With this phone xiaomi is trying to get the flagship killer tag. It comes with decent hardware specifications, along with great cameras, display, quality and more check it out. Starting at a price of around rupees, 40 000 xiaomi has loaded the new 11t pro smartphone with some attractive features. You get a qualcomm snapdragon, 888 chipset 120 hertz refresh rate display 120 watt fast charging, 108 megapixel triple camera setup, stereo speakers from harvard garden, and you also get three years of android updates along with four years of security updates. This means you can expect to use this phone for around four years with hardware capabilities and the promise of software updates Music. Talking about the design of this phone, this phone looks pretty familiar. There is no fancy design elements at all. Having said that, its pretty compact and easy to use with one hand overall looks a decent and it gets the job done. The xiaomi 11t pro comes with a glass rear panel and the frame is made of plastic on the front. Xiaomi is offering corning gorilla glass victors protection. The sides of this phone are curved, making it easier to grip this large phone. There is ip53 rating, making this phone splash proof, but note that it is not waterproof. The build quality is sturdy and the finish is quite smooth. Now there are a few things you may not like about the new xiaomi 11t pro smartphone. For starters, there is no headphone jack its surprising, because the cheaper xiaomi 11i smartphone comes with a headphone jack and support for external mics for video recording next up there is no micro sd card slot.

So if you are already using a micro sd card, then you need to figure out storage space for your personal data, now its a 40 000 rupee phone and you still get a side mounted fingerprint scanner and not an in display fingerprint sensor. Thankfully xiaomi has included the ir remote sensor with which you can control your home appliances like tv setup, box, ac and other gadgets. The device comes in three color options: moonlight white, meteorite, black and celestial blue Music. As far as the display is concerned, youre getting all the top notch features along with support for dolby vision, and this is an amulet panel as well. The xiaomi t pro comes with a 6.67 inch amoled dot display with full hd plus resolution. The display offers 20 to 9 aspect ratio with up to 120 hertz refresh rate and a pixel density of ‘5 pixels per inch. To add to that there is dolby vision, support and hdr 10 plus enhances picture quality greatly. The view angles are good and you wont face any issues when using the phone in the direct sunlight. The color production is good as well and with support from 120hz refresh rate. Everything appears smooth on this phone note. The refresh rate is not adaptive. That means you have to manually opt between 60hz and 120hz. Refresh now lets talk about the performance of the xiaomi 11t pro now youre, getting a top notch, snapdragon chipset, along with lpddr5 ram and faster efs, 3.

1 storage. So in real life, you really cant do anything with this phone that can mark its performance, powered by a tried and tested qualcomm snapdragon 888 chipset. This phone is a delight to use this phone will easily. Please average users with its performance capabilities and even the so called pro users who may be into too much gaming will find it hard to complain. Also, there is not much of a heating issue with this phone as well. There are three variants of this phone. You can buy the phone with 8gb of ram and 128gb of internal storage or 8gb of ram with 256gb of internal storage. Finally, there is a top end variant with 12gb of ram and 256gb of storage. As already mentioned, there is no microsd card slot its a dual sim phone with support for 5g connectivity. So the moment india gets 5g. You can continue to use this phone like with all xiaomi phones. This phone 2 runs miui interface. Xiaomi is offering miui version 12.5, which is based on android 11 operating system. The phone comes pre installed with a lot of unnecessary apps, which thankfully xiaomi lets you delete. Overall, the experience is quite smooth and there arent any software issues as well. Talking about the battery life, this phone will easily last a little more than a day, and the best part is that you get a 120 watt charger inside the box, which can fully charge this phone in around 20 minutes.

This device comes with a 5000 mah battery with support for 120 watt xiaomi hyper charge technology that was introduced with the xiaomi 11i series. There is little reason to complain about the battery life of the phone when you just need around 20 minutes to get the phone to fully charged Music. Talking of the cameras of this phone, the 108 megapixel triple camera setup does a decent job in clicking photos for regular usage. Overall, the image quality is pretty good. The color production is fine as well talking about the camera. This phone features a triple camera setup with a 108 megapixel sensor with an aperture of f 1.75 secondary sensors include an 8 megapixel ultrawide angle sensor and a 5 megapixel micro sensor. At the front it gets a 16 megapixel selfie shooter for clicking selfies for average users. The camera capability of this phone will easily please them the colors are decent and overall, the images look quite vibrant. The selfies look great as well for social media users. However, under low light, the selfies are disappointing. If you are into serious mobile photography, you will have a mixed reaction about the image quality. This is because the images tend to look quite over saturated. At times there is hdr 10 plus video recording, along with support for making 8k videos. The video output is pretty decent and you can use this phone for making content for your youtube channel. On the audio front, there is dual symmetrical stereo speakers by harvard garden, along with dolby atmos support and high risk audio certification, Music.