That succeeds the a22 from last year. You would expect this to be a definite upgrade from its predecessor. Well, is it or is this yet another pc? Let me help you dissect the a23 to better inform you before you go purchasing the smartphone, and so without taking much of your time, yo guys lets get started out of the box. You would expect to see the paperwork. The smartphone itself in the usual rap, as with samsung devices, usbc cable for charging and connection, and also a 15 watts charging brick. The first time i held the smartphone. The first thing i realized here was how smooth the rare felt instead of the mat. Like finish, we have from the samsung galaxy a53. You realize this smartphone has the smooth and glossy texture, just like we got last year from the a22, but nothing in terms of the design here shows that the a23 is a continuation of the a22. In fact, it really does borrow design cues from the galaxy 83 and a53 this year. This build is made out of plastic and thats a plastic frame and rare with that, crafted the red to help you use the smartphone comfortably in one hand, as this is a really huge device for context. The smartphone is bigger than the a53 from last year. Now you get the whole, i o port as expected, and the audio jack is also still retained on the smartphone, a single down firing speaker reasonably loud, a dual sim tray with a dedicated memory.

Expansion slot to the left side of the smartphone and also the side mounted fingerprint scanner which doubles as the power button to the right side of the smartphone just below the volume rocker keys. You shouldnt expect any ip reading for the galaxy a23 as theres. None here – and this is just samsung – trying to improve on the a22 from last year, but not by much in terms of the physical build and design this year on the samsung galaxy a23, we get a thin film, transistor or tft display. I would definitely consider this a downgrade from the amoled display we got from the a22 last year, although this also refreshes at 90 hertz, and it comes in at 6.6 – inch in size with a dew drop style notch. It is not the brightest, not the most pleasant. Looking display out here well theres a gorilla glass 5 protection this time, but you have to realize that there isnt any form of plastic film protection out of the box with the samsung galaxy a23. Now could this display have been any better, considering the display tech used on it and also considering the competitors for this price? I would say yes, but is it a deal breaker having a tft display on here? Not exactly not only does other aspects of the galaxy a23 tend to compensate for this. This display actually does work. Fine and i truly love the color balance, the temperature you get from this display.

True, you wont get the better contrast ratio and you wont get to save battery life like with amoled displays, but i think this works just fine here on the smartphone. The galaxy 83 is a snapdragon 680 processor, which is a six nanometer processor and after a few days to a week of actively using the smartphone, i would give it to the galaxy 83. As a nice performing smartphone for its price. I had played pubg on this device extensively and i can for sure tell you that, even though this isnt the best gaming smartphone out here this, gives you an enjoyable and seamless gaming experience for those people who have a tight budget for the device they want to Get the four gigs of ram on this smartphone with samsungs one ui 4.1 on top of android 12, which expands around by four gigs using a ram plus feature, makes the a23 a device that can hold a lot of applications in the background and also while processing Computing tasks on current running applications, heres what the geekbench score for the samsung galaxy a23 looks like when compared to the a22 from last year, pubg got hd, graphics and medium frame rate from gaming on this device. For the fact that you have a down firing. Mono speaker, you occasionally block out sound while gaming, with this device and thats one thing to consider when using a smartphone that has a down firing, mono speaker on the camera side of things, you get a 50 megapixel main lens 5 megapixel ultra wide a 2 megapixel Depth sensor and a 2 megapixel macro lens, while the front facing camera on this device gives you an 8 megapixel wide sensor on the 822 from last year, i did say the photos were okay for what you paid, and this time samsung decided to focus some attention On the cameras from the samsung galaxy a23, you get better dynamic range, better exposure handling, better contrast, ratio and, most times the photos from here are less saturated than the a22, but makes up for that and the details you get from the camera.

One other thing i noticed about the front facing camera on the samsung galaxy a22 is that it looks more pleasant than what you get from the a23. It looks like a more saturated version of this smartphone. The cameras are quite good for what you pay for, and you should expect a max resolution of 1080p from the videos you record on the samsung galaxy a23: nothing really spectacular! But okay, for what you pay with the 15 watt charger you find within the box of the smartphone, you should expect to use this smartphone from zero to 100 in about two hours and thats the charge of the five thousand milliamp battery within the smartphone. This is definitely an all day device and i always ended my day with over 20 of battery charge on the the 823, however, has support for up to 25 watts fast charger if you have a fast charger to juice this device up, i got my unit here, Which is four gigs of ram and 128 gigs of storage for 135 000 era, roughly 260 dollars? And i think this is an okay phone for what im paying you can get the 64 gigs variant for around 119 000 era about 210, and you have to expand your memory. If you need that to up to a terabyte using a dedicated sd card slots, the samsung galaxy a23 is definitely an upgrade to the samsung galaxy a22 from last year, except for the display and for the price.

I cant recommend this smartphone.