The super ride s1000, and what are we testing out were testing out the grab, grip and all their accessories and heres the best part. At the end of this video im going to tell you how to win your very own grab grip because thats right, they sent me two one for me and one for you so lets get into this video. So, as you can see, you can get some pretty sick angles with the super duper grab grip. This is a v2 were going to bring it up im going to show you a montage of a whole bunch of different shots, because i took this thing to sea world. I took this thing to disney world and ive, taken it out. Just cruising around the streets and im gon na put together a little compilation of a bunch of different shots that i made for you. So let me know what you think and then were gon na go back to the studio and im gon na show you everything up close and what it looks like and how to use it so lets get to it: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music whoa, Who comes to this happy place? Welcome disneyland, is your land here, age, relives, fond memories of the past, and here youth may savor. The challenge and promise of the future disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams and the hard facts that have created america, Music. Okay, so here we are back in the studio in the garage and im going to show you the grab grip.

Now what you need to know about this? This is a hydraulic stabilizer with no electronics whatsoever. Thats, why its called the grab grip. It relies on gravity, so its a very cool device, its completely waterproof, and you can use it in many different situations. Now what you do need to know is: it will stabilize your footage this way on this axis, but it will not stable it this way, so, if youre using it with your gopro, maybe put horizon lock on depending on what youre doing in a nutshell, what this Is is just a jib arm for your gopro, so you can go from a low shot to a high shot and your camera will always stay stable if it was not on this stabilizer. Whenever you raised your arm, your lens would point to the sky or to the ground. So this always gives you that forward. Look so its a really cool little setup to help you get some very cinematic shots lets come in a little closer and check out the components how it works and what you get with this okay. So this is the box that the grab grip comes in and yes, this is somebodys whos watching this videos grab grip. You will see at the end of the video how to win this lets open it up, and you can see it comes in a nice eco friendly package with the recycled cardboard instead of a big plastic tray, which is a side note, you will get a mount And this is a gopro mount with quarter 20.

very nice. You will get the grab grip itself. You will get a second hydraulic gear which i will show you how that works, and this is the actual mounting peg. I guess you would call it for the grab grip itself. Okay, so now im going to show you how to set this up, you take the peg and you come up through the little tension knob here. This is how you put tension on and set the height of your knob, and you just screw it to the right to tighten it up and lock it in lefty loosey. You can wiggle it around so once you put that on, you just simply screw the peg into the quarter 20.. Now i do have the media mod on this and its not really made for the media mod, but it works with it and you can see that it mounts like so now. What youre going to do is take your selfie sticker pole. This one is by grab grip; it is sold separately. Its very nice well cover this in just a second, and you will attach the grab grip to your selfie pole, so thats how you set up your grab, grip, okay, and you can see now that we have the peg, because this does hang your gopro upside down. As you can see, unless your orientation lock is on your gopro will automatically flip to your image, so it will be facing right side up when you record it now.

What this little setup on the top is, with the little rod is you can change the height of your gopro from the base? The closer up. You are the more this peg that sticks out the top, the slower your grab grip is going to react and if you loosen it and push it all the way down, well now youre going to get more movement, its going to move faster and its going to Be a little more shakier like so you see how it swings. So what you use that knob for is you find the happy medium and i find it close to the middle and what that will do is itll. Take that swinging action out of your grab grip as youre going up and down. I have found that when i record with this, if i do go a little quick and i get a little swing to it, it really doesnt affect the gopro image with the stabilization on it does a really good job of correcting for that graph grip was generous Enough to also send me their selfie pole. This is an all aluminum pole. Even has aluminum fingers where you attach your gopro with the little aluminum knob, and this is what i call like a quarter turn stick. You turn it about a quarter turn to unlock it and a quarter turn back and its locked, and you can double extend it to 33 inches long thats, including the little fingers.

And then, when you want to adjust it back, adjust it back and you can see it has the lock and unlock. So this is a very nice pole that was designed to work with your grab grip. I would fully recommend this its got the nice rubber grip as well, so you cant go wrong with this. Now you might be asking what is this little funny looking gear thing and what this is its actually a little hydraulic gear that can control swing rate of your grab grip? I know its going to be hard to see this little gear and where it goes, lets go ahead and break this loose, and you will see on the grab grip right here on the inside. This is where your mount is. You can pop this little cover and when you pop the cover, this is where your gear goes. If your grab grip is spinning too freely and youre getting too much swing, you can put the other hydraulic gear in to get a slower rotation speed. As you can see on the package with this one, it does say install for slower rotation, speed and then, if you move it and it moves too sluggish, then you get the one for the higher rotation speed and then, after you place your gear on you just Pop the cover back on and youre ready for action and, like i said, theres nothing on this thats going to rust. So it is waterproof and safe for use in the water im re boxing this for one of you lucky viewers who want to get a free grab, grip and whats great about this.

Not having electronics is its a lot more inexpensive than what you would pay for. A gimbal, but you can get some real quality shots with this, its light, easy to carry and very fun to use. As you saw from some of my clips, you can also get the smartphone adapter for the grab grip. If you dont have a gopro and the way this works, is you simply just screw the smartphone holder on and then now? This is ready for your smartphone lets, go ahead and tighten this up, put it on the selfie poll and lets get a smartphone, and you just mount your phone in like so, and now my phone can be used on the grab grip like so you might notice This does happen to be level or pretty level right now, but this phone holder is unique because and im going to try to get in close, you turn this sideways right here below my finger is a little screw hole. You break that loose with an allen key, and that gives you the ability to slide the phone holder back and forth and heres the allen key, and so what you do is youll just insert the little allen key you break that loose. Now you see how crooked my phone is, so what you do is, after youve broken that loose. You can slide this mount forward and back to level out your phone. Well, keep sliding it go forward, a little bit more and there you go.

So you can see how, as i make minor adjustments, it changes the pitch of the your phone, and sometimes you want to make these adjustments just to get a slightly different angle when youre going up and down and then once you find the angle, you like you Just take the allen key and tighten it back up and your settings will be saved and you can also buy the hydraulic variety pack and all these little hydraulic dampers all have different uh swing rates to them, and they come in a four pack that you can Buy separately, to give yourself more adjustability with your grab grip? Okay. So what do you think about the grab? Grip drop a comment down below. If you want to win this just comment down below what you would do with the grab grip, and you have to be willing to share your footage with me.