5 x, 7.2, millimeters folded, 87.3 x, 75.5, x, 15.2, millimeters weight 190 grams display size 6.9. Slash 1.04 inches type, foldable oled, slash, oled resolution 1188 x, 2790, 340 x, 340, pixels density 442, slash 328 pixels per inch, refresh rate 144, hertz peak brightness, 803, nits, positive points, 1, dual sim, 2, 1b, colors, 3, excellent, refresh rate 4. lightweight and excellent design. 5. Excellent material glass, front glass, back aluminum frame negative points; one not waterproof; two no screen saver Music; smash that subscribe button, Music performance and connectivity, cpu, snapdragon, 888 gpu, adreno, 660 ram, 8, 12 gigabytes, storage, 256, 512 gigabytes operating system, emui 12 and two to benchmark 768513 Wln: dual band: wi fi direct hotspot, bluetooth, 5.2, a2dp le gps; yes, with a gps up to tri band usb usb type c 2.0 usb on the go fingerprint side mounted: Music, positive points: 1, nfc, 2, accelerometer, euro proximity, compass barometer, color spectrum, uv illuminator, glonass, 3, Bds 3: galileo, 2 qcss, 2 nav ic, 3, superb hardware, negative points; 1, no radio and 5g 2. No, google play services; 3. Usb type version is old, camera section cameras triple wide 40, megapixels, f, slash 1.8 pdaf laser af ultra wide 13 megapixels f, slash 2.2. 120 degree af wide 32 megapixels, f, slash 1.8 af video main camera 4k at 60, fps 1080p at 240. Fps euro is selfie 10.7 megapixels f, slash 2.2 video selfie 4k at 60fps 1080p at 240, fps camera review main camera.

The image quality is very good and the dynamic range is excellent. Ultra wide the image quality is very good and the dynamic range is excellent, but the details of the image are not the best. It has. Autofocus and macro photos have great detail. Fluorescence creates very attractive images that have never been seen in mobile phones, selfie. The selfie camera is not very good quality, but because of the extra screen you can take great selfies with the rear cameras. Video recording the quality of the recorded videos is very good. With rear and front cameras you can record 4k videos and also with front and rear cameras. You can have slow motion movies up to 240 frames per second Music smash that like and subscribe button sound and battery loudspeaker. Yes, with stereo speakers capacity, leap of 4000 milliampere hours fast, charging, 40 watt, reverse charging 5w positive points. One good charging speed negative points: one poor, sound quality and intensity; two, no wireless charging; three, no three point: five: millimeters jack, four poor battery capacity, conclusion section positive points, one lightweight and excellent design; two very good screens, three: superb hardware: four, very good cameras: five good Charging speed negative points: 1, not waterproof; 2, no screen; saver, 3, no radio and 5g 4; no, google play services; 5; poor, sound quality and intensity; 6 poor battery capacity; 7, no 3.5, millimeters jack 8; no wireless charging, alternative, section, samsung, galaxy z, flip 3, 5g and Samsung galaxy z, fold 3, 5g and apple iphone 13, pro max and huawei p50 pro and motorola razer 5g and samsung galaxy s 22.

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