Today were going to be reviewing this wireless mic for smartphones from comica, so lets get it started Music before we get started. My name is ken lee and what we do here at dadston tech reviews is, we take everyday items that you might purchase on amazon or other purchase websites, and we review them so you dont have to sir. I just want to say thank you and, as always, everything that im using for my lighting equipment to my camera, to my microphones, to my computers, to the lighting that you see down here, everything that is in this video theres going to be a link down the Description, so you guys can check those things out also a link to this comica cvm ws50c wireless microphone. So if you want to check this out, some more go ahead and click on that link anyway. Lets get to this review really, not sure why i had my headphones off, so i just took them off so dont dont ask me anyway. So this is what comes in the box. It comes obviously with your two transmitters, this ones going to connect to your iphone or your smartphone, your android. Whatever else you got, and then this is actual transmitter that youre going to clip onto your pants or wherever else you got and youre going to connect the lavalier mic that it comes with. This is the cable that it comes with to connect to your smartphone. So, as you can see, it does not have a lightning port adapter for iphone.

So if you want to use this with your iphone like which im going to use, you just got to purchase the adapter and ill put that link down on amazon, i think its like 7.99 or 9.99, or something its not a lot of money for that. So anyway, it does not come with that, so youre gon na have to purchase that separately, usb charging port this little mini tripod, and what im gon na tell you about this little mini tripod. Is this thing is built? Well, i, when i pull this thing out, you buy some of these things. Theyre super cheap. This thing is heavy its strong. It feels durable. I dont know what its made of um, mostly plastic. I think here, but there definitely are some aluminum pieces and some metal pieces in here as well, so well done comica and of course you use your manual got ta have it, and it also comes with this carrying case its all formed out. So you can put everything in here for protection: nice foam around it and yeah its all formed up. So you just slap everything in travel pack off you go lets go and connect this to the phones. Just so you can see how easy it actually is. Im using an iphone 12 pro um, basically, the one thing you need to be aware of is where your camera is, especially if youre going to be filming this direction and using the mic now, if youre, just using a front facing camera, it really wont matter, but I like to have it just so i can use both.

If i want to, i got my camera lenses here. All you do is put this on after you untwist it twist. This down slide this in the spot off my lenses done its now secure one really nice feature actually is this little sticker here tells you which one should be connecting into your smartphone, its a smartphone right on it, and if this happens to come off, you know The gray theres a gray end and then theres a the black in there just put the gray one into your, your smartphone now again im using an apple, so i have to use the adapter ill go ahead and plug this guy in pop it into the back. Take this: this is going to connect right into there and we are now plugged in connecting this transmitter to the microphone connection. Here. Transmitter is super easy. All you got to do hit the power button once powers on here powers on here hit that power button and now youre set up so once youve got them connected, then you plug in the lavalier mic. Ive now got it connected, and then one thing that i really like about this is theres a headphone jack. I could plug my headphones into here into the transmitter and i can hear how the volume sounds. Is it too loud? Where are we at and i can make those adjustments right on the bottom? Sorry right on the bottom here, its just either down or up and now youre hearing the audio actually from this microphone im going to switch from that microphone to the lavalier and my phone audio recording here and im just going to slide this level up.

You can see as im sliding sliding sliding sliding sliding its going to get louder and louder and louder and louder and louder and louder and louder. I better not get too loud because its going to sound, really bad, but anyway, you can see how you can make those adjustments and so im still using this microphone right now its really that simple. So i can now that i have my audio set. My level set basically im just going to take my headphones out and now im ready to go im, ready to record im recording right now. You guys are hearing my audio right now, so you can use this simply separate. So you can use your camera and you can just do audio recordings to your smartphone or you can do this and now were recording from the cell phone were good to go, ive got the microphone set up and what im going to do is im actually walk Outside now, so you can see how the audio sounds outside so lets head on out alright. So i have this in selfie mode im outside my backyard, i am recording. You can see my dogs running around im using the microphone and yeah. How does this sound? You guys theres some wind going on right now, as you can see, the tree is moving in the background. We got some wind. How does this sound with the wind – and this is the cool thing you know you just flip your camera around now, youre filming your dog hes playing, get your toy wheres, your toy, oh nope, nope, oh boy, shes, excited now, because the neighbor dog is outside getting All kinds of cool stuff and im talking – i can even do this.

I can come all the way over here and you guys are still getting great audio or you can even do something like this or you could do something like this set up. Your tripod be way over here still get some great audio. I can walk up under the camera. We can do one of these type of cool film shots where im walking up on the camera and talking to you guys, all right were back inside the studio and were gon na switch back to the other camera right now, all right and we are back all Right, whatd, you guys think of that audio. How did it sound um? That was the mic test guys we just jumped right into it. We did not play any games, so leave a comment down below what you guys thought of the audio. So, of course, theres a ton of other features but well get to those. Now i just wanted to get to that audio test, so you guys could hear, because i know people dont like waiting around for that kind of stuff thats. What theyre here for they want to know what it sounds like by the way when youre purchasing this microphone theres a bunch of different options that you guys can do. You can do like a tripod like this. You can do one with like a little handheld thing that you can actually control the camera and different things and its pretty cool as well.

Also, you can add microphones to it. You can add two wire like actual microphones, so you can like interview, microphones, thats, pretty cool its all in the comic con website ill leave it down a link down in the description. It works off of six channels, working distance up to 60 meters in open area 30 meters in areas that have like obstacles. Ah, i knew it. I knew it the actual clamp that goes around the phone here. This is made out of metal. This thing is its made. Well i mean it feels heavy. It feels strong. It feels durable. I like that again, the stepless volume adjustment so easy, its just right there on the bottom up and down it yeah. I just went anyway really really easy adjustment for volume control again, because there are different packages that you can purchase im just going to talk about the package that i purchased. Okay, this one is currently selling on amazon for 169 dollars, but they have different ones again. If you, just if you dont, want the lavalier mic, you just want a microphone thats going to connect to this that ones. 143.. If you want like a huge package with the lavalier and a microphone thats 179, so only 10, more thats, pretty good anyway. Theres a lot of different options that you can do with this actual package and if you had any questions about compatibility again, it works with iphones with androids works with all smartphones, so super super easy plug and play wireless mic.

That sounds great. All thats left to do is decide. Does it get the dads, then stamp of approval? And yes, it does. This is a very nice wireless microphone for smartphones, okay, its made well its durable. It sounds great. The connectivity had no issues with connectivity and um im very pleased with the way that this thing performs. Congratulations comica on this microphone, its a great microphone happy to use. It im, definitely going to be adding it into my repertoire here at dazden tech reviews and my dads doing main channel. If you want to see that were over a million subscribers now so go check out that channel as well anyhow. Thank you again. Links will be in the description you guys can check those out and if you have any questions, if you have any questions at all, i know i didnt touch it on everything. But if you have any questions, leave it down in the comments and ill do my best to answer those questions for you guys all right that is going to wrap it up.