So hi guys how about a silicone, a gadget, psychic and welcome back to my channel kitana in a full unboxing, the oppo a76, its a new release now mid ranger and the price is just 11 999 and my package just know check know on the description box Below its about time, for me to share you, my experience on this phone, the oppo a76 for me first impression for me and for me instantly its something that is attractive, lightweight color performance as well as okay, nintendo camera. At the same time, how about right now is the glowing blue, color theres, another color, the glowing black, but definitely this is the better color for this series. Anything up a lot comes with the snapdragon 680, its a four gina chip alumni. You know an impression its kind of hard to look for a 5g handset with that price point 119.99, its quite affordable and shopping on the antutu. This score is 259, 000 close to 260.. Well, so performance wise, i can say well animation problem the the multitasking watching videos playing a little bit of gaming. Okay, i dont feel any problem with this one and speaking of videos. I did try to watch videos on the screen and the screening up a lot guys is a 6.56 inch ips lcd 90 hertz of screen refresh rate 600 nits, im gon na max brightness and 720p, and by the way this is running on android 11 with corner Os 11.

1 up and watching videos here so youtube. Well, i dont want to give a problem: okay in a manchester uh, watching videos, details and netflix uh, so youtube: okay, okay, uh, the punching man callers. This is a screen, though, of course, amulet might spell the difference by the way, guys level, one under the security levels, a white band heres, a drm info, meaning hd leaders of all nato, so nato strolling outside indoor outdoor, taking some shots and teen nightmare 1913. Mp. In the main camera, with together with two mp nah dev sensors, so dual camera triple camera and sahara shot eight mp na front sensor, so shots Music, Music, Music, Music, Music and by far guys, uncannion shots outdoors is good. I can say na under bright lightings or in the lighting. It was able to take in some really nice shots, but that is indoors major hit up. Some shots are a bit greeny. Some shots are a bit washed out. Some shirts are a bit momote, so i think the camera is having a hard time, but the things are indoors and low light, but outdoor problems, Music, so Music, Music, so Music, Music, some nice videos, but the problem is a little bit shaky and, of course, underperforming Shots indoors so to phone nato management, 5 000 milliampere are so battery and yes, and it can support up to 33 whats. A super book charge its uh, of course, its a technology being deployed by oppo para fast, charging, so uh.

In that day, eleven percent chinas co, public 100 using 33, was a fast charger. It took me an hour and 50 minutes just to complete the full charging cycle and battery endurance. Maneta phone network was able to last me through a day on simple tasks: facebook, twitter, zoom viper for the whole day. You know, of course, connecting to either wi fi or mobile data, but majority its on wi fi. Then a little bit of gaming taking some little pictures well, at the end of the day, halos manufacturing 35 to 40 pack for the whole day, which is well kind of the last me the next day, but of course so magabalan. The next day. I might need to charge now, but okay, so tonight nothing gave me here on this phone well, uh, playing call of duty, mobile and, of course, asphalt. Nine both games are okay, mejo, intension and graphics and settings for a little bit of settings. I was able to breeze through an art and playing call of duty, mobile, okay and well time to time me continue. Music, its playable. The touch on the screen is very much responsive but im going to give problema and, of course, get a mechanics favorite headphones. Uh wide this time around ito xle910 and was able to enjoy the sound snow by the way meronshangs single firing sounds heres. Ah, i dont know Music, probably not the loudest than a charcoal or any phones with a single firing, loudspeaker average longshot so thats.

Why nah another headphone style just to feel the game and it was good young headphones uh. It makes your gameplay a lot better fulfill motion, so long solo, main sound. So after two weeks without phone see oppo a76, i can say: okay, its quite light on the pocket, menu magazine and major money piece, and i like the colorway its a bit rainbow rainbow finish but masha by the way, its for me, its a lot trendier than Their previous releases and, of course, ill be posting all the links below on the description box, because im putting mobility ill, be posting from the oppo official store from lazada and shoppi down there on the description box, but then they click upcoming promos or ongoing promos. This is 119.99 for the six gigs of ram 128 gigs of storage freebies and, of course, it changes from time to time. So guys, if you like this video dont, forget to like subscribe and, of course, click the bell icon button.