Oh wait! No thats a xiaomi 12 youd be forgiven for being confused, because xiaomi has made a very samsung move. This latest flagship welcome back to techradar im tom bedford here, with our video review of the xiaomi 12. launched alongside a bigger pro sibling. The xiaomi 12 is a bit smaller than weve. Seen xiaomi go with its flagship phones before, in fact its the same size as samsungs s22, which is why we compared them. Both, it really feels like xiaomi is trying to rival samsung with its latest flagship, except it brings a few extra features to the table. The phone was initially launched in china in december, but a global launch in march brought it out to the rest of the world and finally gave us a chance to get our hands on this new device as well as being a bit smaller. The xiaomi 12 is arguably a more attractive device than its predecessor. We tested the purple model of the new phone and found it very nice to look at the mobile fits nice and snug in the hand because of its small size, the display is 6.2 inches across. It has a full hd plus resolution 120 hertz, refresh rate 1100 nits max brightness and support for a few more niche features like dolby vision, hdr, 10 plus and 68 billion colors according to xiaomi, the screens definitely good looking and it feels responsive to touch too, though We do miss the 11 and 12 pros 2k resolution which youre not getting here.

There are three rear cameras here. The main is 50 megapixels, which is down from the 108 megapixels in the mi 11. The resolution isnt the only important factor in the camera and wed say this isnt really a downgrade. The other cameras are the same though theres, a 13 megapixel ultra wide 5 megapixel telemacro and 32 megapixel selfie camera. The main camera is great in theory, as pictures of colorful bold and details. However, sometimes pictures we took looked a little artificial, especially for portrait shots where darker areas could be absolutely crushed were pointing our finger at the ai scene. Optimization for that, the ultra camera is fine, nothing to write home about, but we absolutely love the telemacro camera which xiaomis used a few times before. This is great for close up photos of small objects or details and weve spent many photo shoots. Just capturing the details. Wed never normally see the selfie. Camera is good, especially the portrait mode which balances pictures and adds naturalistic looking background blur its fairly good for video too, but will let you be the judge because youre currently watching video shot on the front facing camera, and this is video recorded on the rear camera? What a segue video recording goes up to 8k at 24 frames per second or 4k at 60 frames per second, you can currently hear the audio recording with the phone as well were not using any microphones for this. Something we love about.

Xiaomi phones are their fun. Camera app modes and theyre back here in force professional photographers might turn their nose up at them, but for social media ready posts, theyre, perfect, theres, clone mode which lets you record two videos or photos and layer them over each other, theres, dual video mode which lets You record video on multiple cameras at once, but our favorite here is sky mode, which lets you artificially change the sky on pictures youve already taken, you can check out a few of our favorites right now. Battery life is something we were surprised by, because, even though the xiaomi 12 has a small screen, it has loads of top end features that drain the battery turns out, though the 4500 milliamp battery was enough to keep the phone going through a whole day of use. Every single day we have no complaints, theres fast charging too theres, 67 watt, wired and 50 watt wireless and both get the phone powered up for lightning fast. The xiaomi 12 packs the snapdragon 8 gen 1 chipset, and this is super fast, making the mobile great for gamers or people who do lots of work. There is a catch, though this chipset can heat up really quickly. We had to pause between rounds in multiplayer games. Sometimes, to let it cool down and thats, obviously not ideal. Another thing we found annoying about the phone, the software. We had a few issues with it. Some are bugs like apps just randomly closing summer features, though, when you install an app.

The scanner function opens over. Whatever else you were doing to tell you its safe, which obviously gets in the way of you using your phone, the software does bring few fun features, though me ui, which xiaomi layers over android 12 here lets. You add your own pictures to the always on display, which we obviously immediately set to be a picture of us. The xiaomi 12 is a good phone and we do prefer it to samsungs flagship in a few areas like its curved edge display super fast charging or telemacro camera. There are some rough edges, though. The lack of a zoom camera really hurts, as does the software bugs and the fact the chipset gets really hot generally were positive towards this phone, but our review cant be glowing if the chipset is so. What do you think about the xiaomi 12 positive negative keen to buy it going to avoid it? Let us know everything in the comments below also subscribe to techradar, for more video reviews like this and head over to techradar.com, to read the full written review by yours.