The nokia 105 has a 1.77 inch qq vga display a headphone, jack and micro, usb port, an 800 mah removable battery 4 megabytes of internal storage and 4 megabytes of ram. It runs on the series 30 plus operating system has a max network speed of 2g and it comes in a single or dual sim edition, and it is for sale from 279 rand lets see what you get in the box, removing the plastic and open in the Box, you will find the nokia 105 a micro, usb charger, the 800 mah removable battery and a user guide, which is very important for this device right lets. Take a closer look at the nokia 105 africa edition on the front of the device are physical buttons. Unlike smartphones of today, as well as the 1.77 inch display Music, the polycarbonate back has no camera and feels well made Music. Underneath you will find the micro usb port and headphone jack and at the top, a flashlight. The back cover is removable, as this is where the battery and the sim card go. This is bringing back loads of memories right now, Music, after inserting the 800 mah battery and your sim card, which im not going to do now. You put the cover back on and then you are good to go Music to turn on the nokia 105. The power button, which also ends calls, is held Music, pressing buttons versus using a touchscreen, brings back memories for sure and im loving the sounds that it makes from the single speaker located above the display.

The device has a solid and modern design that fits perfectly in your hands. You can get the phone in either charcoal or blue the inherent color minimizes, the visibility of any potential scratches. The phone is also really light, as it only weighs 70 grams. The nokia 105 runs the series 30 plus operating system and is really easy and simple to use Music. If smartphones are too complicated for you, then the nokia 105 is what you need simply press the middle button in the direction that you want to go Music. You can listen to news sports and entertainment on the go with the wireless fm radio without needing to plug in a we heard, youre headset through a tough time, but we would like to lend you and yeah just say that someone cares someones listening. We cant offer money, but we can offer a gesture of support and affirmation. So if you know of someone who can Music pup, the nokia 105 also has a built in torch to help. You light the way when youre in the dark, thanks to load shedding put Music Music. The nokia 105 comes with pre loaded games, including snake, to keep you entertained, plus many more games. There is enough storage space for up to 2000 contacts. I mean i dont even know 2 000 people put in all of their details right at your fingertips, plus with room for up to 500 sms messages. Theres no hurry to clear out your text.

Music nokia devices are known to last for days on ends, and this device is no different. Thanks to the 800 mah battery, the nokia 105 comes with a battery that lets. You chat for hours on a single charge and when you need to power up, youll be doing it with the handy micro, usb charger Music uh. What Music, when the nokia 105 rings, you can choose from a few ringtones but in particular the classic nokia ringtone. I mean why would you not use it in 2022, Music, uh, uh, Music, Music, you up up Music, Music up Music, Music, Music overall, the nokia 105 is really well made, and it should last years and years much like any nokia device that i have seen the Nokia, 105 africa edition is available from 279 rand from selected retailers. So if you are looking for an easy to use and complicated phone, the nokia 105 africa edition is definitely for you. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and dont forget to like and subscribe.