The company substantially improved the cameras and packaged a high spec phone into a premium body. Now, after several other oneplus phones offered lower prices with lesser spec sheets, the company is focusing on the oneplus 10 pro. Yes, theres, no vanilla, oneplus 10. This time around, and in fact this phone has long been available in china already. In fact, the company has been teasing this device since well january, with a 6.7 inch, 120 hertz amoled display snapdragons latest processor, a bigger battery and a gorgeous new green color. Was it worth the wait Music? A quick note, while you can cover this green option in the us, oneplus will be initially selling the black model with 8 gigs of ram and 128 gigs of storage for 899, the company says the green version, with 12 gigs of ram and 256 gigs of storage. Will arrive later, but didnt mention pricing besides memory and color, though theyre otherwise, two identical phones. The major hardware detail is the camera unit featuring three camera sensors, as well as a flash, as you can see here, its all surrounded by meta, which bleeds over into the edge of the frame, its a little design touch, but im glad this phone is looking at Least, a little bit more different than the existing oneplus phones and its oppo siblings, and all the other phones have just decided to go with this rectangle of camera. Sensors theres also a translucent, transparent kind of finish that reminds me of the back of the iphone 13 pro the oneplus logo seems to be etched into this.

I thought it was a sticker theres, still some hasselblad branding written along the side of the camera unit, but its thankfully a little subtler than previous designs for those die hard fans. Dont worry the oneplus alert. Slider is still here yet again, its located above the power button and switches between silent vibrate and full volume modes, each of which can be manually tweaked to your personal preference, theres, a usbc port supporting 80 watt super vooc charging. Well, talk about that a bit more later and stereo speaker grilles along the bottom edge and a volume rocker as usual on the left side for the 10 pro oneplus has upgraded the selfie camera to a 32 megapixel sensor, but its still a pinhole camera set in The top left corner of the screen the front facing camera works with face unlock while theres also an in screen fingerprint scanner as well. Both seemed faster to me than oneplus last phone and the fingerprint sensor has been shifted higher up the phone screen, making it easier to access too. So, while the oneplus 10 pro looks plenty different to last years, 9 pro theres, an awful lot of specification, overlap. The tempos 6.7 inch screen is the same size and resolution as the companys last flagship phone, which also had adaptive refresh rates up to 120 hertz. This years phone does have an upgraded ltpo display, however, which oneplus says is better optimized for dynamic changes in refresh rates.

Youd be hard pressed to notice any discernible difference. However, between the 10 pro and the 9 pro screens, both are crisp, bright and colorful, while more and more phones are now adopting this adaptive refresh rate tech in their screens, i believe oneplus does it better than most its screens often scale down to one hertz refresh Rates, which means theres more power saved on screen content that doesnt require higher refresh rates, and that will lead to better battery savings according to oneplus. This upgraded screen should translate to one and a half extra hours of battery life compared to last years 9. Pro comparisons with last years, oneplus flagship come up again when it comes to the cameras the company proclaims. This is its second generation hasselblad camera, and that means further advances in its one billion color solution, which is a feature that still struggles to sell itself and even more improvements to the hasselblad pro mode built into the camera app itself, but glancing at the spec sheet. Even if the camera array itself looks notably different, the oneplus 10 pro has very similar camera sensors. In fact, it even has one less sensor than last years. Oneplus 9 pro yes, weve lost the monochrome sensor, which really isnt a big deal. It was a low 2 megapixel sensor that i didnt really miss at all. Otherwise, a lot of the numbers match theres a sony made 48 megapixel primary sensor, a 50 megapixel ultra lens this time, capturing across 150 degree views and made by samsung and yet another middling 8 megapixel telephoto camera that tops out at 3.

3 times optical zoom. The primary sensor captures detailed images, especially when youre in well lit surroundings. Oneplus has further refined the sensor to improve dynamic range and noise reduction in images and youll still get the best shots from the pixelbind 12 megapixel mode. If you do want to capture all the detail, you possibly could, however, theres a high res shooting mode, thats, easily accessible on most notes of the camera. App. The new ultrawide camera gets a few tricks too, including a new fisheye capture mode thats, a bit of a gimmick, but its also kind of fun too. You can switch between mild and strong fisheye effects and, while im not going to win any photography awards for the results, theyre clean and its a fun addition. Yet again, the telephoto camera remains the weakest part of the oneplus camera proposition shots. Given the 8 megapixel resolution seem blurry and low on detail, sometimes my photos just lacked color and vitality and thats a shame because i like to use the telephoto cameras on phones a lot. I like the compositional freedom. It offers me when im shooting shots out in the wild and yeah. I just said: compositional freedom whats wrong with me: testing, oneplus flagship against the likes of the iphone 13 pro and the pixel 6 pro the 10 pro was able to hold its own, but it definitely wasnt the best camera phone there. To be honest, a lot of the results looked pretty similar to what we found on the 9 pro last year.

The oneplus 10 pro occasionally struggled with scenes with high dynamic range when there are areas of both high and low lighting. Take a look at this scene. Mixing in the high detail of the plant in the foreground and open fire and a bright neon sign in the back, the oneplus 10 pro couldnt quite tame. The aggressive lighting blowing out the neon sign a little too much. The iphone captured the scene in slightly warmer tones while the pixel was slightly cooler. When i compared the photos, however, it was the oneplus 10 pro, even if it like the detailed dynamic range that had correctly nailed the colors of the scene. So perhaps that hasselblad partnership is working but then again, which would you choose slightly more accurate, colors or a higher dynamic range id, probably go for the latter. I took a closer look at photos from both the 10 pro and the 9 pro and many were indistinguishable from each other. However, the 10 pro did edge last years phone when it came to night photography, whether that was due to computational improvements with a faster chip or one plus his own internal calibrations and tweaks. Having said that, oneplus night photography and the ai assistant is a little too heavy handed, adding a little bit too much brightness. I didnt think that would be a complaint to low light scenes. It all comes out a little bit too unrealistic software wise, the new hasselblad pro mode works across all three camera sensors.

This time, adding fine controls like iso levels as well as 12, bit raw capture for those willing to deep dive into image. Editing its one pluses latest phone to feature raw plus 2, which attempts to combine all the information of a photo augmented by the computational image capture weve seen in most phones over the last few years was i using raw plus capture over the more stripped down auto Mode, rarely if at all, but its at least another option for people looking to eek out the most from their camera phones, oneplus has long been able to balance a streamlined, android experience close to stock while adding its own tweaks and features the 10 pro doesnt change. That reputation, despite a closer collaboration with oppo and a shared code base, in fact, apparently one of the reasons that the 10 pro took so long to arrive after its debut in china was that more time was needed to tweak the software oneplus oxygen. Os version 12. For reasons beyond china now this is something i often like about oneplus phones, but i appreciate the ability to easily switch off os editions that i dont need. The oneplus shelf is a pop up menu that can be pulled down from the top right corner of the phone made up of adjustable tiles. Like you know, those widgets youve been able to add to your home screen on android. For about a decade, i dont need it and i get frustrated when it would pop up instead of the standard android drop down menu.

Thankfully i can just tap the settings cog inside the shelf and turn the feature off entirely. One feature i wont be turning off is a new ai adaptive brightness feature. The temp pro can actually learn your preferences when it comes to screen brightness and the phone will actually adjust those brightness levels before you have to now artificial features inside your smartphones are nothing new, but theyre, often hard to notice in day to day use. Think battery optimizations that are meant to adapt how you use your phone and reduce power consumption. There are also a few gaming improvements to make the most of the new snapdragon 8 gen 1 chip. The hyper boost game engine courtesy of oppo tries to stabilize frame rates during gaming sessions, while also increasing the responsiveness of the touchscreen through a new feature called osync. Both suffer, though, from my issue of behind the scenes, ai optimizations its hard to discern when theyre kicking in. If at all, and of course, these features, arent really meant for streaming, services like xbox cloud or even stadia. These are for mobile games built into the phone running off the phone. The 10 pro was otherwise not phased by anything i threw at it, which has been true for most phones, weve, seen powered by qualcomm snapdragon 8gen1, while playing a video on repeat the bigger 5000 milliamp battery took over 14 hours to run down, which isnt great compared To roughly 17 hours of rundown time, we got from samsungs galaxy s 22, plus a further benefit from oppos rnd budget.

The oneplus 10 pro supports 80 watts. Super voc charging, yes sure fast, charging isnt anything new for oneplus, but damn this is genuinely fast. With the appropriate charger. Dont worry one comes in the box. The 10 pro can be fully charged in a mere 32 minutes. If you want even faster charging, oneplus says its new supercharging tech can take the phones battery from naught to 61 in a mere 15 minutes, and my real life tests are pretty much a line on those numbers as well, its incredibly impressive and finally, its a feature. You wont see in last years, nine pro but will be getting with this years. Flagship oneplus was on a roll last year. It proved it could deliver a high end flagship experience that could go toe to toe with the best of iphone and the best of the galaxy s family. However, with the oneplus 10 pro, the company has struggled to push the envelope any further. The oneplus 10 pro has impressive, fast charge capabilities. A gorgeous screen thats, incrementally better than last years model and oxygen. Os continues to add more to the android experience without derailing it. I especially like how the green version looks, but at the same time the smartphone competition moves fast, oneplus might have nailed its phone camera last year, but its not at the same level of the best camera phones. So far, in 2022., its computational photography seems overtly aggressive and the telephoto camera again disappoints when the pixel 6 pro also costs the same 899 dollars its hard to recommend the oneplus 10 pro, especially to die hard oneplus fans looking to upgrade from their 9 pro there.

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