Ladies and gentlemen, fat stick up here and i present to you the latest budget device offered by xiaomi the redmi note 11 pro in this video ill, be reviewing it and also give you guys my thoughts, whether it is worth upgrading from the redmi note. 10 pro to this new device, now lets start with the unboxing experience. Okay, so for the unboxing experience, let me again track the sim ejector to last, as it is the first thing that groups you as soon as you begin opening it, the sim ejector to sit on an envelope that carries the phone safety, information, booklet, quick, start guide And also a warranty booklet next out of the box is the device itself wrapped in plastic that carries basic highlights of the device. Permit bit also mentioned that the color that i have here is called star blue and there are two more color options, namely graphite, gray and polar white moving on is their signature, orange theme, uav type c, cable, seated right beside an unbelievable 67 watt, two ball charging Crazy fast power, brick uh, thats impressive, the number – this sounds quite impressive, considering that the device comes with a five thousand milliamp battery, but were going to talk about that pretty soon now, moving on to build quality. Just like the redmi note, 11s, the redmi note 11. Pro here itself looks and feels like a premium device and little less of a mid range device that it is.

The device is compact and sturdy, and it weighs in at about 201 grams, which makes it a lot heavier than its counterparts, which is the redmi note. 11S, the device frame is made from plastic, which isnt bad for a mid range device. However, it comes with a corning gorilla, glass, 5 protection in front and also its much loving glassware as well. It also has ip53 certification, which comes back from last year. Redmi note 10 pro and as usual, you should be able to withstand water splash. If you happen to drop it inside water, you can take it out immediately with no problem at all, but you know what guys please dont put your phone inside water thinking. It is water resistance, as it might not survive its place. Okay, moving on to the standard features of this device, the roadman 11 pro doesnt disappoint at all on the right side of the device. Weve got the regular up and down volume, rocker keys and the power button, which also serves as a fingerprint scanner for extra security. As usual, the fingerprint sensor is easily accessible and also feels different from the volume rocker case, which is one of the features i love about. Xiaomi devices, unlike the redmi note, 11s theres, nothing on the left side of this device. As a sim card, housing has been moved to the bottom of the device, its a hybrid sim card, tray that accept dual nano sim card or just one sim card, along with a micro sd card.

Also at the bottom weve got a usb type c charging port. A microphone and a speaker grille on top of the device weve got a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, another speaker and also another microphone. An ir blaster is a signature feature on most xiaomi devices and it always comes handy when you want to remote control your home electronics with your smartphone. Maybe i should do a video on how to set up and use io blaster on various home electronics using xiaomi devices. What do you guys think drop a comment below? Let me know what you think about that. Finally, moving on to the rear of the device, we have a quad camera setup alongside the flashlight also seen on the back is their beautiful and sleek redmi branding now lets hear what from our sponsor skillshare. If you want to learn something new that will yield better output, skillshare is the right place for you. Skillshare is an online learning community, with thousands of inspiring classes for creators and people who want to learn new skills. You can learn skills like photography, video editing, web development, film and video production. Ive been learning a lot from thomas deja on a topic how to create engaging videos for youtube. He talks about the concept in action. Finding that golden moment and choosing the right music for your project and ill tell you guys. It has been amazing. Skillshare does not support us and this means zero distraction which, in return, will allow you to focus more on your creative journey.

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The display super amazing for consuming media content and that optimum satisfaction is guaranteed. Okay now lets talk about performance. The redmi note 11 pro comes with 8 gigabytes of ram that can be effectively extended to 11 gigabyte through memory extension. It also runs mediatek halo g96 chipset, which means that your normal day to day activities like browsing the web chatting and listening to music is a very easy task for the device to handle. So, while running both the antutu and geekbench test, it shows impressive cause which is in line with last years. Redmi note 10 pro the mediatek hilo g96 processor is known to get warm under heavy use. So xiaomi decided to solve this problem by using their liquid cooling technology for an advanced temperature control. However, the phone will still get warm while being pushed to its limit and it tends to reduce the display refresh rate during such times out of the box. The redmi note 11 pro is running miui 10 seated on android 11., its particularly at this point that im so worried, while xiaomi opted for a downward instead of an upgrade. Considering that the redmi note 10 pro is currently running on android 12. im quite disappointed that the device released in 2022 is running android 11 out of the box, but im pretty sure this device will be getting a software update to android 12 very soon. But why do it now lets talk about the camera? The redmi note 11.

Pro comes with a quad camera behind that comprises 1.8 megapixels main sensor, an 8 megapixel to what camera a 2 megapixel macro and a 2 megapixel dev sensor. It is basically almost the same setup as last years model a 16 megapixel camera graces, the front of the device for selfies photos from the redmi note. 11. Pro are good for this class and they offer accurate punchy. Colors good contrast and high dynamic range is high, but not over the top, and the image are noticeably over sharpened. For the most part, they are decent, especially when the lighting conditions are good. Portrait photos come out great too, as the subjects are well exposed, detailed and colorful, coupled with a very proficient separation. Selfie images are very okay for this class. It is sharp with details and also has good contrast for low light and nighttime selfies. The device uses a screen flash to illuminate its subject as theres no front facing flashlight, hey guys. So this is a real footage from the redmi note, 11 pro im currently shooting in 1080p 30 frames per second, which is actually the highest resolution. This device can go and its somehow shameful that uh, but the footage looks okay, and i like the fact that the footage is well stabilized. Let me go ahead and walk a little faster. Can you guys see now that the footage is very stable or should i go ahead and run okay? Music? As you can see, the footage is very stable.

You guys, let me know what you think about it: the video quality and the audio quality. In the comments section below all right, hey what up, what up guys. So this is the front facing camera of the redmi. Note. 11. Pro conversation in 4k. Thats a lie: you cannot shoot 4k, okay accordingly to the 1080p 30 frames per second. And what do you guys think the footage looks okay. I like the skin tone right here. I like the color production. So what do you guys think? What do you guys think? Let me know down in the comment section below Music now: im talking about its battery. The revenue 11 pro comes with a 5 000 milliampere battery, which can comfortably carry for a full day on a single charge. However, the battery drains faster when its under high performance and starts getting warm. Nevertheless to help you charge such a big battery capacity. It comes with a super fast 67 watt charger out of the box. This out of this wall break was able to juice up the device from zero to 100 in just 43 minutes. I still feel like that is crazy, like that is insane and, to be honest, this is the first time a feature of this device has really made this device. Look like an upgrade to last years model. You could say that i saved the best for the last right so guys. In conclusion, you can see that the redmi note 11 pro is such a great mid range smartphone one can get right now, even though it comes with somewhat old chipsets but thats.

Why? Its also budget friendly, because newer processor, on a phone with this type of build quality, great features and a good camera would definitely skyrocket the price. Yes, this webinar 11 pro costs about 160, 000 or 285 dollars, and, to be honest, the redmi note 11. Pro is not a worthy upgrade to its predecessor, but it will definitely satisfy anyone who wants to buy a new device so guys. These are my thoughts about the redmi note 11 pro. It is an amazing device and i would highly recommend it. So thank you. So much for watching. Please kindly share your thoughts with me down in the comments section below if you enjoyed watching this video, give me a like and also subscribe to the channel if you havent already again.