Probably personally, my favorite smartphone, the no phone air lets go on to the video one thing that i really like about. Xenophone air is well okay, so heres a little history. Okay. So there was this company called no phone which they it was basically um. A plastic smartphone that was just a slab of plastic and then two years later they came out with no phone air which honestly it was miles better, its specs just so much better. I think they gave people what they really wanted other than like this phone. That has like a camera and stuff just its the simplest version of a smartphone that i think you could get and honestly for the cheap price which i actually dont own one. Well, actually, i sort of own one – i just dont own the packaging but use, but you actually own a no phone air. So why are you still watching, but dont leave? Okay, so first lets start off with the specs, so i didnt need to put a spec sheet for this one because theyre pretty easy, so its got a zero megapixel camera, its got a zero pixel density. I dont know um pixel density and um zero resolution. Um display it has got zero ports on it, which is one of my favorite features. I actually think um and its got a zero milliamp hour battery. I am honestly so you know all these people theyre getting like theyre just getting destroyed on youtube like put a bigger battery in this.

This display is not high enough resolution, so i like what no phone did theyre just like you know what were not gon na give you anything now you have nothing to complain about and i think thats really worked, because there is nothing to complain about this um. I am going to go, get a true smartphone to compare it to just show how much better this no phone actually is hold up now word for my affiliate sponsor honey honey is an online coupon browser extension and works on over a thousand different sites. To find you coupons, and it has tons of other features like you can add something to your drop list. So itll notify you whenever the price goes down and it can even show you whenever the price drops or if its risen in the past 30 days and theres also honey gold. So, every time that you buy something with honey, you will get rewarded with some honey gold which you can then redeem for gift cards. And if you go down to the link below and download it from there, it really helps my channel out a ton and you can save a lot of money. Thank you to honey for affiliate, sponsoring my videos so anyways so im doing a fundraiser for the accf. It is the atlanta cancer camera foundation and, basically what it does. Since cancer can take a toll on your family um. We have some friends that uh yeah, it just seems extremely hard, so um.

I am doing every subscriber that i gain im donating another dollar to the accf um. Thank you all. So much ive donated um huh. How much i havent checked my subscriber count in a while um. But yes, so um. We all have helped out a ton, and it just goes straight to those families in need who maybe had to give away everything that they had and yeah just go straight to them to help them out so um yeah back on with the video okay. So i have to wear this because these are just experiencing how good the nopony is. I can. I can barely use this next to these so much worse, smartphones. So you can have smartphones out okay, theres fat sheets. You know pretty good, but then you got ta crack display on them like what no phone did you cant get any crack displays. You cant go wrong with that, or it can be too weird to be not that practical, actually, those are made now. This would actually probably be more practical, but still another avoids that by not designing anything or smartphones can go dead. This one right here how about charges but or you can have the no phone which it its always dead. So i mean thats the way that it was designed so its not theres, nothing wrong with that, its supposed to be dead, its not too weird, because theres, no design or youre never gon na get a display crack because theres never any display.

Now those are just a few one of the amazing things. Another one is the durability. Now you know normal films once you drop them im too scared or you can blend your phones like i do classic once you drop them, they can get scuffed and you know who wants that? Well, what no phone did it since its not a thing you cant even drop it its like its the only way to make something fully drop proof in my opinion, and it is by far the better option. I mean you cant. Think of one bad thing lets take, for example, the price well, normal smartphones can range anywhere from you know. A budget smartphone is around four hundred dollars or they can go up from the thousands, but the no phone air was around just thirty dollars, but you didnt even have to buy one. Like i dont even know. I know phone air, but i have one see i have actually like hundreds of no phone errors on this table, because all it is is air. So then you just pick it up boom. You cant go wrong with that. Youll never lose your phone because you can always just boom grab. It then theres, your phone youre, never going to lose it literally. Please, in the comments, try to give me something: thats, not good about this phone. I mean look at it. You you cant break it since you tried to repair it. Theyd just be like theres, no thumb there, because exactly its the notes on air so anyways.

Where was i yes, thats the point, its not a phone, but it is a phone and if you want it with the packaging, then you can buy it and actually, i think the price i think price might actually be lower. Um ill put the real price but yeah you if you want to keep the packaging and then go ahead and buy it, but you dont even need to buy it. Oh sorry, before before we leave just um theres, nothing to complain about. So, thank you all for watching make sure to go down to the affiliate link below and order honey. You can actually. Probably, if you actually want the package, you can maybe even get a discount on if you just download honey and um and that helps out the channel a lot so anyways.