Yes, the first time when i unboxed this, i felt like uh im holding something which is nearly perfect smartphone, because ever since the note 20 and note 10 series had always come with the stylus and the s21 ive always wondered. How can a combination of these two become and thats? What astronomy is all about? It comes, of course, with the stylus, yes, which is kind of very handy when you want to take down very quick notes when you want to put your thoughts across in your regular work meetings, office meetings – these are a few things which really keeps gibson edge over The apple 13 pro max, which is its nearest competition and, of course, an android. This is the biggest flagship theres a most premium, smartphone that you can buy today, and you will feel very complete about it once you juice it up in the morning, its good to last for the whole day, even if youre watching like youtube videos, episodes and your Level of work calls instagram facebook, your everything, it lasts you and leave you some juice before you go to sleep apple. On that case, doesnt, really last you half the day with that same amount of usage, though the battery in apple 32 max, is also good, but this one somehow is more optimized. Now, when it comes to camera, its got five cameras, its got a 40 megapixel selfie camera, which is again huge and the best part is the 10x zoom.

The zoom in this has really left me impressed because i could really zoom in far off and take the picture and read the letters. This is something really really good. In that sense, it could also be working as a telescope. You want to peep into your neighbors house, which you should not, but this does that trick now when it comes to form factor, it feels very good in the hand it doesnt heat up. I havent faced any heating up issue. It feels very premium, though i think you better off keeping some guard in the thing, because i it did pick up some scratches because you know normal wear and tear it will have some scratches on that sense. Try and put a transparent cover so that you can. The color pops out, because these colors are very very trendy now it does come very close to the sim trick, but comes very close to the charging bray. So you have to be very careful while you pin it out because it might just step – and you can put your uh the pin ejector tool on the sim card on the charging bay and it can damage the phone. The c tap. Charging port, of course, is very fast charging. It just gives you a charge. It charges up very fast now the screen. Well, the slightly curved s22 ultra has a 6.8 amoled display and 120 hertz refresh rate, which is, of course great and the front glass of the smartphone has high gloss while the black is covered with kind of a satin finish.

The display of the s22 is also protected by corning gorilla, glass, victus plus, and it sports an always on display, which is kind of mind blowing. Now when it comes to build quality, this phone is massive. The dimensions are on the screen right now and it takes you back to its note roots but weighs about 230 grams, making it even lighter than the apples flagship device. The flat surfaces of both the sides wrap the device like a sandwich. All the build quality thats trying to ultra is superb, but with these curved edges like this is going to be an uncomfortable ride for the first few days, but eventually youll get the hang of it, and this s pen completely manages to fit in in its entirety Into the device itself, the s202 ultra has a 40 megapixel camera that supports dual video cores and offers 4k video quality at 30 by 60 fps and 108 at the 830 fps on the back. It has a 12 megapixel ultra white camera, 108 megapixel, wide angle, camera and two telephoto cameras, 10 megapixels, one with 3x optical zoom and another one with 10x optical zoom. Now the s22 comes in five different colors phantom white phantom, black graphite and, of course, the burgundy. The one im holding so i think my favorite, the color, really pops out now it comes with a c type charging cable. It doesnt come the charging brake. I think its time we get the charging bricks because were really falling short of charging these days priced at one lakh 99999.

It keeps this as a premium. Smartphone in android keeps this as a premium smartphone in samsung unless youre talking about z43, which also is a very great phone, but i think theres, a folding smartphone. Now the ideal smartphone would be a smartphone which is this size and folds out. You know so thats the one im talking about now. I think the next innovation on thanksgiving should be the s22 fold. How is that do drop on your comments? What do you think about this idea? Do talk in the comments? What do you think thats gon na? Do and unless youve already subscribed, please hit the subscribe button and do press the bell icon under the next one.