Now it may not look like much, but i promise you its going to fit all the needs that every vlogger does want, but before we get into it, like i said, if you do enjoy some of the videos i do release to this channel, please do head Down below drop a like, and even a comment to see, if you want to see future videos, uh come up towards this channel and, as always, dont forget hit the subscribe button, because it does mean a lot, and this does allow me to bring more content out To you guys watching so lets just get straight into it, Music. So here we have it. This is the vlogging kit we are looking at and the one theyve sent me obviously is in blank packaging. But what were going to be doing is taking a look at the inside and seeing actually what were working with so why dont we get. This unboxed actually see why this is an amazing vlogging kit. So if i open this up, we can see that everything is packaged, so im going to quickly get this all out, so you can see everything that were working with and well go from there. So this is everything we get in. The kit now were going to go for each bit of the kit and actually explain roughly whats going on, because there is quite a lot here, its amazing how much they actually were able to fit into that small box.

So lets go through each bit of kit and well go from there so starting off with a microphone here, we do have two different types of filters. They have supplied us with. So we do have one of the basic shoe covers here. This will be more for talking indoors, you know just to hide them little peas and all that sort of things that normally come out and project during your voice. Now the other one we have is more of the raccoons tail or the squirrels tail people call them all different names now inside here there is already one of these fitted, so it kind of doubles up as one of those as well, but because of the outside. As well its going to allow you to use this in outdoor environments to help produce all the winds and noise, so its pretty much going to help more outdoors, so its quite good that theyve supplied one of them. So all the microphone kit as well did come in quite a nice little leather bag here. But so you dont have to worry about any of this getting destroyed or losing anything. You can just pop it straight back in its bag, and you are on your way. So we also do have the hot shoe as well for the microphone and ive got admit. This is one of the first times ive actually seen this design normally its just a basic little. U shape, but microphone sits in here.

So when you are using this and also youve got four rubber band supports there, so the microphones gon na sit in there. So its not gon na worry about anything else. So its definitely gon na be anti shock and also we do have the basic um shoe cover here going on, and this fits nearly all cameras, all mountain equipment. You know like yeah tripods on the side here: youve got shoe equipment as well as the basic um thread size on the bottom. So if you do want to mount this on a tripod person, we also have that availability. Now we also do have two cables. Now the two cables are for obviously two different reasons: the 3.5 mil jack to 3.5 mil 90 degree jack or is going to be for your microphone to a mobile phone. You will need a converter for most newer phones. They dont actually have 3.5 mil jack. So you will need a conveyor, but this allows you to use it with your phone and this one will allow you to use it with your mirrorless camera dslr, and you know all different types of cameras that will allow a microphone in the face, as well as The cable going and threaded as well – and this is also a normal 3.5 mil jack to a 90 degree jack as well, now the microphone i do like the design. So they went for more of a red design, a black design with more its kind of like a rose gold red on the bottom there, which does look really nice 3.

5 mil jack on the bottom, and then youve got your microphone interface at the top and, like I said these do come with two fillers that go on very easily, so you can just have it like that and you are pretty much good to go to record whatever you are vlogging now this one i havent yet to see. Now this is your little bluetooth. Uh shutter button. Oh sorry, this is a little bluetooth shutter button. So if you are recording on say a tripod and you are studs several meters away, recording yourself instead of having to go up to the camera or up to your phone to start recording or take a photo, you can use this little device here. So if you click it on, you can see the little light go down there, so its trying to pair with the device you just pair this with your device and that little button allows you to take photos, start recording all that good stuff, and i also quite Like the carbon fiber design, theyve got going on there, which is really nice, so we also have a similar design for the uh smartphone holder, so a little button on the side there we go so that opens up and yes, this does fit a huge variety of Phones, i have a iphone 13 pro max going on here and that does fit in there quite nicely so youre not gon na, have to worry about this being an issue for the size of your phone.

I very i dont really think there is any larger phones out there im, not really sure about the new samsung phones. I dont know if theyre slightly bigger, but i know that the iphone 13 pro they are slightly wider than your longer. So yes, that does fit in there. It does also give you a little reading on the inside of what phones will fit or even small tablets. So it is quite nice to see little cushions on on the top and bottom there. So this is going to protect the device whatever. This is. Satin got more of a carbon fiber design with a little red switch going on there, and then we also do have the hot shoe at the top, with the thread as well, as you also have it on the side here. So you can youve got two different mount positions there, which is quite nice in the scene. Then you also have a hot shoe input at the top as well. So this will be for either your microphone or the light that it comes with. So they really have thought of all designs for that as well. Now we do have the light that actually comes with, which is actually quite a large. I see a square light as well with a hot shoe at the bottom for easy, uh access, but on this one well go to the inserts in a bit on this one. We do have three hot shoes as well.

So if you wanted to pop this down – and i know, connect uh connect the phone directly on top of it, you could do that if you wanted to connect your your microphone on the side, you can do that. If you add another light, you can get a converter naturally attached on, so they really have thought of everything when it comes to this, for the full availability of adding more and more accessories. So i have to say good job on that. So a little bit of fuel see if this is gon na be satisfying that was relatively, very satisfying so anyways. So this is the light so powered by usb type c. So they do give you a usb usb to usb type c charger which is nice to see, and then we have the light itself. So simple turn on itll tell you the mode and then youve got everything from the on off button as well as the light modes. So on off button. So we have the warm light, normal, a mix, mixture of a warm light and bright light and then just bright light, and then the two buttons on the side will increase or decrease the power of the light. I have to say that is relatively an extremely bright light. That is a very bright light, so i have to admit that is quite quite good, so yeah these are charged by usb type c, with the cable that you have got uh presented to you, and this as well can add so much like you know.

If youve got this connected on top of your phone, uh youve got your phone patched in. You know youre standing up like that. You can then put your microphone on the side and youre pretty much good to go. So you dont have to worry about having individual accessories and all that, so it is quite nice to see so the light also does come on the user manual. So its pretty much just going to tell you about the settings, anything that you need to know about it which we have just went through now we have the tripod and the tripod head. Now, when you see the tripod head, theyve got the logo going on there, as well as the normal thread going on as as well as a few other things. So lets start off. So we have the basic size thread gun on the side there for the top of the tripod, so that i can screw in and then on. The top is the the male fitting. So this is going to be for actually going into if you just want to use the microphone or, if youre, going to use it for the the lights or even, if youre just going to use it, as you normally would for the stand to have on your Phone now there is a little latch on the side there. If i untwist this, this gives us full 360 degrees of swivel as well as 90 degree tilt as well, which is also nice to see.

So this really is going to allow you all different varieties of uh usage with this. It does have a thread port on the side as well. So if you want to add anything else or even if you want to attach this to a tripod at a different level, you can do as well, so they have thought of a lot as well as on the top, where this is going to be, even if Youve got a camera sound here. This has got a protective layer of rubber, so its not actually going to damage your device or anything like that. So they have thought of that. Also now this looked a bit weird when i first saw it, i didnt really know what to think of it. So im gon na have to do on this camera because its a slightly darker. So this is the tripod that they have given us. So you know its your pretty pretty standard. Tripod youve got your threadboard on the side, which is where your camera or your phone or one of your devices will fit. But what happens if thats too tall like i its got no way to adjust? Well it it really does so these legs bend out. So if i bend that out like that, i now have a smaller tripod. I didnt realize that at first i kept thinking to myself and i was like: surely theres got to be something different about it, and yet there is its fully malleable.

So you can move this. However, you want look its a tripod gun like you can move this to. However, you want so like say: if youve got, i dont know see if youre trying to get the perfect shot around uh. You know a piece of metal a tree or anything like that. You can just pretty much just wrap it around that device, so im using my hand, for instance here just to get a clearer picture so see if thats, that so thats steady now im just attaching my camera to the side of it and get the perfect shot. That really is incredible. I have to admit, like i know some vlogging kits. You know they spend more money on, like the you know, the other accessories and the tripod pretty much gets left to last and they think uh well, just stick a well stick. A little cheap plastic one theyre never going to use it theyre just going to use their hand or, but they really have thought of everything like the microphones. Amazing theyve got the wind filters, which are great all the parts are made like really well. Yes, the majority of them are plastic, which is fair enough, but majority of them have like a carbon fiber finish. You know, theyve got the red and black theme going on even down to the microphone support. How theyve went for a different design of more for the shock mounts, which is also really nice to see even down to like the little leather bag you get, so i definitely have to wait.

They really have went all out with this. They really have. So i definitely have to say thank you for sending this over. I appreciate it so there we have it. That was the vlogging video now i have to admit. Ive had so many vlogging kits coming to this uh onto the youtube channel, ive reviewed all of them, and you know what ive liked all them, but theres always been that little thing where id be like. I probably would have preferred this. I would have preferred that what, if it had this, but what, if that didnt have this – and i always seem to have that issue now with this one – i didnt have that issue, because everything is how it should be down to the microphone to the color scheme. To even some of the wind filters that already have pop filters built into them, they sound great and, i have to admit they even act great but even simple things down to like the microphone housing like how theyve done the support and the structures down to the Light uh, i i pretty much cant, say a bad thing about it, and whether people in the comments believe that, because its sponsored or not, i have to admit theres, not one bad thing. I can say theyve pretty much ticked. Every single one of my personal boxes, of what i would like to see in a vlogging equipment, but then again you people watching at home.

You might have different aspect or different needs, so this might be for you. It might not be for you if you believe its for you, then please, head down the links in description, therell be a link there, so you go check one out for yourself, but i have to admit it ticks all the boxes. If you are a first time, vlogger youre, just starting off or even if youve already been in the game for many many years, this is something that could benefit you for a very long time. The build quality is amazing, and even if you just want to start with your mobile phone, vlogging, never mind going at the cameras. You know simple things like an iphone 13 pro max the camera on these and the picture quality is, it really is? The quality? Is un unbelievable? So something like this is going to be your next best friend you cant always rely on getting a camera. They can be pricey and theyre, not exactly always as reliable. You know. Battery life on a camera may not last as long as say a mobile phone. When one of the you know the battery capacity, guys is amazing. So if this is going to benefit you, please do head down the links description and, as always, if this video did help you in any way shape or form. Dont forget the like, subscribe and hit the notification bell.