremendous job in the camera department. Anyway, this, however, i loved or love the 10x optical zoom i was finding. I was using that so much, especially with the football as well the other week, its a game. Changer really is 10 times. Optical zoom is an absolute game. Changer and the quality is great in video and pictures Music, uh Music results, Music version. I got mine Music. This is actually pretty cool. All right, full throttle last corner slow down Music um, its good overall experience has been very, very good but listen. I was listening to um a video or watching the video and all the earphones in and the audio scene seemed out of sync like the mouth wasnt lining up with what they were saying so turn bluetooth off turn it back on again reconnect to my earphones still Doing it so totally disconnected to the earphones, and it was still doing it on youtube.

I was watching a video, so i had to end up rebooting the device now this is. I saw this on twitter today as well chris from tech tablets tweeted about it. Theres already something out there about the um, the sort of sync issues in audio, which i was very very surprised, with quite annoyed actually to be fair, um that its the excellence chip again isnt it when a samsung gon na wake up and just totally scrap the Excess chip and just go full snapdragon. Everyone who buys an s22 ultra around the world should have pretty much the exact same experiences as anyone else. So people in america have the snapdragon version, theyre, probably getting a better experience with their s22 ultra than say people in in europe and the rest of the world or wherever um the exynos chip is actually available so yeah. That was a big disappointment. Another thing which i think is probably related to the excess chip as well, is every so often the s22 ultra will sort of lock up. It might be like for a second or two itll, just sort of freeze and then itll come back again. A lot of the time im sort of doing swiping up stuff like that thats, when i notice it more than anything but yeah there are occasions where it will sort of um freeze up battery life has been very good average sort of seven hours screen on time. Nearly sort of seven and a half the word there were the odd days where i have to charge it later on in the evening um.

I like a phone where i wake up in the morning, use it all day and i still have some juice left and i can just chuck on charge when i go to bed. I dont have to worry about it, but there has been occasions where ive had to charge it before the end of the day. But overall i think the battery life is good, especially for a phone this size, and this display is beautiful. Yeah battery life was quite happy with so yeah the s22 ultra. I was considering switching from the six pro pixel six pro to the s22 ultra, but im not going to be doing that even with face id because face id is on there. You have in screen fingerprint sensor which does perform better than it than the pixel 6 pro, but the other couple of bugs in there is just i just love pixel. I just love their raw android experience. You know i mean its a stock android, no crap or anything they just they just do the basics and they do theyre doing very, very well. The fingerprint sensor does need a bit of tweaking and there have been some updates that theyve released recently that have ironed out a few problems with the pixel 6 pro so im happy about that, but thats not to say this still is a tremendous phone, but it Does have its bugs and i think, every year that samsung release a phone on an excellent chip, its gon na be some sort of failure, in my honest opinion, so they need to scrap it and go full snapdragon, uh yeah theyre.

My thoughts on the s22 ultra id love to hear yours in the comments below. Do you agree? Do you disagree? Let me know. Thank you all very much for watching this different sort of smartphone s22. Auto review. Would you call it a review? This is a chit chat in it i dont know, but yeah thats. It guys.